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Sick In New York (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Requests: Hi! I love your writing :) Can I have an imagine based on Joe’s latest vlog in NY where Louise is sick? haha where like, the reader is feeling sick too but Joe tries to distract her, being all silly :p and make it fluffy pls, afterall it’s NY <3 thnx

Could you do a Christmas imagine , it doesn’t matter what happens in the story just as long as its Christmas.


Snow were falling down from the sky making the streets turn white. It was almost Christmas and you were walking hand in hand with your boyfriend Joe, through Central Park. As an early Christmas gift, Joe had given you a trip to New York, because you had always wanted to experience New York at Christmas, and Joe knew that. The only bad thing was that you were feeling very poorly. You had spent all night throwing up and you had a really terrible fewer. Joe had tried to keep you in bed but you resisted because you didn’t want to waste your time in New York by just laying in bed and being sick.

“So we’re out here in central park and Y/N is not feeling too well,” Joe suddenly said and you looked at him to see that he had his camera out. He pulled you closer and you looked at the camera like you were about to die.

“How are you feeling?” Joe asked looking at you, still with the camera pointing at the both of you.

“Not too great,” you answered in a miserable voice which made Joe laugh.

“Aww babe. I’m gonna take good care of you then,” Joe said before leaving a kiss on your temple.

You felt too sick to even smile even though you really tried to enjoy the lovely walk through snowy Central Park.

As you continued through the park Joe started to make a bit fun of you because you were being so miserable, and he made sure to get it all on camera. He also couldn’t stop talking so he rambled on about so many random things, which only made it harder for you to concentrate on not being sick all over the place.

“Look Y/N, there’s a dog poo. Go on, smell it. It might help,” Joe said before smiling widely at his vlogging camera, thinking he was so so funny.

“You’re such a dick,” you laughed in the background of the shot whilst shaking your head. Even though he was being so annoying, you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Here babe, catch!” Joe suddenly said and before you even realized it, he had picked up a pinecone from the snow and thrown it at you.

“Joe stoop,” you whined, still with a laugh because he was being such an idiot.

“I’m just trying to lighten the mood here, love,” Joe said before turning his camera off.

“Seriously Joe, I think I’m gonna throw up,” you then said, suddenly feeling your stomach turn.

“Don’t go off yet. It will be great vlogging material!” Joe said and you looked at him like you wanted to kill him which made Joe laugh out loud.

“I’m joking,” Joe said before embracing you in his arms which only made you feel more sick because he squeezed your stomach.

“Joe I’m gonna throw up on you,” you stated which made Joe laugh again.

“Do you wanna sit down for a minute?” Joe asked and you instantly nodded. You really needed that. You walked towards the nearest bench and Joe brushed off the layer of snow on top of it so you could sit nicely. You sat down besides each other, and Joe placed his arm over your shoulder and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Just tell me if you want anything, okay?” Joe said, and he was suddenly being all sweet instead of teasing you.

“I would like that pinecone,” you then said and pointed at a pinecone on the very top of the tree in front of you. You looked at Joe with a satisfied smile knowing that it was now your turn to tease him.

“Well okay,” Joe said sarcastically and stood up from the bench which made both of you laugh.

“Do you actually reckon I could climb that tree?” Joe asked, suddenly getting very excited.

“No Joe. Sit down,” you said which made Joe pout and you laughed. Joe sat down beside you again and pulled you closer to him.

“You know what? Even though you have been miserable today, I’ve had a good day,” Joe said and looked at you.

“I’m sorry I’ve been annoying,” you answered and Joe instantly shook his head.

“No no, not at all. I like taking care of you,” Joe said with a smile, which made you smile as well.

“You feel like a real man now, right?” you asked with a smirk which made Joe laugh with a nod.

“You know it,” Joe said with a cheeky smile before leaving a gentle kiss on your lips. Even though you felt sick in your stomach the feeling of Joe’s lips on yours, replaced the sickness with butterflies.

‘’Merry Christmas.’’

A/N:  This is dedicated to the wonderful @kateonmarrs, this is your christmas present for me, your secret santa. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, full of joy and happiness! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: This christmas isn’t turning out to be as you hoped, but meeting someone special might turn it all around. Fluff

Warnings: none

Word count: 2839

Rushing through the crowds of people, you grunted in annoyance of the festive sights around you. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy christmas, you just didn’t enjoy this christmas. Everything had gone south from having had to spend time at the hospital because of the injury you had received on your last mission. You had planned to go home to your family over the holiday’s but you’d missed your fight, and everything else was fully booked way back and the waiting list was hopeless. So you were stuck by your lonesome in the city. 

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