the stupid youtube clip with the jurassic park music comparing the No Man’s Sky gameplay trailer with someone’s footage is funny


it’s also really unfair. people in general are being really, super unfair to this game.

Nearly every single Triple A game publisher shows misleading trailers at E3 (many downright lie), so… why pick on this one made by like 15 people as an example?? This ISN’T a triple a game. They’re an indie development team. Just because they signed up with SONY for an exclusive timed release doesn’t mean they had unlimited resources and funds. Year after year we give out free passes to triple A developers and publishers to lie to us about their games, show misleading in-game footage and yet the moment an indie dev is on the scene, and get way more attention than they expected, it’s a free-for-all. 

Also, y’know, the hype train was out of fucking control. I’m pretty sure the developers aren’t to blame for people being ridiculous.

From what I’ve seen there are people who are currently playing (and enjoying) this game so like…chill….

Flipping a yellowed page from his book, Erik grinned at the almost impossible to read written ritual in front of him. Latin dated back centuries ago and was extremely difficult to translate. However, he was fortunate enough to have been raised by a family fluent in the dead language. “The red moon strips away their power…” he spoke, deciphering the strange runes. Erik nodded his head and chuckle after noticing a pair of eyes directed towards him. “What’s the matter? Never seen someone holding a grimoire before?” Erik asked the curious fellow.  

What singles out instances of ‘bad taste’ is excess in some direction or another: bad taste is a massive overcompensation, which has been generated by a sharp short-fall in some area or another. It’s a response to a psychological or physical trauma.

shut up excessive design is the best design

So for example, the Russians and the Saudis have over the years developed a reputation for spectacularly bad, as in gaudy and over-the-top, taste: a pumped version of Versailles in Riyadh or Moscow.

This isn’t, in a sense, surprising: a century of extreme deprivation under Communism and an eternity of eking out a living in the barren deserts of Saudi Arabia have created understandably desperate desires for compensation – which have evidently rather overshot their mark.

…did you just artshame ENTIRE COUNTRIES for not being your Aesthetic