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I honestly tried so hard not to ship Destiel but it's just one of those ships y'know you just kinda accidentally ship and I really don't wanna cause some of the fandom is kinda toxic but I can't help but to ship it

Dude, SAME.

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Honestly, I’ve never shipped anything before (I liked it when Spike x Buffy did eventually go somewhere and was kinda beautiful but I didn’t really ship it), I didn’t even know what shipping was until I found tumblr a few months ago, I’m mostly straight (I’m a bit fluid but meh, mostly straight), and I never really thought about representation that much beyond ‘yeah, thats a great thing, there should be more of it’. 

So I just watched the show (on my own) with no previous knowledge of anything at all and…. well…. it was so obvious?!

I mean, I just binge watched the show last year because I love sci-fi and I was in a bit of a bad place and needed a distraction and had watched all the Buffy/True Blood/GoT I could and was looking for something new.

I loved seasons 1-3, I did, but then, enter Castiel and literally, my life has kind of changed?! I have an obsessive personality anyway but…. jeez. What a character and WHAT A ROMANTIC GLORIOUS LOVE STORY!

And then it just dragged… and dragged…. and yet also GREW so much?! 

So, like, what exactly are they doing? Well, I believe they know exactly what they are doing, especially since Dabb took over, but hey, let’s see…. but my blog description is ‘endgame Destiel positive’ so you know what I mean ;)

It’s all THERE, they all know its there, the writers USE it in their plots, the editors make it visually obvious, it’s even referenced in the show, the actors all KNOW, I mean come on!

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It’s not our fault if they use all the romance tropes with these two.

I think it is very relevant that so many Destiel meta-writers and shippers have a background in understanding stories, being teachers, journalists, book worms, cinematography students etc etc and therefore can make pretty good conclusions from the material that is being shown.

I mean, the overall story of these two characters is that one is a fallen, rebellious Angel who just wants to feel Human and belong somewhere and loves caring for others and one is a faithless man with abandonment issues who just wants someone to stay with and care for him.

Said fallen Angel rebels and does it, all of it for Him, eventually looking to Him instead of God, is in return called ‘family’ and cared for himself. 

Said Human learns to have Faith in and through his Angel and through this in himself, which is a key part of his overall story in the whole show.

They’re WRITTEN as each other’s canonical other half (see this post about how its a romantic and not a buddy story according to literary guidelines).

Their story is like so many rom-com, shakespearean and classical for that matter love/mythical stories where they start out on opposite sides and kind of meet in the middle you know? The idea being that they ‘complete’ each other and lead themselves to be the best that they can be and who they really are and want to be deep down? As these two clearly do?!

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Dean and Cas are canonically central to each other’s CORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and their endgames are INTERLINKED.

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I mean, if this was a guy and a girl and it was a movie, so all the story was shown in 1h30 minutes and at the end they were like oh, no, but you see, they’re just FRIENDS. Literally everyone would just be like WHAT?!

The fact that Disney movies and romcoms are so highly parallel-able with Destiel, because it fits that literary box - as a romance, not a buddy story or a drama or even a familial story, it does up to a point, but it definitely transcends this and moves into romance realms pretty early on, like, season 5 FFS.

It’s not our fault, the show made us do it.

If fandom wank is a problem for you, well, I don’t like it either, I guess no one does apart from the ones instigating it who seem to get a high off it, I just blacklist on tumblr and I don’t attend cons, so… meh, I have this gorgeous little space where we all know and all discuss what is happening and it is lovely, feel free to join us :)


China’s ‘Heavenly Ship’ prepares for inaugural flight, paving way for larger orbital station.

China’s space program is about to reach a new milestone Thursday (April 20) as the country prepares to launch the Tianzhou-1 spacecraft. Tianzhou-1 is China’s first space station cargo freighter and will be used to resupply the upcoming Chinese Space Station. Weighing over 13 tons, the mission will also be the heaviest payload China has ever sent into orbit.

Set for a five-month mission, Tianzhou-1 will perform the country’s first orbital logistics mission with the Tiangong-2 space laboratory. The space station testbed last saw occupants in September 2016 with the Shenzhou-11 crew.

The spacecraft will conduct three autonomous rendezvous with Tiangong-2 as well as the demonstration of the necessary logistics required to maintain an orbital outpost such as propellant transfer, orbit raising, and an expedited rendezvous to and from Earth. 

Tianzhou vessels will be able to carry up to 14,330 pounds (6,500 kilograms) of cargo into orbit; for comparison, Russian Progress vehicles that resupply the International Space Station can carry up to 5,180 pounds (2,350 kilograms) of cargo, though it is a smaller vessel.

Tianzhou-1 and Tiangong-2 are seen rendezvousing in orbit in this CNSA rendering. The two spacecraft share commonality in their design.

Tianzhou-1, which means ‘Heavenly Ship” in Chinese, largely resembles the Tiangong modules which served as space station technology demonstrators in 2011 and 2016. Both vehicles are identical in size, though the freighter has a shorter solar array wingspan. Future modules of the CSS will be significantly larger and of different designs.

