The new house of the owners of an international scope press office agency, in Milan.

Antonio Scolari and Cristian Pizzinini revamped a period house in a new trendy district in Milan, with their passion for art and historic design. Light-filled interiors, with classic parquet and very high ceilings with their plasterwork, brought to a new life thanks to the use of shadows of grey for the walls and stunning furniture, with rare and original Italian pieces since the fifties


I built this to test out the build/buy items in the Bowling Night Stuff Pack. It’s more or less a Mid-Century modern home with ample space for your sims. 

This build is CC-Free and can be found on the gallery! Enjoy and don’t reupload or claim as your own

Origin ID: SkaoiSim

San Jacinto:

  • 30 x 20 lot size
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Pool, grill, outdoor dining, & small garden area 
  • §47,760 (Considering the amount of items in this build, this price doesn’t seem accurate, but this was the price the gallery generated. I had issues uploading this lot so if the price changes don’t be alarmed. If it doesn’t then your sims are getting one hell of a bargain lol)   

Detail of a Mural from the tomb of Nebamun, New Kingdom, ca. 1500 BCE (no exact source location or date of the painting available)
today at British Museum, London

Photo:  Hans Ollermann


Carlo Prada’s home

Journalist and art collector Carlo Prada lives in Milan. His apartment, housed in period building, has two different souls: the atmosphere of traditional spaces, defined by original stucco ceilings and carved parquet, and the contemporary feel with new more fluid environments and new areas highlighted by concrete floors in the shade of Gio Ponti light blue. The apartment was renovated by architect Hans Peer who created a perfect balance between past and present: classic heritage, modern elements, contemporary art and masterpieces of design. 


Geraldine Cleary’s home in Brisbane

Known as the “D House”, it was designed by Brisbane-based firm Donovan Hill Architects and won the 2001 Robin Boyd Award, Australia’s most prestigious residential architecture prize. One of its remarkable aspects is the continuity between the interior and exterior thanks to the use of the same floor level and few of the same materials, as well as placing skylights above several indoor spaces.