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pressuredtreasure  asked:

Hello! I've read ALL of your recommended fanfics and now I keep reading the same thing over and over again, not that it's a bad thing because the fanfics are SO GOOD but I kinda want something fresh. Any other recommendations? :)


I haven’t read any of these but they seem worth checking out:

Into You, I Go by rainypromise

Things change in record speed around Alice Academy, but for Natsume, when it comes to what matters most, some things doesn’t change at all. Someone should’ve told him “Becareful what you wish for.”

The Real Me by meLria-chan

CEO Natsume Hyuuga, a business tycoon in 27, needs a maid for his condo unit. But what if he found out that the person he hired is none other than Mikan Sakura, the owner of the second largest company in Japan? What will be his reaction?

My Foe is My Fiance by The Hopeless Wanderlust

Mikan got the shock of her life when she found out that her FIANCE is none other than he own childhood FOE whom she greatly disliked, Natsume. He chooses love over hatred but Mikan chooses otherwise. They had to get married in order to break their family curses, but as love was about to blossom, they were forced to break apart. Battle of friendships, and love against trust and destiny, what would Natsume do without Mikan by his side? Chould he just sit and let fate run his life? Or he would fight against it?

Sweet Revenge by L’s apprentice

This is the story of a girl who return to Academy to get revenge to her so called ex boyfriend Natsume Hyuuga. He played her emotions and she’s determined to take it over. She wants to get even to the infamous Black Cat. Now, how will she do it?

Kiss of Fate by Esa Marie

Ever wondered how your first kiss is going to be? Well, that’s a problem for Mikan because she already got hers and Natsume will never let her forget that fact.

Bet Your heart Fall Out by pinkpocket23

Proof that opposites attract: One cold and sexy heartthrob, a poor and dirty thief, plus one bet made to change it all. “You’re of low class and you’re definitely not attractive. But just watch.” He smirked. “I can turn you into a woman in just six months." 

Can You Keep A Secret by Fallen Empress

I, Mikan Sakura, has never told a secret in my whole life - well until an alarming situation triggers my mouth, causing me to spill every little dirt to a total stranger! Well, he WAS a stranger…before I actually found out he was my BOSS! OH, GREAT.

Our Suicidal Engagement by EzMouse

AU. I was on the verge of jumping off a building and ending my life, when a stranger appeared out of nowhere and asked me to marry him.

Mutual Benefits by PaTchoRa

Having Mikan Sakura’s heart was the very thing Natsume needed to prove to everyone just how powerful he is. She was the girl with the most innocent smile and interesting attitude. There was only one problem though. Mikan Sakura HAD a boyfriend.

First Comes Marriage, Then Second Comes Love by 2three.abi

Then I heard him say, "I can’t believe I’m going to marry an idiotic and ugly woman like you!” I turned to him, his eyes were all on me, his index finger was pointing directly at me. The next thing I knew, the green stapler came flying towards his face.

I really wanna do a Chan Jam Update. I have ideas and everything just…no motivation to actually draw it.

Anyway, have a CEO dressed in the clubbin’ outfit Nellko and Blackriver made her wear for their night at a specific bar before heading to the club. Nellko accidentally dyed Nelly’s hair. Now she has a giant white skunk striped that goes down her hair and tail. Oh, also she’s in catgirl mode. CATGIRL SLEEPOVER.