Steak Tacos Combination from Antojitos Mexicanos DF in Des Moines, Iowa by Tyrgyzistan

Okay more things from the Falsettos proshot because one post is not enough

- everyone in my theatre was a little skeptical on clapping/reacting to the recording (we live in central Iowa, not exactly the biggest Broadway crowd) but EVERYONE applauded after “I’m Breaking Down” we were so in awe over Stephanie’s talent 

- I don’t think I’ve ever seen my sister cry so hard in her life

- honestly Andrew was a Perfect Whizzer I feel most people know him as a really funny character (from BoM, Girls, etc) but holy shit he could be so heartbreaking and sad and nervous but also joyful and sexy and just gah

- Tracie and Betsy could kick my ass just saying

- “What Would I Do?” makes me cry every time I listen to it but seeing it performed was a whole other experience; like I said, I don’t think I’ve ever cried that hard

- I was Not Prepared for Marvin to start sobbing at the end of that song and “Falsettoland (reprise)” it just fucking killed me

- since the show is mostly singing, it made the spoken and even silent moment all the more powerful especially in “Marvin Hits Trina” and “More Racquetball”

-overall I loved it it’s the best movie of the year so far imo


Winterset, Iowa
Population: 5,190

“The year 1857 was one of great commercial depression, which brought on a panic that caused disaster throughout the United States. The distressful situation was keenly felt in Winterset and business enterprises of all kinds were brought to a standstill. Many of the pioneer business men were ruined and for some years afterwards the cry of “hard times” was universal. But by the year 1860, the village manifested concrete evidences of recuperation, notwithstanding the dread war clouds that then hovered over the Union. At the expiration of the year six religious societies were holding services in their own churches; there were fourteen lawyers ready to extend their offices to the needy; five implement firms; a bank, book store, barber, three shoe stores, five blacksmith shops, a butcher shop, nine carpenters, a dentist, four drug stores, seven dry goods establishments, twelve groceries, as many as now; three hardware stores, the St. Nicholas and Madison hotels; seven insurance firms, two furniture stores, two firms engaged in real estate deals, a livery stable, three millinery shops, two photograph galleries, ten physicians, two bakeries and restaurants; harness makers, wagon makers, chairniakers, three saloons, Morris Schroeder’s brewery, jewelers, two printing offices, billiard hall, several stone masons, plasterers, brick makers and layers, a tailor, a gunsmith, painters, a veterinary surgeon, so that there was scarcely any article of merchandise needed that the local merchants were not able to supply. The professions were abundantly represented and no one was permitted to go thirsty for lack of a place where stimulants were on tap.”

Covering mirrors, stopping clocks, bacon fat, greenery over doorways, and my grandmother.

As most of you know by now, I’ve been trying to write down everything my grandmother taught me because I’m the last one who has this information now that she’s gone. Most of what she taught, I’ve traced back to ancient Irish polytheist culture and I’ve seen more links to Celtic (Ireland, Scotland, Brittany) culture in letters from previous generations. However, there are a couple of mysteries I haven’t solved yet.

  • When a person died, my grandmother covered mirrors and stopped clocks. I thought, being a child, it was just her weird grandma behavior but then I saw a character in Fried Green Tomatoes do the exact same thing.
  • When I had little cuts, my grandmother put raw bacon on the wound with a bandage tied around it overnight. I have very distinct memories of me being a small girl trying to resist what she was doing because kids at school had Barbie Band-Aids, not cloth bandages with raw bacon inside.
  • I also remember watching my grandmother hang pieces of evergreen (?) over the household’s doorways when we got our Christmas trees. When people suggested we get a plastic tree, she took that as an insult to our home. Our Christmas trees were very carefully chosen and only certain types of trees were allowed. There was no mention of Jesus in our home at Christmas, although it was important that my grandmother be “seen” at church. I knew the church stuff was fake even when I was small but I never knew why (as an adult I found out we were taught to be seen at church so nobody would know we were pagans).