The spacecraft will fly on the new Long March 7 rocket which made its inaugural - and so far only - flight in June of 2016. Long March 7, also known as CZ-7, will be the new workhorse in the Chinese space program as the country aims to retire the older Long March 2F in the next few years. All crewed and logistic flights to the CSS will use the CZ-7 while the station’s modules will be lofted by the larger Long March 5 which also made its inaugural flight in 2016.

Liftoff is scheduled for 7:41pm local time, or 7:41am EDT, on Thursday, April 20, from Launch Pad 201 at the new Wenchang spaceport on Hainan island in the South China Sea. As seen in the photos above, the rocket was rolled from the Vertical Assembly Building to LC-201 at the Wenchang Island spaceport on Monday, April 17.

Artist’s rendering of the Chinese Space Station which is scheduled to be fully assembled by the early 2020s.

Following the mission of Tianzhou-1, Chinese aerospace officials will be confident enough to begin final preparations for the modular Chinese Space Station, the second major phase of China’s aerospace program. The CSS will be a Mir-class station, smaller than the International Space Station but larger than an all-in-one outpost such as Skylab or the Tiangongs.

Two science modules will be attached to a central core module which will house crew accommodations, life support systems, and vehicle docking ports. Regular flights of Tianzhou freighters will bring experiments and supplies to maintain the outpost and its three-member crews, which will rotate in the Shenzhou spacecraft.

The core module is expected to arrive in orbit by late 2018 with the additional modules on orbit and fully assembled by early 2020. A Hubble-class telescope will also accompany the CSS in orbit though will not attach to the station. It will orbit near enough to the station to where crewmembers can easily make repairs to the telescope, unlike servicing missions to the Hubble which required a dedicated space shuttle mission independent of the ISS.



This film was shot over 11 nights in March on La Palma, Canary Islands. La Palma is often called ‘Europes’ Hawaii’ as it has all the ingredients for a perfect night sky cocktail; altitude, dry air and a lack of light pollution. These elements when combined make for a stunning night sky. Because of it’s clean air and clear skies many of the worlds top observatories have facilities on top of the island.

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oh and do u think that dean/cas could be interpreted as brotherly affection? its a complex question cos cas doesnt really know what (human) family is and dean has only really had sam as a long term family member (excluding bobby + we dont talk about adam lmao)

Dean and Cas: 

A brother/buddy or a romantic relationship?

I just literally just had this conversation with @godshipsit & @floralmotif today :)

So, according to Truby’s Character Technique we have a difference between a romance and a buddy story which are the 2 relationships he talks about (I take brothers as buddies as the key is the romance part and, just, no) that I will summarise here (full details follow the link):

1. Love story: The central concept of love stories is quite profound. Love stories say that a person does not become a true individual by being alone. A person becomes a unique and authentic individual only by entering into a community of two. It is through the love of the other that each person grows and becomes his or her deepest self.


2. Buddy story: The buddy strategy allows you essentially to cut the hero into two parts, showing two different approaches to life and two sets of talents. These two characters are “married” into a team in such a way that the audience can see their differences but also see how these differences actually help them work well together, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. As in the love story, one of the buddies should be more central than the other. The buddy is a kind of double of the hero, similar in important ways but also different. 

These are quite similar but there is a clear line between the two:

The community of two: It is through the love of the other that each person grows and becomes his or her deepest selfThey have a deep, profound impact on the CORE CHARACTERISTICS of the other, not one or two top level changes / improvements to their character but it goes deep, to the CORE of what we characterise them as.

Note how relevant this difference between the romantic v brotherly/buddy relationship is to Sam/Dean who are kind of a weird amalgamation between the two for narrative reasons of this show, but remember that the endgame for Sam and Dean is different, they want different things (I could bang on about this for hours, but it’s canon, it’s repeatedly and consistently referenced on both sides through the years to hammer the point home) therefore their endgames are in fact to END the codependency and have a happy healthy relationship apart from each other, or at least, not on top of each other and not codependent. 

Thus they can’t enter a community of two and become their deepest selves together, which makes perfect sense because they haven’t yet done it in 12 years of being together, precicely because they’re both holding each other back (see every time Sam tries to get out of hunting and Dean drags him back in, see every time Dean gets close to Cas and looks warily at Sam before no-homo-ing his way out etc etc etc).

So, you must detail the needs of both characters at the beginning of the story…

~ Dean doesn’t have faith in God, Angels or himself 

~ Cas is a soldier and Angel of the Lord with authority issues, used as a soldier but he canonically just wants to help and save people when given the chance

~ Dean has abandonment issues 

~ Cas wants somewhere to belong

- Dean has codependency issues with his brother and sexuality / various character repression issues from his childhood

~ God makes Dean pancakes and has faith in Dean because Dean is the ‘firewall between Light and Darkness’, Dean represents Free Will and Humanity, Dean and Cas came to Chuck and Cas told him ‘we’re making up as we go’, because Dean taught him Free Will (the circle is complete, it completes me *satisfied face*). 

~ Dean starts to believe in himself and has faith in/textually prays to Cas 

~ Cas rebels and does it, all of it, for Dean  

~ Cas ignores God and has faith in Dean 

~ Cas always comes back to Dean

~ Cas knows he belongs with Dean and Sam (they’re his family). He becomes part of TFW: hunting things, saving people, the family business.

