If you happen to be of Dalit origin, or from the so-called lower castes, migrating out of India may not help you escape discrimination. India’s infamous caste system has reared its ugly head in the United Kingdom.

School children from the lower castes have been taunted with casteist slurs like “bhangi” and “chamar” from other Indian school children of a higher caste. Many Indians in the work place say they have faced a great deal of harassment from other Indians on grounds of caste.

This has resulted in widespread protests across England. Human rights activists and Dalit organizations in the UK are campaigning for the enforcement of a clause in UK Equality Act that mentions the Indian caste system.

One of the worst instances of discrimination took place in central England, in a city called Coventry. “An elderly Dalit lady was receiving home care from the city council, who would send a council worker to her house to bathe her. One of the council workers happened to be an Indian of a higher caste. When she discovered the lady was Dalit, she refused to give her a bath,” says Lekh Pall, an activist with the Anti-discrimination Alliance.

Harbans Lal Bali, a retired employee of UK’s Royal Mail, who lives in the suburbs of London, recalls the harassment he faced at the Post Office when he was temporarily promoted to the post of supervisor. “I got to know that some of the people under me, who were Indians of a higher caste, complained to the management about my promotion. They said that they were not used to taking orders from people of my caste,” he says.

There has also been an instance where an Indian of a lower caste was in a relationship with another Indian from a higher caste in the same office. Both were asked to leave their jobs by their employer, who was an upper caste Indian.

—  No Escape From Caste Prejudice Even In UK// (x)


Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings is the second part of a photo project that started with Brothers Grimm’s Homeland. The photos are inspirated by the old fairtytales written by the Brothers Grimm. Therefore I’m searching places throughout Central Europe that echo the mood of those old stories. I think there is a deep longing for tranquil naturalness among people in our techonology-driven environment. Therefore I don’t want to show just potrayals of natural scenes - I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest and make up his own stories. Possibly this is the real benefit of my work: Resting places for the eyes in an visually overstimulated world.

By  Kilian Schönberger

The Greeks

A week, this is how long it takes me, to say no thank you. I am here, I console myself, to have fun, not to be unhappy. These are the phrases I rehearse in my mind over 6 days in this very hot kitchen, in a very busy Greek restaurant, in a very cool place, central place, in the centre of Melbourne city.

A week earlier…

In my desperate attempt to find work I carry myself into this cafe to ask for a job, I am not even job hunting anymore today, just looking around for cool places like this, one of many side streets full to the brim of every kind of eatery you could hope for. The end of the side street is covered in graffiti, people are taking pictures of it. People with facial hair drink coffee, people wearing hats face them, everyone is drinking and eating and I feel sucked into every entrance, I want to inhale it all and sit amongst it drinking it all in. People make smoking look like an artistic practice.

The man sees I have worked in a Greek kitchen before, I am offered a trial.

A difficult week passes, I pass through the same emotional turmoil I passed through when I had my first job, when I was 14. Some people will tell me I have something to learn here. I have. I have learnt that I hate working in a kitchen, I have learnt that although things are uncomfortable sometimes you have to muster the courage to overcome them, I have learnt that I am a free agent, but I must accept the consequences of my decisions. On this day, the day I leave, I gladly accept what ever they might be and tell the angry owner that I am going, he is very understanding actually, I anticipated more verbal abuse, however he pays me and wishes me luck, all very quickly. 

As I leave the cafe and step into the side street unknowing what is ahead of me once again, a crowd is gathered near the graffiti end of the alley and surrounds what seems to be a three piece jazz group. I move towards it and see a guitarist, a drummer and a trumpet player all giving the warm air and faces around them a heavy dose of up-beat live sound that is alive with feeling and belief, in the moment. People are smiling, tapping their feet.

I make my way back through the cigarette smoke and grinding coffee machines towards the tram stop.

Grand Illumination 2014 on Black Friday in Charlottesville

Grand Illumination 2014 on Black Friday in Charlottesville

The City of Charlottesville and the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville are presenting Grand Illumination 2014 at Central Place on the Downtown Mall on Friday, November 28th from 4:30pm-7:30pm!

This popular and festive community event is free to the public and will feature local musical artists performing original songs and favorite holidayclassics as we count down to the grand…

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Are You Devoted to Prayer?

Are You Devoted to Prayer?

Nov 03, 2014 Devoted to Prayer

Read | Colossians 4:2-4

The Savior was devoted to prayer. He met with God in the early morning, sought Him in the midst of busy days, and slipped away for nighttime fellowship with Him. His actions testify to the central place prayer is to have in the lives of believers.

Prayer seemed to come naturally to Jesus, but most of us have to work at…

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McAuliffe announces 800 new jobs for Arlington County

McAuliffe announces 800 new jobs for Arlington County

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that CEB, the leading member-based advisory company, will invest $149.7 million in a new headquarters operation to support the company’s next-generation workplace plans and accommodate its growing global requirements. The company has signed an Agreement to lease approximately 350,000 square feet of space in The JBG Companies’ new Central Placedevelopment…

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