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Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Battles and Snowman  ⛄️

 It was snowing outside and the winter hadn’t even begun yet.

 The day was inviting for an open-air activity to enjoy the enormous snowfall that had occurred early in the morning but properly wrapped up.

- Who wants to go down to the park? - Inquired Jasmine.

- I think it’s an amazing idea, there we can have fun playing in the snow! - Said Jimmy.


- Everything is so white! - Exclaimed Jimmy.

Josh found himself in a state of general euphoria that he suddenly started throwing snowballs.

- Take that, honey, with lotsa love! - Cried out Josh while throwing a snowball at Jasmine.

- You’ll going to pay for that! - Replied Jasmine furiously.

- You look so pretty when you’re angry. - Said Josh bursting in a laughter.

And that way a battle of snowball was started between them…

- Mom, can I build a snowman? - Asked little Jimmy.

- Of course you can. - Answered Jasmine.

And so passed all the day in the park while Marie studied back home for the tests.

- I’m tired! What do you think of going for a hot drink to warm us up? - Questioned Josh.

- I think it’s a great idea! - Replied Jasmine.