~ I also believe Dean’s codependency issues and repression issues are being addressed this season, these are more relevant to Mary though, but they absolutely are relevant to Cas and I really do see him coming into play around the sexuality issue of course but also as Cas is canonically supportive of Dean in his lowest moments and Dean opens to him more than anyone, see the Gadreel torture scene, the burger date etc etc (and Crowley to a point, who is a Cas mirror).

In conclusion, Dean and Cas are canonically central to each other’s CORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and their endgames are INTERLINKED.

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The List

Since the portal accident when he was fourteen, he’d been keeping a record of all ghostly abilities that he exhibited as well as a short explanation of each power. At age fifteen, with everything that had happened and continued to happen, Danny was still just as confused about his ghost-half as he had been a year previously.

Maddie and Jack had offered to analyze his notes to determine whether or not his abilities were finite or if they would continue to grow along with him, which Danny had refused at first. When Danny discovered that he was continuing to add to his ever-growing and ever-changing list of powers, the boy consented to letting his parents look at his recordings. His only question was: “Am I finished getting new powers, or should I expect more?”

This was why both adults were slack-jawed in their lab, Danny and Jazz upstairs with their own business to attend to, staring at the expanse of paper before them. This was his latest, most recently revised list and it was more than impressive; organized by the amount of energy spent on each ability.

Accelerated Healing - The title underestimates the actual ability. Mortal wounds become not-so-mortal when in ghost form, unless the central-core energy is specifically targeted to be harmed or weakened. When in ghost form and with enough energy, anything but complete disintegration would bring me little (real) harm. In human form, I can tap into these healing abilities to a lesser extent of my ghost self. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Enhanced Sensation - All of my five senses are much more sensitive. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Ecto-Location (Ghost Sense) - When a ghost is nearby, a cold puff of air from my core is sent out (usually through my mouth). If I focus just slightly, I can also determine the ecto-signature of the particular ghost (provided they are familiar to me, i.e. Skulker, Box Ghost, etc.…) (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Invisibility - Manipulating both myself and the light around me, I can make it so I am unable to be seen without special equipment. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Intangibility - I can become abstract in a way that means I cannot be touched by any human-world item not meant for catching and/or harming ghosts. Tied slightly to invisibility; often, when intangible, I revert to a more corporeal form that is difficult to see (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Flight - Probably because of the composition of ectoplasm in comparison to the Earth’s atmosphere, I can fly without accessories. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Body Modification - Includes (but probably not limited to): formation of a ghostly tail when flying at high speeds, ethereal fog materializing between body parts to stretch them, also I can shift to a rubber-like constitution at will. (Energy Drain - Instinctual to Low)

Ghost Stinger - If I react quickly enough, I can turn other ghost’s ectoplasmic energy against them and re-direct the energy. Often this produces an electrified effect on the ‘already-used’ (meaning the energy wasn’t mine to begin with) ectoplasm. If I choose to, I can use energy from my own core to amplify this effect. (Energy Drain - Low)

Ecto-Blasts - I can release energy from my ghostly core outwards in varying degrees of power (up to my control when coming to how much I want to release). (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Ectoplasmic Manipulation - Instead of unfocused ectoplasmic energy, I can dictate what the energy from my core does. Shields, ecto-weapons, and bindings (like chain or rope) are my most often used forms of ectoplasmic manipulation. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Cryokinesis - Same premise as Ecto-Blasts, provided I concentrate on cold energy rather than unfocused ectoplasm. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Telekinesis - By surrounding an object (or objects) with a light form of ectoplasm, I can move things around. Size and weight of the item are factors, but longer distances make it harder to move the object(s). (Energy Drain - Moderate)

Ice Fog - If I slowly release cold energy from my core and with it releasing minute amounts of raw ectoplasmic energy, I can create a dense icy fog that decreases visibility around a particular area. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Beacon - Using energy from my core, I can create a beacon of white-green light (from my hands) that attracts ghosts in the near vicinity-friend or foe. The stronger the beacon, the greater area the light reaches (meaning more ghosts the beacon calls to). They seem to be entranced by the light enough so that they’re unaware of their surroundings until I stop the beacon. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Duplication - While making sure not to split my central core, I can manipulate the ectoplasm inside of me to create an identical copy of myself. The more core energy I use, the easier the copy is to maintain, the more durable they are, and the closer they are to. Side note, memory transfer is still a pain. Currently able to maintain 2 low-stamina clones, 1 moderate-stamina clone. (Energy Drain - High)

Ghostly Wail - Using the raw energy from my central core, I can create a series of ectoplasmic sound-waves that do severe damage to those in range of the attack. Also slightly inflicts damage on those not in direct attack but who are close enough to me that the screams penetrate their ears. (Energy Drain - High to Critical)

Arctic Howl - Using more central core energy with focus on its element of ice, a much more devastating effect to the original Wail can be achieved by the waves manifesting into a blizzard. The above effects of the original Ghostly Wail remain in place with the addition of the deep-freeze extending the attack radius. (Energy Drain - Critical)

Jack was the first to speak up.

