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Reylo is fine.

Rian Johnson said there will be no romance that is central to the storyline in The Last Jedi – that doesn’t mean there won’t be one at all, and in fact we know a central romance was the plan from the get-go*. Johnson went on to specify the absence of a Han and Leia dynamic, and how there would be no relationship like that.

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Vanity Fair writer name dropped two very popular ships, St//rmpilot, and of course Reylo, when quoting Johnson above. Most people are reading this to mean that these ships specifically won’t happen, when NO WHERE is that said. Period. Reading comprehension is fun!

[Note: St//rmpilot WAS actually debunked by John Boyega and Kathleen Kennedy/Lucasfilm, but Reylo has NEVER been discounted… quite the opposite].

Reylo is fine. 👍

JJ Abrams has said a central romance* was “no doubt” in the works since the beginning, and it has existed before Finn was created. Unlike Jedi Killer [Kylo Ren] and Kira [Rey] who both have been CENTRAL figures since conception. 

[Note: F//nnrey was debunked before conception and again a few years later by John Boyega].

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Databank and canon sources [novelizations and commentary] provide irrefutable statements that Rey and Kylo Ren share a mysterious connection, that their destinies are intertwined, that Kylo feels compassion for Rey, that she senses his vulnerabilities, and the hints at redemption keep coming … all of these facets exist to make their relationship THE MOST OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES, and nothing that was revealed in the VF article hinders their potential. They will continue to have “a very interesting relationship moving forward.”



Tent House in Queensland

This forest clearing addressing a pocket of rainforest in the Noosa hinterland, is approached through a typical neighbourhood of rural houses and acreage dwellings. The journey to the Tent House by Sparks Architects continues from the street via a winding bush track through the forest which acts as a threshold between the constructed world and that of the clearing, a place remnant of early settlement in the region; a camp.

The brief called for a 3 bedroom family dwelling with a central open plan living and kitchen space. The architectural response is a duel concept pairing an operable insulated box for cooler months that allows habitation to a tent-like amenity in warmer months. The walls, or doors, of the box slide open manually, while the roof, or lid, has an automated sliding operation. With the roof fully open the translucent tent membrane comes into view and a new volume, light, and material is experienced. As the doors slide open the forest wall becomes an architectural element; a natural wall that contains a broader space of the house plan, stretching it across the remaining clearing and garden. The tent roof serves as a ‘fly roof’ above the insulated roof and takes the brunt of the heat load. The void between the two roof elements allows for a simple stack ventilation process. The varied pitches of the tent roof maximise winter sun penetration and protects the east, west and southern exposures.

Follow the Source Link for image sources and more information.

If you like Reylo

You’ll probably like the kdrama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. 

  • It’s very similar to reylo, especially the main male lead Wangso, who is very much like the Kylo of this story. 
  • His character is outcasted by society. His family sees him as an animal and he’s often depicted as this blood thirsty monster.
  •  He’s also a prince, the 4th of many (good looking) sons of the King. 
  • In actuality WangSo is very misunderstood, never having affection as a child due to - get this - a single scar across his face!!! which he covers wITH A MASK!! (KYLO ANYONE?!?)
  • Like he’s a literal puppy?!?!?! SO CUTE?! SO PRECIOUS!??
  • The main female lead, Haesoo, is actually from present day, but is transported to Goryeo Era Korea. 
  • She is sunshine and rainbows and the Sun to WangSo’s Moon.
  • She is the only one who truly understands WangSo!!!!! (my heart)
  • Despite initially disliking each other, the two leads soon form a strong friendship and eventually, WangSo devELOPES ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR HER.
  • However, Haesoo is romantically involved with the 8th prince (second male lead).
  • This show depicts romance, redemption, jealousy, betrayal, war, etc. All important elements of a good fairytale, much like Star Wars.
  • Stunning visuals, plot, and music.
  • The episodes are currently airing Mondays and Tuesdays. There are 11 episodes out so far.
  • You can watch them on KissAsian.com

Also just look at the main leads. thats one sexy cast.

