Leverage Rewatch

Good Lord, I’d forgotten just how broken Nate is at the begining and just how much he holds himself apart from the team. I’d also forgotten just how much “Peggy killed her first husband” soap commercial made me laugh. I mean - Nate and Sophie are the biggest surprise to rediscover. I liked them, but I remember the ot3 more. Thw whole setup of “We used to flirt when it was completely safe and never going to go anywhere, because, let’s face it, we’re hot and we both loved To Catch A Thief. But now, um… do we actually like like each other?” It’s much more well done than I remember - mostly because I know now that they always intended to follow through and it’s not just baiting. Take note other shows. The Will They, Won’t They is only unresolvable when it is your CENTRAL premise - Cheers, Moonlighting. When you have a central theme that is NOT romantic, you can let the characters develop and get together or not as indicated. Arrow, I"m looking at you. Stupid breakups to just cause angst are not dramatic -they’re just STUPID. Ahem. DB Sweeney should have been brought back when Nate’s father became a thing.

Situational Conversation

Character(s): Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: The Flash

Word count: 1127

Requested: No


The first time you see him, you don’t. Instead, you see a streak of red and the flourish of papers caught in a newfound whirlwind down the street as your jacket ripples by your waist and your hair flutters out of place. You pause to re-arrange your hair and straighten your jacket and the streak known as the Flash is long gone, then you continue down the street. murmuring“Go Flash go,” to yourself as a quiet cheer to Central City’s scarlet speedster.


Peering down at your phone to check the time you turn into the doorway of the forensics lab and knock on the door, then put your phone down and look up to see a brown haired man looking vaguely confused at your presence. “Hi, um, I’m looking for Barry Allen? Detective Casey asked me to come and get a file that’s needed for later today and I-” He cut you off as he stood up, recognition flashing in his eyes “Oh right, Julian said someone would be by to pick up some files. I’m Barry, by the way. Which one did you need?” Presuming you had been welcomed, you step into the room “The Henderson one,” you state as you glance around the lab and then back at Barry who had spun around and at the current moment was looking over a pair of desks with files strewn about. “It should be right – no not that one, it’s uh, this one! Here you go, um I didn’t get your name?” Smiling you took the outstretched folder and tucked it under one arm, swinging your hand back out, “It’s Y/N”.


Clutching your coat together, you glanced around the dark street and hurried on down, anxious to get home. Why had your friends wanted to go out tonight anyways? The click of your heels echoing down the otherwise empty street as you pass a dark entrance, a man materializes, “Hey baby, why don’t you stop and we can have a little chat?”, and you suck in a breath at his words. Your hand drifting down to the outside pocket of your purse, you swallow as you feel the smoothness of the pepper spray canister. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” You hear quick footsteps and his hand clasps your elbow, followed by a second voice, this one deeper and almost as though there were multiple speakers,“I don’t think the lady’s interested”. Relief flooding your veins as you turn and jerk your elbow out of the first man’s reach as the red-suited figure watches, and then you watch as the offender disappears in a red blur and only yourself and the Flash remain. “Are you alright?” his voice tinged with concern as you nod. He returns the nod and then vanishes into the night, a thank you whispered to the space he left behind and you hurry on your way, taking care to clutch the canister you procured until you arrived back at your apartment.


“Ohmygodimsosorry!” were the next words you heard addressed to you from Barry Allen, as you walked across the floor of the precinct approaching the stairs. Unfortunately for you, Barry had been headed across the floor in the opposite direction and had managed to collide with you, knocking both his and your coffee’s neatly onto you and the surrounding floor tiles. Yelping the sudden change in temperature and the impact of the collision you took a step back and dropped your coffee cup, suddenly finding yourself with his hands on your shoulders and an audience in the entire precinct. Shaking their heads, most of the precinct returned to their jobs, any morning entertainment over while Joe West sighed heavily, “Way to go Bear” slipping out of his mouth as he headed over to where the two of you were currently standing. “When you’re done here I need to talk to you Barry,” and then he left you alone again, walking deeper into the maze of cubicles. “Are you alright? I didn’t mean to,, I was thinking about something else and I wasn’t looking where I was going-” “Barry its alright. I’m fine, I only live a few blocks away I’ll just run home and change quickly.” “At least let me make it up to you somehow, let me buy you a coffee?” Eyeing the man, you heard the sincerity in his voice and the concern in his eyes, any inhibitions about accepting this offer vanished, “Alright, when and where?”


