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In light of Valentine’s Day, I’m making a list of unlikely/problematic Overwatch ships that I have given great titles to

Peanut Butter and Bacon (Roadhog x Winston)

Peel Out (Winston x Tracer)

Cold Cut Combo (Genji x Mei)

Animal Farm (Roadhog x Zarya)

Console Wars (D.Va x Sombra)

Dragincest (Genji x Hanzo)

Microsoft Flight Simulator (D.Va x Pharah)

Microwaveable Bacon (Roadhog x Symmetra)

Netflix and Chill (D.Va x Mei)

Bloons Tower Defense (Symmetra x Torbjorn)

Reach for the Sky (Pharah x McCree)

Gerard 2.0 (Widow x Zenyatta)

Embrace the Tranquilizer (Ana x Zenyatta)

FireStrike (Rein x Genji)

Maximum Charge (Zarya x Reinhardt)

Turn Back Time (Ana x Tracer)

ColdSteel the Hedgeheg (Mei x Bastion)

Dirty Ape (Junkrat x Winston)

Set (Roadhog x Pharah)

Speedrun (Tracer x D.Va)

Chernobyl (Zarya x Reaper)

Time Freeze (Mei x Tracer)

Not Gonna Happen (All of the Above)

north carolina piedmont gothic
  • You rarely worry about the dead rising from the graves; the clay is too tough for even the living to penetrate. But as you walk in the graveyard, you hear a scream and banging from below, and realize: that’s not the scream of someone who’s dead
  • You go to uptown Charlotte one afternoon and find that every person there is the exact same businessman: black suit, receding hairline, and muttering something under his breath that is impossible to hear through the static
  • Lake Norman is beautiful on a sunny day. But as you sit on the dock you notice something strange and dark in the water, coming to you from the Duke Energy power plant. The dock begins to shake—
  • “Lexington BBQ is the best,” your friend says one afternoon, offering you some of her homemade BBQ. You smile and thank her, biting into it. Something red rolls down your mouth. You wonder why you didn’t see her neighbors this morning
  • There is a woman who lives down the street, but you can never hear her voice because of the hissing and buzzing noises emerging from her coat, and always leave her presence covered in dozens of mosquito bites
  • There is a church deep in the woods. When you go there, you find that none of the patrons ever blink. You hear the hymns reverberating from the walls of your house days after leaving the service
  • It’s the summer of the cicadas, and they are everywhere. They litter the sidewalks, the streets, your house, your clothes. You feel a little sick, and when you double over, cicadas come spilling forth from inside you
  • It snows a half inch, and people are screaming. They rush to the grocery stores or abandon their cars on the road. The next day, the sky is red, and there is a gentle drizzle of what seems like blood. Everything is calm

cute lil 18 yr old ponyboy hc’s for avery’s birthday!! @eastsidecigarette

  • he honestly tells the cheesiest jokes ever and honestly finds them so funny
  • like “what kind of dogs do you find in a library” … “hushpuppies”
  • his laugh is so soft and quiet that sometimes you can’t even hear it but the smile on his face is so bright and contagious
  • does this thing where he puts his glasses on top of his head to wipe his eyes, then spends two hours looking for his glasses bc he “lost” them
  • loves just driving around at night, with the windows down if it’s warm enough, enjoying the quiet and how different everything looks at night
  • has this gray sweatshirt that he wears that has paint specks all over it and the ends of the sleeves are fraying because he always keeps the sleeves over his hands and it looks so adorable on him !!
  • is always soooo warm and is always keeping his hands in his pockets so they’re Extra Warm
  • wears the brown jacket that dallas gave him before they left for windrixville all the time now bc he’s finally grown into it
  • tried blackout poetry once w/ an old book from the library and it turned out really good but he felt so bad for ruining the book that he bought another one for the library 
  • has transitioned from the whiny phase to the pouty phase where he thinks he can get whatever he wants by sitting on the couch, crossing his arms, and looking at everyone with puppy dog eyes
  • is AWFUL at card games, so bad that no one ever wants to be his partner and he always gets caught trying to cheat too