I saw a post earlier by someone claiming that Fyre Fest was actually an example of central planning gone wrong, which is like level 45 deflection and market fetishism

The Machinery of Evil: Angband

In comparison to the more ragtag, disorganized orc led armies of the later Ages, Angband is an impressively effective force that is strong enough to withstand centuries of near isolation and self-sufficiency under constant siege. This suggests to me an extremely organized and structured system acting as its backbone.

I don’t think there were the modern kind of taxes or wages because I doubt there was a free market economy that needed those things to drive it. Angband is essentially a state built to fuel an army and I doubt that dark lords care much about the desire of their minions for luxury goods. So I think the most likely system was a command economy, where central planning makes all the economic decisions about how to use and distribute resources. For example, your orc will never have to worry about the cost of his helmet, because the dark lords arrange the production and delivery of all his equipment in exchange for labor at mining, farming, soldiering etc. as a specialist. Higher ranking orcs or beings probably get a bigger share of the resources and better stuff as an incentive to move up the ranks as much a possible. So there’s still a definite status system and ‘wealthier’ orcs.

Of course this opens up a host of problems too. This system takes an incredible amount of knowledge and planning to carry out, and if you don’t get the right number of helmets or chickens you need, you may end up executing rioters or having poorly equipped soldiers who lose battles. Not to mention you have to police the system rigorously for graft, theft, cheating, corruption, misreporting surplus, plain incompetence etc. Having a command economy also requires the creation of an enormous entrenched bureaucracy to organize and implement decisions made at the top.

Naturally this means that no currency is necessary, eliminating the cost in wasted metals and labor. I think that they might have created a currency later on for the sole purpose of trade with the Evil Men of the East, but I find it equally likely that Angband adopted one of their Eastern allies’ currency as long as the standard was valuable metal weights. Their chief trade goods were probably knowledge and high quality processed goods rather than raw materials anyway. This eliminates the problem of inflation internally, but not of scarcity.

Now, if you’re an orc and want a bit more than your regular rations or a nice present for your mother’s birthday, you’re going to have to barter for it.  Your options for getting trade goods are limited. You can steal a little extra from what you produce as a farmer, smith, miner etc. but this might get your head chopped off. You can save some of your rations and trade that, but this can be dangerous if you don’t have enough left for yourself or trade away vital items like armor, underwear etc. You can trade services for goods like ‘I’ll sharpen your knives if you give me your shiny stone.’ But your best option for getting trade-able items is loot taken from enemies. Angband didn’t have taxes, but you probably had to tithe a portion of your plunder to the dark lords and possibly your commander. I’m thinking that a footsoldier got to keep one-tenth, a general one-third or some kind of system like that was in place but there was probably a lot of fighting over the best items between individual orcs too.

How do you keep a vast underground army supplied with food and materials? I think Angband’s production and food problems are solvable with a truly ridiculous amount of forethought and planning, pinpoint precise control of workers and a healthy amount of magic. The dark lords would need a huge amount of food, far more than could be gained through raiding; somehow crops had to be grown to feed armies, and animals had to be raised for meat and goods. Angband must have had enormous underground farms for surface plants created through the laborious process of building plant beds, bringing in soil, and creating light and air shafts. But they also might have cultivated fungi, mushrooms, moss, roots and other edible plants that naturally grow in or near caves. Pre-siege they might have had some small scale agriculture on mountain terraces and foothills and pastured sheep or goats on the side of mountains.

Post siege they had to rely on animals that could be raised underground. Orcs probably ate little meat. Those animals would have been far more valuable for the other products they could provide, like hides, fat, or horn. Eggs or milk would be more likely, depending on availability. Bats, bugs, worms, larva, spiders, proteus salamanders, and cave crabs are natural cave creatures that might be deliberately raised as food. Fish in underground lakes would yield the double benefit of food and vital water reservoirs. Their primary meat animal would probably be pigs because they eat anything and can be intensively farmed. Dogs are also scavengers so they might also be eaten for food or raised for fur. Chickens can be cage-raised in battery farms, and they also eat almost anything, so they seem likely. Sheep and goats come from wild mountain dwelling ancestors, and would have been valuable for wool and hair and milk, but I’m doubtful they could be fed enough from Angband’s resources to be worthwhile to keep. Cows are a definite no; they just are too big for underground living and not efficient enough to be regular food animals. Horses are valuable as riding animals and it is seems likely a small number were kept for commanders, messengers and scouts.

