The Rationals as cellular organelles

INTJ: Lysosome. Contains enzymes that neutralize all the bullshit coming their way.

INTP: Centrosome. Only manifests itself during cellular division or when somebody mentions Star Wars.

ENTJ: Mitochondria. The powerhouse of the cell.

ENTP: Golgi apparatus. Continuously spits out vesicles filled with random facts.

ur sign as a part of the plant cell

aries: cell wall
taurus: cell membrane
cancer: vacuoles
leo: lysozomes
virgo: golgi body
libra: ribosomes
scorpio: nucleus
sagittarius: centrosome
capricorn: chlorophyll
aquarius: nucleolus
pisces: chloroplasts


Killer T-Cell Attacking Cancer

A major advance in cancer research is harnessing the capacity of the immune system to track down and destroy tumor cells. Here, Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (green) kill virally infected and tumor cells (red) by secreting cytolytic proteins. The centrosome (red dots) determines where secretion occurs by contacting the plasma membrane at the point where the T cell recognizes the tumor cell.

Movie: The attacking CTL is visualized with an intensity spectrum that lights up actin. In both videos the CTLs express Cherry and GFP fusion proteins, which mark the centrosome and actin, respectively. Target cells express a blue plasma membrane fusion protein; nuclei are labeled in blue. Movie editing and narration by Cambridge University.

I have been studing Cell Biology and well, let me introduce yourself to the discovery of the century.

 This thing is a fucking apostosome. It destroys the DNA and other stuff in order to kill the cell. 

And this monster is Apocalymon, the most evil and powerful digimon in Digimon Adventure.

 They are the same. THE SAME.

 Next time I want a digimon based in a centrosome.