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The $500 billion gambling industry with hundreds millions users online is here to make a point with a .CASINO domain.

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Casinos represent a multibillion dollar industry globally, and encompass a number of different businesses, services, individuals, and organizations.


Because casinos are now major vacation destinations all over the world, the success of the casino industry relies on travel agents, tourism companies, coach tours, shops, restaurants, music venues, traveling shows, as well as the casinos themselves. .CASINO offers the perfect new TLD option for any person, group, or business in the casino market, creating a go-to hub for this multi-billion dollar a year industry.

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Meet your need for speed: .racing !

Take a day at the races online by registering your own .RACING domain! This domain is relevant for those who want to be involved in speed and excitement of the race track. From horses to racecars to dogs, .RACING has plenty of relevant applications.

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.RACING may be registered by any person, organization, or business, making this domain flexible enough to create a multi-dimensional, digital racing network.

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Downloading has become a big part of how users obtain information, data, services, and software, but downloading comes with inherit risks, such as viruses, malware, and phishing. In an effort to reduce risks, .DOWNLOAD offers a relevant and easily identifiable namespace for the purpose of signifying safety to a user. .DOWNLOAD may be registered by any person, group, or organization, making this TLD an obtainable and flexible option for any type of download purpose.

The recent launch of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) has caused a huge shift in the domain industry. No longer bound to country level or very generic domains, website owners can now choose to have an address that speaks specifically about who they are and what they do.

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While great downloadable content is often only a few clicks away for Internet users, often they find it difficult to locate or, if they do find it, often it is not the latest version hosted on an untrusted website. It is therefore desirable to have a dedicated location from which your latest media in all its forms can be downloaded securely, and the new .DOWNLOAD generic Top Level Domain (TLD) is the perfect domain name to use to facilitate this.

.DOWNLOAD generic Top Level Domain (TLD) significantly enhances the way in which downloadable content is managed, provided and received, and Internet users have unparalleled accessibility to such content.

An easily recognizable term in almost every language, .DOWNLOAD TLD draws in anyone looking for a secure space from which to download media, and improves online searches for relevant downloadable content immeasurably. With a customized TLD, .DOWNLOAD domain owners are easily able to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to separate themselves from the inappropriate, exploitative and sometimes illegal enterprises flooding the Internet.

As a customer, you benefit from the following services:

  • Easy and user-friendly domain name management
  • Simple setup for the best web apps and services
  • Full ownership and DNS control over your domain
  • Fast, friendly and personal customer support