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Jimin, CEO

Summary: KangKong Inc is getting a new CEO. And he is nothing like you expected.

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Type: Multi-chapter Story (Fluff, Smut later)

A/N: Remember how I said I wasn’t changing the name? Yeah XD I got the requests to continue and trust me guys I had a plan! Haha enjoy!

 Jimin, New Employee    ~   Jimin, CEO   ~   Two  ~  Three  ~   Four


Eight Thirty.

It was finally time for you to go and normally you would have been ready to leave because today was Tuesday which meant your favorite drama was coming on in an hour. Today, however, had already been different enough.

Not only had the new CEO arrived but you mistaked him for a normal employee. You treated him like he was your level. You even flirted with him a little. Not to mention the voice in the back of your head that was telling you he is into you.

No matter, you thought, that is behind me for the night.

Grabbing your coat, you waited for the elevator. It felt like it was taking forever but you just eased your impatience saying it only felt like that because you were in a hurry. Thankfully, after a moment of staring at the floor numbers it opened at your floor. Hurriedly, you scurried in, repeatedly pressing the close door button.

“In a hurry?”

You jumped at the voice, having overlooked the person in your rush. Your eyes remained wide seeing Jimin leaning against the corner, eyebrows raised.

“This the second time you have overlooked me in one of your rushes today.” He smiled playfully. “That won’t be a thing will it?”

You blinked a few times. “No. No Sir.”

He waved a hand dismissively. “We are both off the clock; you know my name already.” You nodded obediently. “Plus shouldn’t we be on a better level. After all you gave me that tour earlier.”

“With all due respect…Jimin.” You hesitated to use his first name. “That was before I knew you were the CEO.” You turned back to face the elevator doors. “Why isn’t this thing moving.” you realized. You could hear another of his low chuckles. “You didn’t push a level.” He reached around you to hit ‘L’. “Lobby I assume?”

You simply nodded, trying to keep your embarrassment internalized.

He smiled at you as you kept your eyes on the elevator doors. The moment they opened you stepped out as quickly as you could.

“Ms. L/N.” he said sternly. For a half a second you were afraid he had taken your behavior as rude but you turned back to see him smiling wider than before.

“Have a good night.” He leaned over to press a button and continued to smile as you stared until the doors closed.

~1 week later~

KangKong Inc.

The name of your company illuminated beautifully just as every night from the very top corner of the building. A grey King Kong playing with an airplane happily hung from the second colorful ‘g’. It made you laugh softly into the front of your scarf.

Trudging toward the parking lot you had almost reached your car when you decided to take a detour. Walking further down the block, you took the few steps down to the door of your favorite bar. It was a nice little place near your job that you came to every now and then after work. Or, during one bad week, before work.

“Hey Siwon.” you greeted the bartender while sliding off your outer wear and shoving it and your purse onto the counter next to you.

“Y/N! How are the toys treating you?” referencing your job.

“I don’t know, how is Super Junior treating you?” you retorted.

“Say what you want but I could definitely be a kpop star!” He jokingly chided as he slid a Rum and Coke your way.

“OB Lager please.” You heard the familiar voice from a few seats down from you.

Your eyes widened as you carefully angled your seat from his sight so your back was to him.

Unfortunately Siwon blew your cover. “Hey Y/N you haven’t told me about that new CEO yet.”

Even though he didn’t know the situation you turned to cut your eyes at him as he just stood there smiling and cleaning a glass patiently awaiting you to speak. You could feel that same burning sensation as you had been since you meet him as he turned his head towards you.

“Y/N?” His head was curiously tipped to the side to get a glimpse of your face.

Forcing a smile, you turned to see his face forming his beautiful grin. “CEO Park.”

From the corner of your eye you caught Siwon’s look of horror at the realization of Jimin’s presence. Jimin got up, grabbing his drink, to move to the chair next to you causing Siwon to busy himself with the stacked bottles behind him.

“Is it going to be any use telling you once again to call me Jimin?”

You looked down. “Sorry.”

