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0.1 Jungle Carpet Python

1.0 Bredli Python

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Bredl’s Python - Morelia bredli

Also referred to as Centralian Carpet Python,Morelia bredli (Pythonidae) is an Australian python species with a small natural range, contained entirely within the south central region of the Northern Territory. 

The most obvious thing about the appearance of Morelia bredli is the reddish color seen in some specimens. The reddish base color is typically offset by an irregular banded pattern. The banding is pale in color and is bordered by a row of black scales.  

This is one of the largest members of the carpet python complex and is only eclipsed in size by the largest coastal carpet specimens. Large examples can grow to lengths of 2.4 m or more and are very robust.

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Photo credit: ©Lars K. | Locality: Australia (2010)

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My beautiful baby Coco actually not being a little shit and trying to bite me every 2 seconds. <3

She’s a very cage protective noodle.  Once she’s out in the sun though, she’s quite content.

Also I am really good at making stupid faces.

Centralian Carpet Python, or Bredli Python. ~2 years old.