central perk


Being a die-hard Friends fan, I knew I HAD to visit the Central Perk in Shanghai at some point. We heard it was usually crowded on  weekends, so we decided to go on a weeknight.

The shop owner’s attention to detail and loyalty to the show was astonishing: 1) Their dessert menu is annotated with the specific instance of dialogue that each pastry alludes to. 2) The coffee menu on the blackboard is copied from the set - down to every last letter. 3) THE orange sofa. (Apparently, it was really hard to find this particular type/color of sofa in China.) 4) Joey’s Hugsy stuff penguin sitting on a chair. 5) The overhead TV screen playing Friends episodes nonstop. 6) All the neon lights, and even a mic and stool - although no Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat." 

Address: 160 Harbin Lu, near Liaoning Lu. (哈尔滨路160号, 近辽宁路).