central michigan life

before i leave cmu

so heres the thing. next year i’m going to ccs. the college of my dreams. but its not because i hate it here at central. i actually love it. i love it so much that i want to experience it full on. this is why i have started a list of IMPOSSIBLE things I want to do before I leave cmu. all of these things will happen on this campus and this campus alone.

it is dubbed as “impossible” because these are things i find are difficult to accomplish because they’ve never been done or because these are things i would never ever do in my life. so here i go.

1. write an article in cmlife
2. get robbi to name a food option (of my choice) in my name
3. get robbi to have smoothies back at snack time
4. make a time capsule of all my memories here at cmu, make my friends write letters in it and burry it somewhere, create a map, and come and digg it upp when i graduate college
5. use my flex dollars/meal plan at every possible place
6. bowl in the sac….#dontaskwhy
7. go to tobin’s spin class :)
8. ask over 4,000 questions (outloud) in one day
9. camp out on the roof of a random building
10. create a cmu music video/rap
11. go to an arabic class
12. do a flashmob in the library…im gunna need some help on this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMx58gc3P-g&feature=related
13. act like i have bronchitis for a day-and write everything down in a notebook
14. sleep in barnes hall lobby
15. buy a random person starbucks (leave money behind)
16. make a new friend
17. leave a diet vernors for this chick in my art class (without her knowing)
18. plant flowers on campus
19. get on channel 34..somehow…for something…maybe my shoes?
20. win something
21. jump in a lake..or a small man made pond
22. meet (get a picture with) a famous person that comes to cmu (concert, speaker, celeb..anyone)
23. climb a tree
24. prank someone
25. learn how to fly my RA’s toy helicopter
26. make a fire-alarm prepareness kit (if you lived in barnes, you would know why)
27. learn something new (that isn’t part of a class of mine)
28. go to a fraternity party. (this was my rommie’s idea)
29. scrape snow/ice off of a parking lot full of cars on a bad day
30. camp outside. (yes, i like to camp. get over it)
31. have a sleep-over
32. stay in the caf all day
33. THE TUNNEL. if you’re from cmu…you know how impossible this is.
34. have a meeting with someone about selling painted cmu shoes at the book store

p.s. this is an on-going list. it shall never endd.