Okay so i want to start my own business similar to 2by2 productions or fulloutfilms where i film and edit montages of cheerleaders. I love editing/fliming videos since i started making music videos on youtube when i was younger so i thought why not combine filming/editing... something i love to do with cheer.... something i also love to do..Im just getting everything started up and ill be filming cheerleaders within my gym. Im also willing to edit videos that you all send me and make a video for you free of charge while I'm starting out. if you have any videos of you cheering or tumbling or anything like that send it to me and ill edit it and upload it to my film channel.

if you want me to edit videos of YOU email me at cearayss@gmail.com

**message me if you have any questions**


Central Jersey Allstars Small Senior 5 Battle At The Boardwalk 2011- 1st Place