La Vega Central Market – Month in Chile – HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

If you are a fan of local markets, this is the place to visit in Santiago de Chile. A huge and very important local market where you find almost anything; really cheap fruits and vegetables that you will be amazed.

Also if you are looking for products from other Latin American countries; it is possible to find them here. While at the marked I saw products from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and many more.

Living the experience of a local market is something magical, the smell of fresh fruits, colors, dirt, the sound of people offering their best products and the most important thing; watching people living a normal day on their lives.

Chaotic but beautiful, that’s how I can describe a place like this one. Don’t be afraid of asking about things you hadn’t seen before; such as fruits or vegetables. I’m sure people would be whiling to explain everything to you.

La Vega Central market is really close to the Central market of Santiago, another popular market amongst locals but also tourists.

I highly recommend this market, even more than Central Market as not many tourists come here, so you will have a better overview of the real deal.


It is located at Calle Davila Baeza.


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by John Buchanan, VP, Marketing