So I’m pretty sure the green stuff over the doorways were old Irish traditions but I have no idea where the mirror coverings, stopped clocks, and bacon fat came from. Are these aspects of American folk magic? My grandmother learned everything from central Missouri and older Iowa relatives. Does anyone know anything?


Salvadoran Fries from El Salvadoreño Restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa by Tyrgyzistan

So, remember when I posted that my aunt saved a wounded owl in a park because she just *happened* to have long leather gloves and a cage in her vehicle so she took it to an animal hospital and basically saved its life?

Today her husband was out on his four wheeler (yeah we’re midwestern hicks so what) and found a fucking baby deer stuck in the fence around their property and saved a goddamn baby deer. Those two are amazing and the animals in central Iowa are lucky to have those two looking out for them. 💕


Tamales Combo Abelardos Mexican Restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa by Tyrgyzistan


Hey gals!
I’ve posted on here once and got a great response, so why not do it again? And I suck at describing myself…haha
Marguerite|18|Lesbian|Central Iowa|college bound
Single as a Pringle and I’m ready to mingle
I work a lot and don’t mind long distance but I would prefer someone close to home…
I look intimidating/butch but I’m a giant teddy bear once you get to know me…and I’m a huge nerd
I write a lot and hope to publish my own book soon…I also write a lot of fanfiction on Wattpad in my spare time
Don’t be afraid to come say hi!!


Raymond, Iowa
Population: 788

“According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1.63 square miles, all of it land. Raymond was platted in 1866. It was a shipping point on the Illinois Central Railroad.”

Jon Jones

Part-Time Job Jones was a college wrestler and criminal justice student at Iowa Central when his girlfriend Jessie’s surprise pregnancy left him in need of quick cash. He visited an MMA gym and took his first fight within months – then five more in the next 3 months, winning them all. Jones and that girlfriend are now engaged with three daughters.

Quick Rise Jones entered the UFC in August 2008 on a few weeks’ notice, won, and was rewarded with bouts against future Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and a UFC 100 spot against Jake O’Brien. Near effortless wins over veterans Brandon Vera and Vladimir Matyushenko followed before he dominated previously-unbeaten Ryan Bader at UFC 126. Jones’ only loss came at when a poor referee call resulted in a disqualification loss to Matt Hamill, in a fight he was by all accounts winning soundly.

Title Shot After his UFC 126 win, while still inside the Octagon, Jones was offered the chance to step in for injured teammate Rashad Evans to face light heavyweight champ “Shogun” Rua on six weeks’ notice. Jones accepted and went on to dominate Rua as well as his subsequent opponents: “Rampage” Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort.

King Among Kings Just 23 years old when he defeated Shogun, Jones became the UFC’s youngest-ever world champion. Jones has successfully defended his light heavyweight title in a division-record six consecutive fights. He’s also finished nine opponents by either knockout or submission, tying Chuck Liddell for most finishes in light heavyweight history.

Family Way Jones’ older brother Arthur plays for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts while younger sibling Chandler plays for the New England Patriots. It was those same brothers who dubbed him “Bones” growing up, since he was too skinny to find his footing on the gridiron.

Stand-Up Guy Jones is one of two fighters in UFC history to earn two submissions while standing, choking out both Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and Jake O’Brien at UFC 100 with standing guillotine chokes (the other is Patrick Smith).

Basic Structure of the American Wizarding Confederation

Founding: While Purist historians would be loathe to admit it, the history and structure of American Wizardry are highly tied to their Muggle contemporaries. By the time of the American Revolution, European-Magical Society had become largely self governing, and the cost and difficulty of managing the fractious American sorcerers had left the exhausted Ministry at wits end. When the Colonial Muggles won their independence (often with the assistance of Half-Blooded and Muggleborn family and friends) the leaders of Wizarding society established their own independent form of government. Originally, appointed governors were in charge of the magical community in the American Colonies, but eventually were replaced with homegrown leaders who relied entirely on the support of their communities and the exhausted acquiesce of the Ministry. In 1780, the first Congress of Wizardry (composed of the elected governors and those potent wizards just too bloody minded to stay away) met and spent the next 8 months hammering out a functional constitution.

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