Outbreaks of disease and contamination have an easy answer: never ever ever keep all of your animals/crops/drinking water in one place/field/reservoir. If you loose one herd to disease you can isolate it and save the rest; the more separate herds you have the smaller the loss. Potential disease vectors, like corpses, have to be disposed of immediately. Genetic bottleneck is no problem if you carefully manage your herds; scientists estimate the entire population of founding taurine (non-humped) cattle was around eighty for example; low genetic variation does not necessarily mean low fitness. If stores dropped catastrophically low, trade with Evil Men or raiding could have filled the shortfall until production could be restored.

Waste management and containment would have been vital for the health of Angband’s occupants and the viability of its economy. Mines and farms are kept running though forced labor by prisoners; no one lives who does not work. Everything has to be recycled - food and metals especially. Even the corpses of prisoners and orcs are eaten. Water supplies may not have been easy to find and would have to be kept clean and uncontaminated by mineral leeching. They would have to find ways to get rid of toxic trash that couldn’t be recycled. Environmental contamination would have been a real problem, given the volcanic atmosphere and the amount of volatile metals around. Some types of environmental contamination could have been avoided through good, ruthlessly enforced waste containment measures as well.  Magic may also be a good option here.

Were Angband’s ore deposits rich enough to support centuries of war? I’m honestly a little fuzzy on the geologic requirements for the creation of metals, but I’m going to handwave this one. If Melkor can make entire mountain ranges, then I’m going to guess he can guarantee an ample supply of minerals and metals for Angband’s forges. (Plus volcanic soils are incredibly fertile which helps with the food problem. The Polynesian islands are capable of supporting agriculture only because of soils made of volcanic ash deposited by wind, fun fact.)

My general explanation for the ability of Melkor’s war machine to support itself actually relies on a bit of headcanon. Sauron managed to escape the ruin of Utumno because of an extensive underground tunnel system that existed underneath it. I like to think that this is something Melkor and Sauron continued and expanded in their next stronghold once they saw how useful it was. However tall the mountains towered above the plain, below them Angband lay many times greater and deeper. Perhaps not just the entire plain, but whole mountain ranges were honeycombed with tunnels that stretched their fingers all the way back to Utumno’s vaults.

They may be evil, but Melkor and Sauron must have been terrifyingly competent.


Illinois Central postcards 003 by John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library

The Illinois Central Panama Limited with the MIchigan Avenue streetwall in the background

Found out just now

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Through all years of your training, The Ancient One was your main teacher. She was the one who found you wandering on the streets of Kathmandu, when you were barely ten years old, with no family, nor safe place to stay. She taught you everything she knew, and told you everything. You were like a daughter to her, and she was like a mother to you. It was safe to say that you loved her more than anything and anyone in the whole wide universe. Also, every time when an entire new student appeared, you were the one who stood by the Ancient One’s side through all his learning.
Yet, you found yourself instantly disliking Stephen Strange, the moment your teacher agreed to finally let him into the Kamar-Taj. To you, he was just like Kaecelius, maybe a little more narrow-minded. You were cold toward him, and told him to leave every time you had an occasion. You didn’t want another person stealing your “mother’s” attention and breaking her heart again, just like Kaecelius did.

To be honest, you were shocked when Strange haven’t reacted to your insults in offended way, nor he got angry at you. Instead he tried harder on his studies, becoming a great sorcerer in practically no time. He also tried to talk with you, nervousness radiating from his body with his every try, which was weird for him. You didn’t knew why he tried so hard for you approving him being in Kamar-Taj, but yet you found it harder to dislike him with his every try, even though you tried to not to show it.