“Heh… Who knew he was holding out on us this whole time?” He chuckled with an odd sort of smile, still unable to process that his fifteen-year-old son possessed the power that he did. Maddie was still gobsmacked as she flipped through the pages of edits that her son had done.

How he was doing abysmally in English class with this obvious mastery of the language was beyond her, for one thing.
For another; after his list of powers, Danny had composed several theories and hypotheses that could put other doctors in the Paranormal sciences to shame. They were well thought out and carefully laid down with just enough proof threaded in with his theories that made them seem credible. The woman seated herself and blinked. Who knew? She’d always thought that it would be her daughter to follow in her footsteps, even when Jasmine had proclaimed her love for psychology. Jazz had been the one with the book-smarts and Danny had been the boy with his heart in anything he does. The way his notebook looked, however, told her that Danny wasn’t letting on nearly how intelligent he actually was; and it also told her that he had a knack for the thing that her and Jack had devoted their lives to. Rather than her eldest taking over the Fenton family tradition of ghost-hunting when they were gone, it seemed that her youngest was more than equipped with the knowledge to step up to the plate now.

For once in her life, Madeline Cassandra Fenton was truly stumped. She’d thought that she’d have an easy answer to her son’s question, but she was absolutely, 100% baffled just by what Danny was stating simply in his journal as if it were nothing. Jack was too, if his calculating expression told her anything. Despite his tactless way of approaching situations and his general lack of common sense, Jack Fenton was truly a genius and had a wonderfully creative mind; it was one of the many reasons that she’d fallen in love with him. He was deep in his ‘scientist-mode’, as he said it to be. Brows drawn together, the man nodded and looked to his wife.

“I think that he’s yet to apex, as far as these powers go. From the looks of things in here,” he referred to the generous edits made to the notebook-including the changing ‘energy-drain’ levels, “the longer he has these powers, the more control he has. Probably even the strongest attacks he has now will be nothing if we give it a couple years.” Jack grinned like a child in a candy shop. “Who knows, Mads, he might just be the most powerful ghost ever! And he’s only halfway there!” Maddie found herself smiling at her husband’s eagerness.
“Maybe, Jack, maybe…” She trailed off in favor of looking over the book again while Jack began rambling about he and Danny teaming up to be a dynamic duo of sorts.
Through all of the questions that his notebook had left her with, one thing was clear to Maddie when she finally left the lab that evening; she had really only just begun to learn the double-life her son had been leading for the past year and a half.

And she was more than ready to continue learning, as any good scientist would be.

fic ideas i’ve been ruminating on:

1) Accomplished pianist Yu is forced to move to Tokyo after his old music conservatory shuts its doors in a flurry of scandal. Rumors chase him to the city, where some say he was involved in his school’s downfall. There he meets Yosuke, talented yet unmotivated son of the dean who is almost universally reviled by the other students for the perceived nepotism that got him in. Outcast and unwanted misfits, they become each other’s only friend.

2) The Hanamuras, a yakuza-connected family, move to the boonies after Hanamura senior makes a costly mistake. The family is given a chance to redeem themselves through their young son, who is charged with, of all things, an assassination: taking out the child of powerful criminal investigators with ties to Interpol. Yosuke and Yu end up attending the same school in Inaba, and Yosuke has one year to complete his gruesome task or face the consequences.

The first one has some vague, vague P5 inspiration and the second one has been on my back burner since probably actually like, 2015. Currently I think I like the idea of the first one more, but I don’t have a clear idea of where to take it, whereas I have a specific direction I want to take the second one in.

thoughts? opinions?? i like both these ideas, but both would turn into long projects. hmm. 

Perihart Solace, Master of the Sun and the Dark Helios


  1. Early life
  2. Life before the exploson
  3. Arrival at Elysion
  4. Solace’s Fortress
  5. Notable achievements
  6. Notes

I thought it’d be a good idea to recap every single thing Solace has done in the story so far, to remind ourselves of the great deeds that he has accomplished.

1. Early life

Perihart was born in a small Rubenian village around 21 years before the Explosion. His father, head of the prestigious Solace family, had a romantic affair with a Rubenian woman, and Perihart was born as an illegitimate son, a son he won’t admit into his family’s house until after he was orphaned in a war that destroyed his village and killed every villagers — including his mother. With only the Rubenian stone necklace his mother gave him, he joins the Solace House and comes to live among his power-hungry brothers who are threatened by Perihart’s strong innate El power in their struggle to become the successor to the title of Master of the Sun. Perihart’s strong power is probably due to the fact that he is a Rubenian. More on Rubenians can be found in this post (link).

2. Life before the explosion

I’ve written long posts about everything that happened in Solace’s past as a summary of both the Epic Quest Ep. 26 + and the Halted Sun’s Memory dungeon which can be found here: (tumblr)

Short version: Perihart tried to save Harnier from the blood thirsty brothers by running away from the family together, but Harnier ended up being chosen as the next Lady of El. Perihart becomes the Master of the Sun to save her somehow, questions if he should respect her decision to stay responsible or break her out of her duty regardless. Just when he decided to give up on the Great Escape plan, it got set into motion anyway, which lead to El’s explosion.

