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I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.

Looking down the tracks of the Myrtle Avenue Line.



PC 4936 (GG-1) Train 128 The Silver Star at Seabrook, MD on March 23, 1969 by Marty Bernard
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A Roger Puta photograph


[image 1 shows me with short red hair with a purple flower crown, no makeup with my NJ feeding tube, in a hospital gown revealing my chest showing being hooked up to a IV through my port I have my hand touching my neck. You can see my IV pole behind me. The second image is the same but black and white with only the purple flowers in colour and no hand.

Chronically fabulous and rocking the hospital glam during my first infusion of Entyvio in my brand new port!


Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine

Shoutout to disabled witches who can’t go for walks in nature because it’s inaccessible.

Shoutout to disabled witches who can’t ingest the food they make as offerings.

Shoutout to disabled witches who can’t garden and buy their herbs

Shoutout to disabled witches who can’t speak spells.

Shoutout to disabled witches who are on bedrest and can’t practice.

Shoutout to disabled witches who can’t make their own tools.

Shoutout to the witches in wheelchairs, with crutches, with walkers, canes, feeding tubes, central lines, ports, nonverbal, in the hospital, in bed, blind witches, Deaf witches, HoH witches,
Shoutout to disabled witches.

No matter how you practice, you are valid, you are still a witch.


Hey if you have a line that needs changed every week then I have a tip for you! Instead of them just ripping it off or using those remover whips (ask for those first and see if you like them) they have these adhesive removing sticks. You snap them just like you would a glow stick to make it work. They work great at removing the dressing without the oil feeling. Much quicker and much cleaner!

The Grand Central-42nd Street Station on the Lexington Avenue Line.


hospitalglam They messed up so bad. I stressed to them over and over and over all the issues I had last surgery. Yet still they did conscious sedation ignored , the order, and did not even don it correctly I was awake the entire time. I explained local anesthetic doesn’t work because of my connective tissues disorder and I feel everything.I told EVERYONE that. I felt them make every single incision I was sobbing and screaming in pain and they never stopped or added sedation. I’m in so much pain and I cannot stop sobbing and I have to be on oxygen it keeps dropping . And now I have to go do another surgery wish me luck! Love you my spoon community <3 this hospital glam is keeping me in better spirits thank you for this existing.