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Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Can’t Help Myself, Kuka industrial robot, stainless steel and rubber, cellulose ether in colored water, lighting grid with Cognex visual-recognition sensors, and polycarbonate wall with aluminum frame, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2016

An enormous robotic arm, brandishing a giant squeegee, is poised over a pool of dark liquid which ceaselessly oozes outwards. With quick, smooth, aggressive movements, the machine performs a calculated dance, pivoting and dragging its squeegee across the surface in a perpetual labor of wiping the liquid back to the centre.

Closing Soon—Cy Twombly at Centre Pompidou, Paris

“Cy Twombly” at the Centre Pompidou, Paris closes Monday, April 24.

The selection of works in this retrospective includes many of Twombly’s iconic works, several of them never previously exhibited in France.
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Image: Cy Twombly, Blooming, 2001–08, acrylic and wax crayon on ten wooden panels, 98 7/16 × 196 7/8 inches (250 × 500 cm). Private collection.

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Hi! I'm an architecture student from the Philippines. Do you have something related to center for visual and performing arts? Thank you! Cool blog by the way. I'm a fan! :)


Here are some examples of visual and performance arts centers:

Contemporary Art Centre Córdoba Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

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“No” is a machinima 3D film - 2016 - Shown at “Centre Pompidou”, museum of contemporary Art of Paris, for the exhibit “L’Art de la révolte”

No is also used as research prototype for the greater project “The Great Disaster”, game for VR


Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
the rêvolutions project, 2015
French Pavillion at the 56th Venice Biennale 
trees, electricity

Curated by Emma Lavigne, Director of the Centre-Pompidou-Metz, the rêvolutions project transports viewers to an otherworldly oasis of vegetation, where trees have been liberated from their original place of habitation and their roots revealed outside the pavilion and on the gallery floor. A low-voltage electrical current makes the trees move around inside the pavilion, producing an rustling sound installation. 


“The Wanderer” - Hailey Bills, Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre, mini contemporary solo, 1st overall, Nuvo Chicago, March 2017
★ Choreography by ?
Nature Boy (acoustic) ~ Aurora


Frantisek Kupka - Vertical Planes III by Tony Hisgett
Via Flickr:
Frantisek Kupka (1871 -1957) Vertical Planes III 1912-13 Oil on Canvas. Seen in the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art, Veletrzni (Trades Fair) Palace, Prague.