3. Arrival at Elysion

His exact arrival time at Elysion is not clear, but it probably wasn’t that long after the explosion. Solace desperately needed a way to keep Harnier’s body alive and from the looks of it, he was able to find Elysion and their preservation technology before she showed any sign of aging, but judging from how it looks like Solace hasn’t aged a day since the explosion, that could be disputed. Upon arriving at Elysion, somehow crossing into another dimension, he met Adrian, father of Nasods, and sought refuge. He singlehandedly stopped a meteor that was about to destroy the floating city. Impressed, Adrian agreed to lend him technology to preserve Harnier’s body. This was when Herjuno was protesting against Adrian’s decision. However, Adrian was interested in the Lady of El as well. Most of his life was spent on trying to prove that technology can surpass the power of El, and to meet someone who uses that power directly was intriguing for him. Herjuno tried to warn Adrian that Solace is a dangerous man, but Adrian thought he was malfunctioning and tried to discard him. Herjuno ran away, planting his core into a worker-type Nasod. 

4. Solace’s Fortress

Adrian programmed the preservation capsule so that over time, he will gain control over the Lady of El. When Solace found out what was going on, he was furious, and took over the heart of Elysion underneath Adrian’s own palace and its central core, blocking all communications coming in and out of the palace. With Dekal at his disposal, he was able to collect massive amount of Diceon ores and Hernasid soldiers to build his fortress under the shining palace. Of course, as we all know, he wasn’t just building a fortress to protect Harnier. He was hatching a plan to change the world. A world where no one has to sacrifice anyone. The wonders of Diceon ores have been briefly described here (tumblr). With these fascinating ores, Solace was able to re-create a “fabricated El” that had the same energy as the original Giant El before its destruction. There, within his fortress, he waited for Elsword with the replacement El and Harnier at his side.

5. Notable Achievements

  • Defeats Eldest Brother Sigmund at age 14
    • Kills him at age 19
  • Becomes Master of the Sun at age 20+
  • Finds a solution to separate the Lady of El from the Giant El she is connected to in less than 3 years
    • Said solution was used against his will to successfully blow up the Giant El
  • Defeats fellow Masters and priests to save Harnier in the Tower of El all by himself
  • Narrowly escapes death by the El Explosion that wiped out Elianode
  • Stops a meteor meteors
  • Recruits Dekal
  • Constructs a fortress below Adrian’s palace
    • Takes control of the Central Core of Elysion
    • Seals Adrian’s palace so that no one can enter
  • Fabricates the original Giant El with Diceon ores
  • Finds a solution to create a world without the El
  • Realizes who Elsword actually is and what he is capable of
  • Fights against thirteen members of the El Search Party and lives

6. Notes

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(this was an idea mentioned on @i-love-glados 's blog) whenever Chell goes to hug Glados, she lifts up just to mess with her and make her hug tighter and Chell is like "not again"

(( Here you are. I believe @i-love-glados wished to be tagged? ))

GLaDOS was NOT huggable. She was the queen of Aperture, she was the ice cold ruler of an underground, morally corrupt science facility. She was the opposite of cuddly.

But… if someone was going to hug her, they might as well actually commit.

Chell had taken to hugging the central core as her main form of physical affection, as it was relatively easy, despite the AI’s bulky chassis.  However more frequently than not, she’d simply come in for a quick gentle squeeze, and then she’d pull away. That was fine every once and awhile, but if you asked GLaDOS, it was just getting lazy.

So, she had found herself a new way of having some fun with this.

Chell came up, wrapping her arms around GLaDOS’s faceplate, and was about to pull away, when GLaDOS moved her head. She raised it while the girl was still holding on, causing her to let out a small squeak of surprise, and to suddenly tighten her grip on the core.

GLaDOS, if she had a mouth, would’ve been grinning like the Cheshire cat. That worked better than expected.

Chell looked down at her, partly stunned, partly questioning. Her gaze alone making her question quite clear.

‘Are you gonna let me down?’

The answer was no. Not right away anyway.

Instead, GLaDOS shifted her head a little, nuzzling Chell in the process.

And, to her credit, Chell seemed to relax somewhat after a few minutes.  She was about fifteen feet off the ground, but she had a firm grip on GLaDOS, and had faith that the core wouldn’t let her fall.

A few more moments passed, before GLaDOS slowly lowered Chell back down to the ground. She was satisfied with the amount of affection she had received.

“Don’t look at me like that, you started this.”

Chell raised an eyebrow in response, as if debating if she wanted to argue that no, technically she didn’t, it was GLaDOS’s idea to hold Chell in the air for a few minutes so she would hug her a little bit tighter.

‘I think you’re just needy.’

Chell signed this with a smirk, her eyes sparkling with amusement.  GLaDOS would protest all day that she had NO interest in cuddling of any sort, and she definitely DIDN’T enjoy hugs, but her actions spoke otherwise.

“Wha- N-No I’m not! I am anything but! I was just trying to get you to… to fall off! Yes, that was it. I wanted you to fall and break your legs. Hpmh.”

