century arms imports


A new addition to my personal collection, a French MAS 49/56. This model is chambered in 7.5x54, it was not converted after century arms imported it. The gun is fed from ten round magazines. From what I could tell this one was made in 1961. All matching numbers and shoots like a dream. Now the hunt begins for a MAS 36.



Romanian made but Century Arms imported AK variant. Has a distinct integrated front sight and gas block combo, much like the Draco, a pistol variant. The M10′s are supposedly better in quality than their WASR predecessors which were plagued with canted front sights or out of spec mag wells. (GRH)



The Century Arms built CETME rifles are rather easy to distinguish from original examples that were imported into the country by MARS. The quality of the builds are rather shoddy and appear rushed. This might be because Century Arms tried to import as many demilled parts kits as fast as possible before the Spanish government melted down all the remaining rifles.