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Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.

In light of Valentine’s Day, I’m making a list of unlikely/problematic Overwatch ships that I have given great titles to

Peanut Butter and Bacon (Roadhog x Winston)

Peel Out (Winston x Tracer)

Cold Cut Combo (Genji x Mei)

Animal Farm (Roadhog x Zarya)

Console Wars (D.Va x Sombra)

Dragincest (Genji x Hanzo)

Microsoft Flight Simulator (D.Va x Pharah)

Microwaveable Bacon (Roadhog x Symmetra)

Netflix and Chill (D.Va x Mei)

Bloons Tower Defense (Symmetra x Torbjorn)

Reach for the Sky (Pharah x McCree)

Gerard 2.0 (Widow x Zenyatta)

Embrace the Tranquilizer (Ana x Zenyatta)

FireStrike (Rein x Genji)

Maximum Charge (Zarya x Reinhardt)

Turn Back Time (Ana x Tracer)

ColdSteel the Hedgeheg (Mei x Bastion)

Dirty Ape (Junkrat x Winston)

Set (Roadhog x Pharah)

Speedrun (Tracer x D.Va)

Chernobyl (Zarya x Reaper)

Time Freeze (Mei x Tracer)

Not Gonna Happen (All of the Above)

we now return to your regularly scheduled mercymaker shitposts

pharah: so how long have you been sleeping with widowmaker
mercy: what?? thats disgusting. and wrong. and i dont even get—why would—ive never had sex with anyone. anywhere. its none of your—the nerve, the audacity, widowmaker is my enemy, technically. and how—how do i know, frankly, that youre not sleeping with her?? maybe you are. maybe youre trying to throw me off. hm?? check and mate

me at 2:15 in the am: how are they feasibly gonna let negan live after we just saw all these characters ready to die for just one shot at him

i stopped reading the comics before we got to negan, like i know the basic summary and all but can someone tell me how they ended up imprisoning him and if thats even a possibility on the show at this point

like i got hope and we got all that cell foreshadowing but i cant help but get nervous

the signs as weird panic! things

Aries: brendon urie 

Taurus: the fact that drunk history of fall out boy exists 

Gemini: cheese whiz 

Cancer: ryans cult tattoos 

Leo: “so i burned it alive”

Libra: the milk fic sequel 

Virgo: jon wearing flips flops in every photo shoot 

Scorpio: ryans livejournal 

Sagittarius: the pet salamander website 

Capricorn: the dont threaten me with a good time music video 

Aquarius:  brendon trying to deepthroat a microphone in an interview

Pisces: any picture with brent in it 


“There is speculation that Thomas Jefferson, the third president and writer of the Declaration of Independence may have been autistic or have Asperger’s syndrome. Norm Ledgin, author of Diagnosing Jefferson, indicates that Jefferson was shy, had an inability to relate to others, had difficulties in public speaking and was sensitive to loud noises. Also, similarly to Einstein, Jefferson had a difficulty with his finances. Although he kept an accurate record of all of his transactions, he died in debt. He also had an obsession for remodeling his home and was very eccentric.  Jefferson had some “abnormal” tendencies including wearing  slippers to important meetings and always having a mocking bird that sat on his shoulder to keep.  This mock bird may have been an effort to keep him calm during social interactions. Unfortunately, due to a fire, there are no records of Jefferson’s childhood. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether he may have had delayed speech or display any earlier signs of autism. “