central saint martins college of art & design

The M.I.A. book foreword

I met Maya in 1998 at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She joined the film degree program late, with no interview. She just blagged her way in on the phone and turned up halfway through the term.

We all dressed in dark colors and talked serious art theory. Maya wore skintight pink jeans and stilettos, she had pink lipstick and fingernails, and she couldn’t spell. Her accent was South London, but her grammar was always kind of off and she wasn’t very articulate, didn’t talk much in class (and 90 percent of the degree was talking because we didn’t have much equipment)

She wasn’t a stand-out student.

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Beast & Burden otherwise know as Emily and Emma are a London based artistic partnership, with a cross-disciplinary practice in art direction, set design and sculpture. They work across a variety of media, and are primarily inspired by food and dining. They met at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, whilst studying Performance Design and Practice – both graduating with 1st class honours in 2012. They first collaborated on their graduate performance piece ‘FEAST’, and went on to form Beast & Burden in 2013. They have worked together across a variety of media including fashion editorial, live performance, video and private art commissions. Emily and Emma’s mutual love of eating and lack of cooking skills have given them an almost childlike fascination with food and dining. They connect on their shared interest in how social relationships and visual associations are triggered by food. People make statements about themselves, intentional or otherwise, through what and how they choose to eat.

Beast & Burden are amongst some of the artists featuring in PHOTOGRAPHY NOW exhibition opening tonight at the Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe. The PHOTOGRAPHY NOW exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact info@thebricklanegallery.com