The core turned her head away from Chell, as if trying to further make her point. But the soft humming that came from her now slightly overheated processors gave Chell more than enough information.

She got the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing.

‘Why do you appear to put down marriage and yet tell people to get married?’

To me, marriage is a dead thing. It is an institution, and you cannot live in an institution; only mad people live in institutions. It is a substitute for love.
Love is dangerous: to be in love is to be in a storm, constantly. You need courage and you need awareness, and you have to be ready for anything. There is no security in love; love is insecure.
Marriage is a security: the registry office, the police, the courts are behind it. The state, the society, the religion—they are all behind it. Marriage is a social phenomenon. Love is individual, personal, intimate.
And nobody knows where love will lead. It is just like a cloud—moving with no destination. Love is a hidden cloud, whereabouts unknown. Nobody knows where it is at any moment of time. Unpredictable—no astrologer can predict anything about love. About marriage?—astrologers are very, very helpful; they can predict.
Man has created marriage because man is afraid of the unknown.
On all levels of life and existence, man has created substitutes: for love there is marriage; for real religion there are sects—they are like marriages. Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Jainism—they are not real religion. Real religion has no name; it is like love.
But because love is dangerous and you are so afraid of the future, you would like to have some security. You believe more in insurance companies than in life. That’s why you have created marriage.
Marriage is more permanent than love. Love may be eternal, but it is not permanent. It may continue forever and forever, but there is no inner necessity for it to continue. It is like a flower: bloomed in the morning, by the evening gone. It is not like the rock.
Marriage is more permanent; you can rely on it. In old age it will be helpful. It is a way to avoid difficulties, but whenever you avoid difficulties and challenges you have avoided growth also.
Married people never grow. Lovers grow, because they have to meet the challenge every moment—and with no security. They have to create an inner phenomenon. With security you need not bother to create anything; the society helps.
Marriage is a formality, a legal bondage. Love is of the heart; marriage is of the mind.
That’s why I am never in favor of marriage.

But the question is pertinent, relevant, because sometimes I tell people to get married.
Marriage is a hell, but sometimes people need it. What to do? So I have to tell them to get into marriage. They need to pass through the hell of it, and they cannot understand the hell of it unless they pass through it.

I am not saying that in marriage love cannot grow; it can grow, but there is no necessity for it.
I am also not saying that in love marriage cannot grow; it can grow, but there is no necessity, no logical necessity in it.
Love can become marriage, but then it is a totally different kind of marriage: it is not a social formality, it is not an institution, it is not a bondage.
When love becomes marriage it means two individuals decide to live together—but in absolute freedom, non-possessive of each other.
Love is non-possessive; it gives freedom.
When love grows into marriage, marriage is not an ordinary thing. It is absolutely extraordinary. It has nothing to do with the registry office. You may need the registry office also, the social sanction may be needed, but those are just on the periphery; they are not the central core of it. In the center is the heart, in the center is freedom.
And sometimes out of marriage love can grow, but it rarely happens. Out of marriage love rarely happens. At the most, familiarity. At the most, a certain kind of sympathy, not love. Love is passionate; sympathy is dull. Love is alive; sympathy is just so-so, lukewarm.

But why do I tell people to get married? When I see that they are after security, when I see that they are after social sanction, when I see they are afraid, when I see that they cannot move into love if marriage is not there, then I tell them to go into it—but I will go on helping them to go beyond it. I will go on helping them to transcend it.
Marriage should be transcended; only then real marriage happens. Marriage should be forgotten completely.
In fact the other person you have been in love with should always remain a stranger and never should be taken for granted. When two persons live as strangers, there is a beauty to it, a very simple, innocent beauty to it. And when you live with somebody as a stranger…
And everybody is a stranger. You cannot know a person. Knowledge is very superficial; a person is very profound. A person is an infinite mystery. That’s why we say everybody carries a god within. How can you know a god? At the most you can touch the periphery. And the more you know about a person, the more humble you will become—the more you will feel that the mystery is untouched. In fact the mystery becomes more and more deep. The more you know, the less you feel that you know.
If lovers are really in love, they will never reduce the other person to a known entity; because only things can be known—persons never. Only things can become part of knowledge. A person is a mystery—the greatest mystery there is.
Transcend marriage. It is not a question of legality, formality, family—all that nonsense. Needed, because you live in a society, but transcend; don’t be finished at that.
And don’t try to possess a person. Don’t start feeling that the other is the husband—you have reduced the beauty of the person into an ugly thing: husband. Never say that this woman is your wife—the stranger is no longer there; you have reduced it to a very profane level, to a very ordinary level of things. Wives and husbands belong to the world. Lovers belong to the other shore.
Remember the sacredness and holiness of the other. Never impinge on it; never trespass it.
A lover is always hesitant. He always gives you space to be yourself. He is grateful; he never feels that you are his possession. He is thankful that sometimes in rare moments you allow him your innermost shrine to enter and to be with you. He is always thankful.
But husbands and wives are always complaining, never thankful—always fighting. And if you watch their fight it is ugly. The whole beauty of love disappears. Only a very ordinary reality exists: the wife, the husband, the children, and the day-to-day routine. The unknown no longer touches it. That’s why you will see dust gathers around—a wife looks dull, a husband looks dull. Life has lost meaning, vibrancy, significance. It is no longer a poetry; it has become gross.
Love is poetry. Marriage is ordinary prose, good for ordinary communication. If you are purchasing vegetables, good; but if you are looking at the sky and talking to God, not enough—poetry is needed.
Ordinary life is proselike. A religious life is poetrylike: a different rhythm, a different meter, something of the unknown and the mysterious.
I am not in favor of marriage. But don’t misunderstand me—I am not saying to live with people unmarried. Do whatsoever the society wants to be done, but don’t take it as the whole. That is just the periphery; go beyond it.

