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alec lightwood appreciation 2017

week 5 : family

Alec was going over a particular mission detail with Raj when he noticed both Isabelle and Max sneaking out of the OPS center. With a frown, he practically shoved the file in Raj’s head, stammering out a barely thought excuse before he took his leave, rushing after his siblings before either of them could disappear from his sight. He dodged returning patrols and avoided the crowded halls, where previously laughing shadowhunters pretended to busy themselves at the sight of the Head of the Institute. Alec payed them no mind, focused on following his siblings’ tracks. He eventually found them standing in front of the Institute’s front doors, both readying themselves to get out much to Alec’s confusion. He watched with crossed arms and a mix of curiosity and confusion, Isabelle wrap a thick scarf around Max’s neck, the latter mildly irritated by her fretting as he busied himself with filling a backpack. After making sure that every morsel of Max’s skin had been covered, Isabelle grabbed a leather jacket and quickly shrugged it on, taking her hair out the her jacket with a swift movement before she tied it up in a tight ponytail. Alec’s eyes widened when he watched Isabelle get her stele out of her back pocket - of all the places to keep it, he thought with aggravation - and started working on a Glamouring Rune.

Both were in the process of switching their combat boots to simple sneakers when Alec decided to make his presence known. Slipping out of his dark corner, he took a few steps toward them before Max lifted his head, a smile appearing on his face when he noticed him.

“Hey, Alec!”

“Hey…,” Alec tilted his head to the side, stuffing a hand in his pocket, “You guys are going on a trip or somethin’?”

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Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Battles and Snowman  ⛄️

 It was snowing outside and the winter hadn’t even begun yet.

 The day was inviting for an open-air activity to enjoy the enormous snowfall that had occurred early in the morning but properly wrapped up.

- Who wants to go down to the park? - Inquired Jasmine.

- I think it’s an amazing idea, there we can have fun playing in the snow! - Said Jimmy.


- Everything is so white! - Exclaimed Jimmy.

Josh found himself in a state of general euphoria that he suddenly started throwing snowballs.

- Take that, honey, with lotsa love! - Cried out Josh while throwing a snowball at Jasmine.

- You’ll going to pay for that! - Replied Jasmine furiously.

- You look so pretty when you’re angry. - Said Josh bursting in a laughter.

And that way a battle of snowball was started between them…

- Mom, can I build a snowman? - Asked little Jimmy.

- Of course you can. - Answered Jasmine.

And so passed all the day in the park while Marie studied back home for the tests.

- I’m tired! What do you think of going for a hot drink to warm us up? - Questioned Josh.

- I think it’s a great idea! - Replied Jasmine.