“How about we start small?” He tilted his head down to meet your eyes. You looked up some. “Maybe just start with Park. OK? No CEO Park just Park.” His eyes stayed glued to yours ,waiting for some type of answer. With a sip of your drink you managed to say a quiet ‘Yes…Park.”

This time a triumphant smile came. “Good!” It faded into confusion spotting your drink. You noticed and tried to mumble an incoherent explanation about hardly ever drinking after work, to which Siwon scoffed. You were still worried when he took it from your hand but instead of chastising you he took a sip!

“Hmm…” he hummed. “Rum and coke.”

Once again surprised, you gave a small and confused nod. He handed the glass back to you with a laugh. “A little heavy don’t you think?”

You shook your head furiously. “No Sir. I’ll be fine for work tomorrow morning.”

“No I mean in general. Tastes like Coke but it’s a pretty rough drink.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine.” you took a long swig to finish the rest of the glass.

Jimin just watched you, obviously amused.

“What?” you asked as Siwon quietly placed another Rum and coke in front of you.

He shook his head and chuckled. “Nothing.’ He took a sip of his beer. “I just like looking at you.”

Ignoring him you suggested. “You should try a Rum and coke. SuJu over there makes some pretty good ones.”

Siwon looked over his shoulder to stick his tongue out at you.

He shook his head.”No thanks. I usually just stick to OB Goldens on occasions like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing.” You didn’t want to push the topic so you nodded and took another long drink from you Rum and coke. He looked at the bottle in his hand knowing this was what he was going to stick to if he wanted to keep his sobriety around you.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about you.

That second Rum and coke had you feeling something but by the four it was obvious you were going to have a hangover in the morning. Though you were stripping at your normally medium tolerance you were still sober enough to enjoy the loose feeling the alcohol gave you to speak more comfortably to Jimin.

His smile was glued to his lips just as you thought it would be and he was weirdly funny.

It was nice but it raised a question. Because of all his meetings with board members and stockholders you hadn’t had a chance to work with him very much yet. Except leaving a few notes on your desk about adding things to his schedule. You had barely seen him in his office expect when you were leaving. You even offered to stay when he would enter his office so late but he would simply smile and say “Goodnight Y/N.”

Thinking about this, you looked at him seriously.“C- Uh Park, why are you here?

“What do mean? Don’t like my company?” he laughed and nursed his third beer.

“No I mean in this bar. I expected you to be held up in your office the way you seem to every time you tell me Goodnight.

His smile became small, thoughtful. “So does everyone else.”

“What do you mean?”

He slid his beer away from him. “As happy and grateful that I am for my Uncle giving me this job, there is just so much to begin with. I really want to do good and prove that I can do this. Despite my age I can run this company right. I stay so late and do so much so that he knows I can.”

You had never seen him get so serious. “Park, I don’t really know you but I know CEO Kang. He is a very observant man. If he didn’t KNOW you were right for the job he would not have given it to you. All those sleazy old execs that wanted to get their hands on his title obviously don’t hold a candle to you.Plus you should know that your Uncle is one of the  most caring people in the world! He wouldn’t have plopped you into a stressful title like this just the fuck with your mind.” The sober part of you was shocked about admitting that but was also thankful that you were able to say it. You could tell he needed it. “You actually remind me of him.”

He smiled. “Really?”

You hummed your response.

“How so?”

“He was always so sweet to me and hardly ever gave me more than I could handle. And when he had to he would always make sure I was ok.” You smiled at the thought. “Plus for an older man he was hot.”

Jimin couldn’t hold a laugh and almost choked on his beer.

“Damn, I wonder what he looked like at your age.You look kind of like him so I can only imagine what you’re gonna look like at his age.”

Jimin blinked many times in shock.

You looked at your watch. “I better go. I’m not sure if my boss is a tight ass so I want to be in bed with some bread soon to start nursing this hangover I know I’m gonna have in the morning.”

He just laughed as he watched you gather your things. “SuJu, can you give me a ride home?”

Siwon nodded and grabbed his jacket.

As the two of you walked away with you slightly disoriented JImin yelled after you “I thought you had a high tolerance.”

You threw up a dismissive hand behind you as Siwon held the door open. “Not around handsome men!”

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