Being a die-hard Friends fan, I knew I HAD to visit the Central Perk in Shanghai at some point. We heard it was usually crowded on  weekends, so we decided to go on a weeknight.

The shop owner’s attention to detail and loyalty to the show was astonishing: 1) Their dessert menu is annotated with the specific instance of dialogue that each pastry alludes to. 2) The coffee menu on the blackboard is copied from the set - down to every last letter. 3) THE orange sofa. (Apparently, it was really hard to find this particular type/color of sofa in China.) 4) Joey’s Hugsy stuff penguin sitting on a chair. 5) The overhead TV screen playing Friends episodes nonstop. 6) All the neon lights, and even a mic and stool - although no Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat.” 

Address: 160 Harbin Lu, near Liaoning Lu. (哈尔滨路160号, 近辽宁路). 


Today I went to “Central Perk” (Friends Cafe) in Beijing, China, sharing some photos on tumblr because It’s an awesome place for Friends fandom to go. 

The owner is a hardcore Friends fan calling himself Gunther (luckily married to his Rachel). From the decorations you can see he managed to replicated the cafe from Friends and feel how much he’s invested both money and loves in this cafe.

There’s an interview to the owner Gunther by CNN 4 years ago: x


Chaowai SOHO, Building A, Room 0616, Beijing, China.

朝阳区朝外大街乙6号朝外SOHO A座0616室