Clearing your throat, your fingers smoothed over the sheet of paper again as you counted the number of people ahead of you at the bank. Why your bank couldn’t do this online you weren’t sure, nor could you explain how you ended up here at what appeared to be the busy time for banking, as your counting ended, placing yourself 15th in line. Sighing, you pulled out your phone and sent off a text:

Y/N [3:34 pm]: Adulting sucks. Been at the bank 25 minutes and only two people have left… 14 people to go :/

Barry [3:34 pm]: Wow really? Wonder what they’re up to…

Snorting, you moved to reply as the doors swung open and a loud voice announced “Okay everyone, on the ground, hands where I can see them. Bewildered, you slid your phone into your pocket as gracefully as you could while crouching down to the ground and raising your palms. As a pair of the men who had showed up with the louder one, presumably the leader, headed for the open tills and towards the safe you waited for the Flash to arrive, and seconds later he streaked into the building followed milliseconds later by Kid Flash; the two of them making quick work of the gang as the police arrived to place them in custody. As the police took the robbers away and began to reassure people, you noticed some younger people gathering around Kid Flash while your eyes continued until they looked with the Flash’s. He returned the eye contact for a brief second, then turned and sped away, having been successful yet again, a silent thank you falling from your lips.


“I’m telling you, Alana, something about his eyes seemed familiar,” you stated as you walked into the elevator with your friend as the day wound to a close. “I don’t know where I’ve seen them, but I swear to God I’ve seen them before.” “Okay well, is this like the time you swore that guy was Tom Hiddleston?” she asked as Barry joined you in the elevator. Glaring at her, you replied “That was different, a) it was college and b) I was drunk. This was different. There’s something about the Flash that I can’t quite get down. What do you think Barry?”

Cheer Up Post #1560 - Honduras Edition

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What Cheer, Iowa
Population: 646

“Robert Forsyth, born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, came to America in 1857, and made his way to Rock Island, Illinois, where he arrived penniless. He worked for most of a decade as a coal miner before coming to Petersburg, the future What Cheer. In the 1870s, he began buying coal lands around town, mostly on credit. When the railroad came to town, he leased his land to the coal companies and bought into a local drug store, eventually operating stores in What Cheer, Mystic and Jerome, Iowa. Other Scots from the Kilmarnock region (Ayrshire) also settled in the area. Robert Orr came in 1875 after working in the coal mines of Colchester, Illinois. His son Alexander went on a successful career as a mine owner in Mystic.

The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway (BCR&N) built a 66-mile (106 km) branch to What Cheer in 1879. With the arrival of the railroad, the What Cheer coalfield quickly became one of the most important coal mining centers in Iowa. The Starr Coal Company had over 200 employees and could produce 1,000 tons of coal per day. By 1883, they were operating three mines and took over several others. When, in 1884, the Chicago and North Western Railway built its line through What Cheer to Muchakinock, there was a further expansion of mining in the area.

Local Assembly 1474 of the Knights of Labor was based in What Cheer and had a membership of 65 in 1884. On Oct. 15, 1884, 500 miners in What Cheer went on strike, demanding higher wages. The established wage was 3 cents per bushel, and the miners demanded an additional half cent. The state militia was put on alert, but after 6 weeks, the miners accepted a quarter-cent raise. This strike cut coal production in the What Cheer significantly.

In 1886, the What Cheer Coal Company began to consolidate the local mines, buying up the Starr Coal Company and the Granger Coal Company. In 1887, they employed 1,100 miners, and they continued to operate until 1899. From 1885 to 1901, the Crescent Coal Company was an important local producer.

In 1891, the BCR&N Railroad’s Iowa City Division, serving What Cheer, carried 38,080 tons of coal, by far the most important commodity carried by that line. In 1892, mines along the BCR&N (all of which were in the What Cheer region) loaded 129,316 tons of coal.

On May 1, 1891, the miners of What Cheer and many other mining towns went on strike for the eight-hour day. 1000 men walked off the job in What Cheer, but returned to work defeated on June 16. On August 15, 1896, the miners struck again over several small grievances. The strike lasted 10 to 12 weeks. Local 841 of the United Mine Workers union was organized in What Cheer in 1897, and in 1902, it had 200 members.

The first industrial development in What Cheer was driven by the needs of the coal mines. In 1890, What Cheer was home to three firms making mining drills, Walker & Thompson, Enterprise Manufacturing and the newly formed What Cheer Drill Company. Within the decade, the What Cheer Drill and Miners’ Tool Company was selling equipment in mining districts around the nation. Alexander Walker, originally with Walker & Thompson filed numerous patents on mining equipment, most of which were assigned to the What Cheer Drill and Miners’ Tool Company, later named the What Cheer Tool Company. In 1903, the Starr Manufacturing Company, American Mining Tool Company and the What Cheer Tool Company agreed to a union wage scale with the International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths. At the time, the blacksmiths local 259 had just 17 members.

In 1907, the Volunteer Brick and Tile company was operating its own coal mine to fuel its kilns. The mine had a steam hoist to lift coal 40 feet from a coal seam from 4 to 5 feet thick. The Lea Brothers’ mine in north-central What Cheer also had a steam hoist and still shipped some coal by rail. The remaining mines in the area were all small, using horse-gins to operate their hoists.

By 1909, there were only a few mines left in the county, all producing coal for local consumption in What Cheer. The decline of What Cheer’s mines in the 20th century was reflected in declining union membership. In 1912, Local 841 of the United Mine Workers, based in What Cheer, had only 18 members.”

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Feathered fun.

Black Excellence

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