When The Ancient One died, you were the one who broke down first, clinging to Stephen like a child, crying in his embrace like never before, not letting him go for a long time, not caring about the world anymore.
It took exactly one Stephen Strange and the sight of the world destruction to get you back to your path, and help him and Mordo fight your old friend, Kaecelius and his new master Dormamu. Thought when everything ended, you left Kamar-Taj with not as much as a mere goodbye.
You wanted to retire, leave mystic arts behind you, and leave world for someone who can find the will to fight for it. But apparently, universe got a better plans for you. It manifested itself in the form of a girl, not very younger than you, who called herself Wanda Maximoff, and she also ham magic, but hers was not because of learning mystics arts, but a mutation. You were shocked when you heard it, shocked and interested at the same time. She was the reason why you became the part of the Avengers, even though you promised yourself to not to be a part of such a group. Yet, you found yourself enjoying the time you spend with the team, becoming friends with them almost instantly. You didn’t know anything about them, taking that you spend whole your life in Kamar-Taj, not really caring about the politics and events that took place on the world, never thinking that you would need such a knowledge ever in your life.
At the beginning of your living with them though, you weren’t convinced to become so called “hero”, but you changed your mind when you meet the infamous “Winter Soldier”. The mentally devastated man who lived through Word War, got himself experimented at, and made so much evil in his life, that you found yourself wanting to help him. And yet when you two meet, you greeted him with a handshake and smile on your face, blurted out the first thing that came in your mind, and that was “You look more like hobo, than killing machine Wanda told me about.” At first he looked offended, then in his eyes you were able to see that you hurt his feelings, but before you were able to apologize, which you centrally didn’t even planned to do, man smiled and greeted you too.
“Why don’t you go back to your Tibet Xiaolin?” Your jaw dropped at that. How could he? As an answer to that, you quickly took your slide rind and teleported him right to the said monastery, at the same time teaching him, that it was in China and not Tibet. Who could have guessed that such an old man was such an ignorant ass?
When he did got back, he was so astonished with your magic, that he almost begged you to show him more. That’s how the two of you became friends in almost no time, not counting the two weeks he took to come back from China.

You and Stephen Strange meet again almost year after the death of Ancient One and fight with Kaecelius. He teleported himself to Avengers headquarters after Tony’s invitation. He was happy to see you, and you after such long time of not seeing another sorcerer found yourself hugging him, only then realizing how you missed his presence and personality. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Long time no see, Strange.” He also hugged you, his hands covered with yellow gloves shaking slightly against your back.
“It’s Doctor Strange… or Sorcerer Supreme now.” At those words you backed form him, your eyes wide open, gleaming from already forming tears. He was it in an instant and wanted to explain himself while his cape smacked him on the face, but someone got in his way. To be exact, it was Bucky, hugging you. Strange’s heart stopped for a moment when he was you in arms of a man other than himself.
“Are you ok, doll?”
“yeah, it’s just shock…” You looked at Stephen, watching him for a while. “I… congratulations Mr. Doctor… you are…”
“Second best, but you are retarded, so… I took what they offered, before you changed your mind.” He shrugged and you smiled. Such words from such man, with his ego are very likely to be considered a compliment. You got from Bucky’s arms and punched Stephen’s arm.
“Watch it, or I will change my mind.”

If Wanda haven’t explained it to you, you would die obvious to the fight that was going on between your two friends, Bucky and Strange. Apparently the fight between them was for your attention. The Black Widow, Natasha, laughed at your obviousness, telling you to pay more attention on them. And so you did, which leaded for you feeling embarrassed every time it happened, which were quite a lot, taking that it happened every day, starting over such things as passing you sugar for your morning coffee.
What shocked you most was willingness of Levitation Cape to help Stephen in this war. It would always catch you and pull you to sorcerer, whenever it got an occasion.
You tried not to pay attention to their stupid competition, you really did, but while being in the very center of it, it was almost impossible.
Seeing how uncomfortable you were with it, Tony and Steve took the matter in their hands and scolded the both men, as if they were children.