And I tell you to get married if I feel that this is what you need. In fact if I feel that you need to go in hell I would allow you—and push you—to go in hell, because that is what you need, and that is how you will grow.

—  Osho

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hi! idk how much you know about the actual production of supernatural - but i was wondering, why does spn show textually queer couple but no kisses/ intimacy between them? given that they showed multiple 'fade to black' sex scenes with both brothers its odd. i cant help but think the CW or somewhere in the production line they dont want to/cant show queer intimacy? sorry for the rant :P

2. i wish spn was more diverse. it is the first show ive seen with a possible HOH love interest, from ireland (so at least its not england/america) but unless they introduce new diverse characters that stay longer than 2 eps or die unbelievably (cough charlie cough) idk if itll get better. they have Dagon and the unnamed cute demon from 12x17 who bumbled around lucifer who id love to see more of. :)

I’m gonna answer these together because they’re kind of along the same lines…

I mean, I don’t work for CW and I have no intel whatsoever, so I’m pretty much the wrong person to ask this of and I don’t mean this like I don’t want to answer but just that I have no freaking clue…

From a human POV I think it sucks, queer intimacy should be able to be shown as much as any other and it would be great to have a more diverse cast!

However, I think it was @awed-frog who mentioned to me and I totally agree that most intimate scenes in SPN are generally veiled in the idea that they are coded as ‘bad’ like Ruby, Demon!Dean, Cas x the reaper, the Amazon, the couple who eat each other to death, even Dean x the waitress in 12x18… I’m trying to think of any that are coded as good and there’s only the vaguely intimate but more romantic/emotional scenes with Sam/Jess and Dean/Lisa unless I’m mistaken.

BUT in terms of good, supportive, emotional relationships? It may not be intimate portrayal in the way you mean (ie. sex scene) but Jesse x Cesar was so pure and ultimate relationship goals (Oh, and, a blatant Dean/Cas parallel), the Fishtaco lady and her husband, the queer couple with the kid in 11x16…even the queer couple as far back as 5x09 at the Supernatural convention are pure and sweet and don’t die but actually kind of help them along in their ‘quest’. I’m sure there’s more but these are pure and great and I love them.

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

So, if it’s in keeping with this, we probably wouldn’t want a queer intimate scene in that sense anyway? I mean, if they showed a couple having a good intimate moment then yeah, I’d like to see more diversity of course and I like the fact that Eileen is HOH but also a badass, fantastically strong and well rounded character and perfect for Sam, if thats the way they want to take this. I don’t necessarily want to see intimacy between them or anyone central to the story now unless its coded as a ‘good’ thing and even then I’d be more than happy if it was a sweet, clothed scene or just a moment in bed with the sheets up having a cuddle you know?

On which note I basically think it just now has to be on a par. So if there is eventual Saileen and for example Destiel is canon, then we should see a similar amount of both in terms of intimacy because they are both main character relationships (and I’m more than OK with it being practically zilch either way, because it doesn’t define the relationship). But I don’t think its necessary to just stick in something where it doest fit the narrative.

Diverse characters generally however can absolutely be increased with no real issue anywhere, I mean, they are already which is good, especially since season 11 I think? But there’s always room for improvement. I think the issue is that they got themselves into a corner by a long long time ago casting a mainly white male line up as the core central characters, but they are trying to improve on this with others like Rowena, Mary etc. The issue being that side characters in SPN often die so if they make the side characters more diverse then many will get killed off, so its a vicious circle…

Basically, I agree but I can’t personally do anything about it of course other than nod in agreement and hope that it continues to improve along the lines that I feel it is already:)


The Orion Nebula by Ram Viswanathan
Via Flickr:
The Orion Nebula in under 20 mins. I was waiting for my main object to come up from behind a tree while I shot a few test frames of the Orion Nebula. I couldn’t resist posting it even though it isnt a great effort. 5 mins each RGB 5 mins Luminance I didnt shoot any short subs to get definition in the central core area.

