central vein

Signs of the zodiak

Element:  earth
Body:       knees, bones, skeleton, skin (blood circulation)
Inner life: straight forward! Care about values. Even unpleasant actions may be                   solved today! Beware of being covetous or critical! 
Garden:   root plants, weeds, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       lower legs, veins, ankles, central nervous system
Inner life: community spirit. Contacts, friends, social aspects. Improve your                           responsibility with idealism.
Garden:   blossoming plants, hacking, fertilizing

Element:  water
Body:       feet, toes, aura
Inner life: creativity and social engagement. Open to spiritual experience. If you                   keep your sense of reality you will find it easy deepen your spiritual                       experience and have the opportunity to affect your personal                                 development.
Garden:   foliage plants, water, pond plants, cut grass

Element:  fire
Body:       head, brain, eyes, nose, teeth (sense organs)  
Inner life: enthusiasm, enforcement, spontaneity. Will to innovate things.                             Attention: Act accordingly to your fellow men today!
Garden:   quickgrowing seedlings, fruit plants

Element:  earth
Body:       throat, teeth, jaw, tonsils, ears (circulation of the blood)
Inner life: patience. Think over decisions you are about to make today. They                       might be difficult to change.
Garden:   root plants, fight vermin

Element:  air
Body:       lungs, shoulders, arms, hands (adenoids)
Inner life: changeable. Many (impulsive) thoughts. Some decisions made today                   might not be long-lasting.
Garden:   blossoming flowers, vines

Element:  water 
Body:       breast, stomach, lungs, pancreas, liver (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: emotions over intellect! Sometimes hypersensitive. Creative.
Garden:   foliage plants, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       heart, diaphragm, circulation, arteries, eyes (sense organs) 
Inner life: always forward! Self-confidence or overestimation of your own                             capabilities? Care about the feelings of others. 
Garden:   fruit plants, seed grass

Element:  earth 
Body:       heart, blood pressure, digestion, circulation, nerves (blood circulation)
Inner life: balance reasons and responsibility. A day for sensible not sensational                 actions! 
Garden:   rooting plants, repot, cuttings, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       kidneys, bladder, hip joint (adenoids)
Inner life: not a day to make decisions. Searching for harmony.                                             Attention: jealousy!
Garden:   fertilize flowers, blossoming plants

Element:  water
Body:       urinary bladder, sexual organs (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: sensuality. Lust and sorrow seem to be close to each other                                   sometimes!
Garden:   foliage plants, pluck medicinal herbs, fight snails, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       thighs, veins, pelvic bone, liver (sense organs)
Inner life: reach for new aims and directions! Restlessness may lead to wrong                     decisions! Think about it and… go for it! 
Garden:   fruit plants, fight vermin, cut fruit trees in spring!