“Meditating?” You looked from your laps to Stephen. He stood at your balcony doors, the cape and gloves gone. He looked just as he did in Kamar-Taj, leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed on his chest. You smiled at him.
“Just thinking.” You watched as he moved from his spot to sat in front of you. “Where is your relict?”
“I left it in my room. Didn’t want it to interrupt.” You raised your eyebrow at his statement.
“Interrupt with what?” At your question, Doctor took your hands in his scarred, shaking ones.
“You know I like you…” Seeing your shocked face he blushed instantly. “Or you found out just now. Either way, I do like you and I did from the first time I saw you. And despite our beginning, which as you know didn’t went good, I really tried to made you warm up to me… despite you trying to do quite opposite. And to be honest I really hoped that you may start to feel something to me, and I know that I’m a little too forward right now, but it do piss me off when I see this metal-hand frozen killing machine near you.” You opened your mouth to speak in defend of your friend, but he squeezed your hands, looking at you with his deep blue eyes. “Please let me finish. I know that I can’t make you come back to Kamar-Taj, nor made you move to sanctum sanctorum, and I don’t intend to of you don’t want to, but maybe there is a possibility of you giving me a chance and going out with me?”
“Strange I…”
“Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark want’s to inform you, that your cape attacking Mr. Barnes got boring, and he requests you to put a stop for this.” Hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice, you looked with amusement on your face, your eyebrow raised slightly.
“Left it in your room for no interruption, Strange?” Doctor cleared his throat, letting your hands go.
“I… better get going.” He tried to go away, but you got up and stopped him before he could made it.
“I will go with you, but there are two conditions.” He nodded at that, murmuring something like ‘anything for you’, at which you smiled. “You will stop harassing Bucky, he is my friend and your stupid competition is really pissing me off, and no one can make me not spend time with him.” Strange groaned but nodded.
“And second one?” You grinned.
“You let me wear the cape. Like for one whole day, no instructions and no grumbling. Then, and only then I will allow you to take the pretty, intelligent, talented, beautiful and very humble, greatest sorceress of all time – me, to a date. And who knows, if you will show me yourself finally in some good light, then I would allow you to walk me to my room’s doors after that.” After the initial shock, Strange nodded, which made you smile. “Great! Now go and get my cape, I want it clean and I want it untouched. Now, shoo. Off you go.” You pushed him out of your room, wide smile on your face. If year ago someone would told that you would agree to go on a date with Strange, you would laugh right into his face, right before sending him to Mount Everest.

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Can worker's self management exist within a socialist planned economy? It may be a stupid question but I would like to be sure.

Yes. In the transition period i think it is ideal that central planning at the “macro” level be accompanied by workers’ self-management at the workplace level. Notably, China was in the process of abolishing one-person management in factories and farms during the Cultural Revolution (although this was basically reversed when right-wingers couped the government in the late 1970’s). In the mid-30s in the USSR you had a similar thing as well, where workers directly participated in the formation of economic plans.

The reason you may see communists sometimes roll their eyes at talk of “workers’ self-management” though is that this is often posited as an alternative to central planning. In truth, it is not enough to abolish distinctions between workers and bosses within the firm. In order for the proletariat to take command of production as a class it is also necessary for production at the broad level to be operated according to a common plan, where the local interests of workers are synthesized into a common interest of a whole class. Eventually, when “the government of persons is replaced by the administration of things,” production will be organized in a common way according to the interests of the whole populace. But you need some form of central planning for this.

Further, if the relations between sites of production remains relatively unchanged, you can have workers managing their workplaces, but if production is still oriented toward exchange and if there are different sites of accumulation which effectively compete with one another (i.e. in a market setting), it is still possible for some firms to accrue wealth at the expense of others (e.g. through implementing labor-saving technology and through the general process of price formation where value gets transferred around between firms based on how much machinery they use relative to labor employed). In this case, you basically have certain worker-managed firms getting rich at the expense of other workers, which isn’t very communist.

