Dear Republican Leadership:

Let this be a lesson. You have a majority in both chambers of Congress and you have a president who says he will support you. This isn’t the Obama years anymore. You don’t need to pander to the left to get bills passed. 

I know it is politically convenient to blame the failure of the AHCA on not having enough support from the left, but the reality is that it didn’t have enough support from the right. Not one Democrat vote was needed for this to pass. Instead of using that as an opportunity to enact some real conservative reform, you sacrificed the potential of the bill by trying to keep it moderate and centrist to appease the left and in doing so, you lost support from your own base. When the country wanted big ideas, you thought small. You played defense when you should have realized you were in a position of strength. 

Next time, start big. Go as far to the right as you want. We elected you because we don’t want more of the same, so shake it up! I appreciate that you want to have bipartisan support but when the left isn’t willing to cooperate, there’s no point in trying to force them. Eventually, they’ll either learn to compromise again or they’ll become irrelevant. 

If you don’t use the next two years to bring true conservatism back to Washington, you don’t deserve to keep your jobs. 

meme elitism being enforced by a blog with many followers onto their peers and followers is an act of oppression so the inherent elitism of meme culture and leftism are intrinsically mutually exclusive therefore saying the phrase “dank memes” just makes you look like a centrist tbhh…

anyway whats good

IM SO TIRED OF RACIST PEOPLE. SO TIRED. Do you know HOW MANY cultures have non-binary genders?? BINARISM IS RACIST because it was IMPOSED by most EUROPEAN cultures. The Incaic cultures my country had natively were FULL of third-genders which were, of course non binary.
And yet your america/euro-centrist white asses on this site tell me my gender does not exist? Lmao what about the literal thousands of people with native third gender identifications? People like me? Native people from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania??
Bullshit. Anyone who says we invented non-binarism this century is a RACIST.

if you’re not native and/or not nb you SHOULD reblog this. let people know we are tired. Even non-native nbs. we are all tired.

The statement “no one who works 40 hours a week should starve” is the bare minimum of bullshit centrist ideology; the fact that it’s considered a relatively “out there” left-wing idea is absolutely wild. No one should starve, full stop. Especially with the material abundance we now sit upon. Full workers-control-production socialism now.

When political repression reaches its most extreme under this administration, remember that Trump inherited, not created, a national surveillance network that Obama grew to unprecedented levels of sophistication and involvement. And if the administration collapses into full-on unchallenged regime, remember the ways in which the bloating of state powers under a centrist liberal, a “progressive,” helped to enable the shutting down of political dissent by the far right. Liberals will want us to forget, and the second we forget or concede is the second we allow this (whatever this is, whatever it will become) to happen again.

The only real political question I have left is this: Will Democrats and so-called liberals stand up to President Trump as hard as the Republicans who spent the last 8 years obstructing President Obama? Or will they roll over in a cloud of conciliatory “reasonableness” and “compromise”???

It’s a rhetorical question, unfortunately.

We need politicians who are willing to draw fouls, grab face masks, block SCOTUS nominees, and stiff arm Republicans for the next 4 years. We need ass kicking brawlers now, not moderate centrists who always manage to see “both sides” of every political battle for human rights.

These are the new rules Republicans made.

Being central in politics right now Is like playing two games of tug of war at the same time.

“what no you can’t punch anybody you don’t like because you called them a nazi”

“ jesus christ no don’t start "preparing” for the next civil war"

Everyone keeps getting more extreme in response to people being more extreme.

Whilst I hold the far left accountable for the rise in the far right I don’t find either extreme less appalling.

As a Syrian immigrant who comes from a globally scattered family of more immigrants, refugees, and those still stuck in the unsteady haven of Damascus:
fuck EVERY Trump supporter.

As a Syrian immigrant whose mother spent all last night weeping because she hasn’t seen her own mother or (now deceased) father in over a decade and now will indefinitely never be able to do so:
fuck EVERY “centrist” who claimed Hillary Clinton was just as bad.

You have singlehandedly allowed a poorly tanned FACIST destroy not only my family’s life but millions of others in even poorer and more desperate conditions with ONE FUCKING SIGNATURE.

We have not learned from history.
We are still stupidly repeating it.

The reason Democrats didn’t push for full Medicare for everyone - single payer - was they believed Republicans would fight tooth & nail to repeal such a progressive form of healthcare. So they went with a more moderate, centrist approach: the Affordable Care Act.

And now Republicans are about to repeal it anyway, out of spite and hatred.

The lesson here is that you should always fight like hell for what’s right. Go for broke. Republicans are going to resist positive change no matter what. Democrats cannot appease conservatives with centrism or moderation, so they may as well be bold and progressive in their political pursuits.

Centrists under feudalism: Don’t fight hate with hate. Democracy is good in theory but it goes against human nature. You filthy peasants need to stop complaining and just wait until we get a more progressive lord

liberal centrists that use “hey we win elections” as their main argument against more left-leaning factions are basically sorta in a similar position to various early modern pro-monarchy arguments in that its an argument by appealing to the status quo and it gets really exposed for its emptiness when the status quo shifts eg; “monarchy is the best form of government because most societies are monarchies and thus monarchy is the natural organization of human society” starts to no longer hold water when monarchies are rapidly being overthrown and “neoliberal centrism is best because it wins elections” likewise has its rug pulled out from underneath itself when these people lose elections especially against “unelectable” politicians