This beautiful long-tailed tit was brought into the centre recently after being found stunned.
It was rushed in to see our vet team, but had luckily escaped injury. After some food and a little time to fully recover it was given a final sign off by our vet team and is now back in the wild


More baby birds!

This tiny new arrival is a baby blackbird, and it was brought into the centre recently after being attacked by a cat.

Angela, our vet, gave it a thorough check up and found a number of small scratches on its back and left flank. These were cleaned and treated before the bird was given painkillers and antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. It was moved into one of our warm incubators and will stay with us until it is large enough for release!

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This jackdaw was brought in to the centre recently after being found grounded and unable to fly.
It was rushed in to see our vet, Angela, but amazingly seemed to be uninjured. It was given a precautionary dose of painkillers and antibiotics before being moved into one of our pens for some rest.
Several days later it is now doing very well! It is much more lively and, although we are still keeping an eye on it, we have high hopes it will be free again soon!
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A Possibly Unpopular Opinion...

I really like Lee Daehwi. I’ve liked since he first appeared in Episode 1. I love his lively reactions and excitable energy. He just seemed so sweet, not to mention how talented he is.

I understand that he is getting a lot of hate, whether it’s for how he looks or the way he acts, which is to be expected of people who aren’t mature enough to keep negative comments to themselves and understand that some negative comments are neither wanted nor needed. To make things clear, I am not throwing shade on people who simply don’t like him (perhaps for one or two questionable things that he was said) and leave it at that; after all, you can’t like everyone. It is perfectly fine to have an opinion, but when it becomes aggressive and abusive, that’s when it has gone to far. That is when it is best to keep it to yourself. No one is forcing you to like him, or anyone; you’re hurting people and embarrassing yourself.

Aside from this, you must understand that Mnet’s editing is not exactly unbiased. They can manipulate people’s public images and create drama in order to rake in more viewers, and more money. An example would be how the dramatic editing of Dongho in Episode 6 may have made him seem like a villain when he was just offering a fair opinion, as well as victimizing the leader of the group. (Keep in mind that this is how I personally viewed it.)

Taking this into account, there have been accusations of Daehwi being greedy when it comes to wanting centre parts and the like, which could be a result of Mnet’s editing. But even so, it’s to be expected, isn’t it? You must remember that this is a competition to become part of a very harsh music industry. Of course he is going to want the better parts and to raise his rank; if people are going to abuse how he looks then he might as well use his other assets to gain/keep popularity. And this is all because it is his dream to debut, a dream that he shares with every single other young man in this competition. Each and every one of them is willing to put their all into reaching this goal.

Hating on Daehwi (or any of them this excessively) is unnecessary. Think about how hard he has worked to become as talented as he is. Think about what lengths you would go to to achieve your greatest dream.