Long story short, while it is also true that central planning does not of itself mean that capitalism is being subordinated and eliminated either (and without proletarian politics in command, central planning can simply be a means of administering a capitalist economy), without the organization of production according to a common plan, workers’ self-management at the workplace level is more-or-less meaningless. You need both things.

Trump’s lies are not the problem. It’s the millions who swallow them who really matter | Nick Cohen
As the alt-right continues to set the agenda in global politics at a frightening pace, has the world reverted to a 20th-century era of totalitarianism?
By Nick Cohen

“ … Compulsive liars shouldn’t frighten you. They can harm no one, if no one listens to them. Compulsive believers, on the other hand: they should terrify you. Believers are the liars’ enablers. Their votes give the demagogue his power. Their trust turns the charlatan into the president. Their credulity ensures that the propaganda of half-calculating and half-mad fanatics has the power to change the world. … “

“ … Comparisons with 20th-century totalitarianism are not wholly exaggerated. With Trump, the lies are a dictatorial assertion of his will to power. “I am in control,” he says, in effect, as he conjures imaginary crowds at his inauguration or invents millions of illegal voters so he can pretend he won the popular vote. “You may know I am lying. But if you contradict me, I will make you pay. … “

“ … No one in the west has seen Trump’s kind of triumph in politics since the age of the dictators. But look around your workplace and perhaps you won’t be so surprised by their victories. If you are unlucky, you will see an authoritarian standing over you. The radical economist Chris Dillow once wrote that, while the fall of communism discredited the centrally planned economy, the centrally planned corporation, with the autocratic leader who tolerated no dissent, not only survived 1989, but blossomed. … “

“ … Narcissists in business are more likely to seek macho takeovers and less likely to engage in the hard work of innovating and creating profitable firms, the researchers found. They are more likely to cook the books to feed their cults of the personality and make, if not America, then themselves look great again. Academics from the University of California have asked the obvious question: why would rational companies let the fascism of the firm survive? Surely they ought to be protecting their businesses, as free market theory dictates, rather than allow dangerous and grasping men and women to risk their destruction. … “

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Fyre Fest Fun

Is a microcosm of why statism and central planning fails.

A couple of relatively powerful dipshits saw what other people do professionally and thought this service was easy and simple to provide.

In them I see analogues for commie theorists, politicians and ivory tower intellectuals who’ve never in their life attempted to create anything through their action. They’re not farmers, they’re not engineers, they’re not construction professionals, they’ve never laid a pipe or operated an excavator. Despite this they have no qualms about fantasizing that they know all and by their power of will and political force can deliver the same as those who gravitate to a profession becoming refined and skilled in it of their own motivation and free will.

I take a special joy in watching this kind of shit happen on this scale for other reasons as well.

This is how capital flees those who are not productive with it.

There will be no bailout for Fyre Fest, Ja Rule or his dudebro partner.

While I see a lot of tumblr enjoying the shitshow too, its for different reasons. They don’t realize that they’re looking in the mirror and the world they fantasize would look a lot like the clusterfuck on that sandbar.

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this miiiiight be too much to ask/you may have done this before; can you give a thorough explanation for why the theory of communism is bad?

I’ll give you a brief run down.

Philosophically, I disagree because in my view, it treats people as property of the collective society. I don’t think anyone, no matter how numerous, is entitled to your services or you property.

Economically, centrally planned economies and economies devoid of prices are not efficient and this expresses itself at best, in hilarious surpluses of unnecessary goods and at worst, famine and death. This is what’s called the Economic Calculation Problem. 

Force has been associated with the implementation of communism throughout history. If your ideas are good, they can be voluntary, but I’ve yet to see that with communism.

The effect of the people’s agreeing that there must be central [state] planning, without agreeing on the ends, will be rather as if a group of people were to commit themselves to take a journey together without agreeing where they want to go; with the result that they may all have to make a journey which most of them do not want at all.
—  Friedrich Hayek ( 1899-1992) Austrian economist. 

Little French Key, Honduras 

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Do you have a specific position on global warming/climate change? If so, what is it?

Unlike seemingly everybody these days, I am not a climate scientist. You might as well ask me my opinion on which translation of The Divine Comedy is more accurate. I’ve never read the book and I can’t read italian. From what I can tell the chain of claims goes something like this:

  1. Carbon Dioxide caused by human activity increases global temperature
  2. Current human carbon dioxide output is causing increasing global temperatures and will continue to do so in the future
  3. This increase in global temperatures will be catastrophic
  4. Therefore, we need government policy X

I don’t know if claims 1 and 2 are true. I have no way of knowing. I don’t have any of the relevant scientific understanding. Claim 3 I am skeptical of because my understanding is that it is based on climate models projecting into the future, and I don’t trust such models. However, even if claim 3 were also true, I think that claim 4 is absurd on it’s face. There is no catastrophe so bad that interventionist state policies can’t make it worse. I honestly don’t know if human beings are causing the temperature to go up, I don’t know if the temperature going up is necessarily a bad thing, I don’t know that it will be a catastrophe, I don’t know that the answer must be to stop the temperature increase rather than to use those resources to focus on adapting to future temperatures, and I don’t know that the people who claim to know these things are being honest and indeed know as much as they think they do. However I am as certain as I can get on anything that putting governments in charge of economies will lead to massive poverty, sickness, misery, and death, and I am just as certain that putting governments in charge of central planning the “climate” itself will inevitably create a result that is worse than the alleged “catastrophe” they were charged with saving us from.

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is there any real argument for protectionism? i have to argue for it in a debate in my business class and its ridiculous theres no benefits but maybe temporary job/new industry protection, but I still think its wrong

It is wrong.  Philosophically speaking, the biggest problem with it is that it is central planning, not market demand; as such, protectionism violates freedom of association.

I’m not the most economically literate, but I can link a few articles.

FEE: Protectionism Will Make America Poor, Not Great

Reason.com: China Trade Isn’t Killing America’s Working Class

Mises: Smashing Protectionist “Theory” (Again)

@libertybill @sadoeconomist if either of you have more/better information for anon, or can pass him to a more in-depth counterargument, would you?

Planning leads to dictatorship because dictatorship is the most effective instrument of…the enforcement of ideals and, as such, essential if central planning on a large scale is to be possible.
—  Friedrich Hayek  (1899-1992)  Austrian economist 

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While researching Odin, I was struck by the similarity of Yggdrasil and the panel showing the world locked in a birdcage. The bars look like dying roots or branches. Yggdrasil grows from and is watered by the well of destiny, which represents the past influencing the present; the dew from branches replenishes the well which represents the present influencing the past. Could TG's world be screwed up because it has lost its connection to its past hence its inability to change its present?

I’ve already done a meta on Kaneki’s connection to the world tree and norse mythology, to the point where if you line up his names Kaneki Haise some of the alternate meanings are “world tree”. 

There’s also Amon whose been depicted as a spiritual wanderer, and who the majority of his character arc has been seeking out Kaneki for the express purpose of knowledge, both of which could be drawn as a parallel to the journey of Odin

Since Kaneki and Amon both share elements with Odin’s journey too, it’s entirely possible that Tokyo Ghoul is being liberal with the source material it’s drawing reference from, and Kaneki and Odin are both meant to be Odin to some extent, and it’s through cooperation with each other that they can find the wisdom they are seeking. As importantly, the cage is always drawn with two locks, requiring both the cooperation of humans and ghouls in order to open it. Donato also specifically when he namedropped Amon in conversation with Kaneki, spoke of him as one of the “keys”, implying there were more than one. 

All that positive growth hippy nonsense is boring though, so let’s go back to being negative. 

As you said, the cage is more tree like then metallic. The bars of the cage look like extensions of overgrown roots, just as Aogiri’s stated motivation is to remove the warped ‘root’ of this world. 

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