Duality describes humanity’s usual condition. Happiness exists only because of misery, pain because of comfort, good because of evil, yang because of yin, black because of white, birth because of death, and existence because of non-existence. All phenomena must be paired, as the senses are only equipped to perceive differences. The thinking mind has the property of splitting everything it encounters into two, as it is a dualistic thing itself.
Yet there is a part of man which is of a singular nature, although the mind is unable to perceive it as such. Man considers himself a center of will and a center of perception.  Will and perception are not separate but only appear so to the mind. The unity which appears to the mind to exert the twin functions of will and perception is called Kia by magicians.  Sometimes it is called the spirit, or soul, or life force, instead.  Kia cannot be experienced directly because it is the basis of consciousness (or experience), and it has no fixed qualities which the mind can latch on to. Kia is the consciousness, it is the elusive “I” which confers self-awareness but does not seem to consist of anything itself. Kia can sometimes be felt as ecstacy or inspiration, but it is deeply buried in the dualistic mind. It is mostly trapped in the aimless wanderings of thought and in identification with experience and in that cluster of opinions about ourselves called ego. Magic is concerned with giving the Kia more freedom and flexibility and with providing means by which it can manifest its occult power. Kia is capable of occult power because it is a fragment of the great life force of the universe.
Consider the world of apparent dualisms we inhabit. The mind views a picture of this world in which everything is double. A thing is said to exist and exert certain properties. Being and Doing. This calls for the concepts of cause and effect or causality. Every phenomenon is seen to be caused by some previous thing. However this description cannot explain how everything exists in the first place or even how one thing finally causes another. Obviously things have originated and do continue to make each other happen. The “thing” responsible for the origin and continued action of events is called Chaos by magicians. It could as well be called God or Tao, but the name Chaos is virtually meaningless, and free from the childish, anthropomorphic ideas of religion.
Kia is but a small fragment of the great life force of the universe, which contains the twin impulses to immerse itself in duality and to escape from duality. It will continuously reincarnate until the first impulse is exhausted. The second impulse is the root of the mystic quest, the union of the liberated spirit with the great spirit. To the extent that the Kia can become one with Chaos it can extend its will and perception into the universe to accomplish magic.
Between Chaos and ordinary matter, and between Kia and the mind, there exists a realm of half formed substance called Aether. It is dualistic matter but of a very tenuous, probabilistic
nature. It consists of all the possibilities which Chaos throws out which have not yet become solid realities. It is the “medium” by which the “non-existent” chaos translates itself into “real” effects. It forms a sort of backdrop out of which real events and real thoughts materialize. Because aetheric events are only partially evolved into dualistic existence, they may not have a precise location in space or time. They may not have a precise mass or energy either, and so do not necessarily affect the physical plane. It is from the bizarre and indeterminate nature of the aetheric plane that Chaos gets its name, for Chaos cannot be known directly.
From the aetheric realm of nascent possibility only what we call sensible, causal, probable, or normal events usually come into existence. Yet as centers of Kia or Chaos ourselves, we can sometimes call very unlikely coincidences or unexpected events into existence by manipulating the aether. Such is magic. Even the physical sciences have begun to blunder into the aetheric with their discoveries of quantum indeterminacy and virtual processes in subatomic matter.  It is the aether, which surrounds the central core of the life force, with which the magician is concerned. Its normal function is as a Kia-thought intermediary, yet its properties are so infinitely mutable that almost anything can be accomplished with it. Thought gives it shape and Kia gives it power.
Thus are will and perception extended into areas of time and space beyond the physical limitations of the material body.  It is the very mutability of the aetheric which has given rise to such a bewildering variety of magical activity and supportive thought forms all over the universe. The differences, however, are only superficial. When stripped of local symbolism and terminology, all systems show a remarkable uniformity of method. This is because all systems ultimately derive from the tradition of Shamanism.  It is toward an elucidation of this tradition that the following  chapters are devoted.
—  Pete J Carroll, Liber Null

“It was a rebellion, it was an uprising, it was a civil rights disobedience — it wasn’t no damn riot” -  Stormé DeLarverie

DeLarverie- A bi-racial, lesbian drag king performer whose activism and perseverance against the injustices imposed by police during the Stonewall Riots, was the person who arguably provided the first blow which sparked and defined the rebellion. Stormé was best known for being an essential core of the Jewel Box Revue, performing as one of the only male impersonators who truly renounced the constructions of gender imposed on women, and inspired many to challenge the pre-determined notions of their identities. In later years, operating as a singer, MC and bouncer for several lesbian bars among copious roles were those that truly reflected her protective nature. Often, DeLarverie was someone who sought out any bullying or intolerance occurring to the most vulnerable LGBT+ people, truly embracing those so heavily marginalized into a loving, unified community. Unquestionably, her actions during June, 27th, 1969 within Stonewall were pivotal and her responses to the homophobic slander and violent attacks of the police were actions that were truly progressive. Furthermore, it truly cements as her as a central core to the Stonewall Veterans Association and to the foundation which has allowed queer rights to flourish.

“She literally walked the streets of downtown Manhattan like a gay superhero; she was not to be messed with by any stretch of the imagination.” – Lisa Cannicati, owner of village lesbian bar, Henrietta Hudson.

some of staryu and starmie’s pokedex entries say they “communicate with the stars” by flashing their cores towards the sky at night and Starmie is explicitly theorized to come from space, because its core “sends signals” into the sky

staryu’s dex entries also really hammer home the fact that it can regenerate from literally any injury, even being cut to pieces, so long as its core remains intact


listen………. what other pokemon has a crystalline central core it can regenerate from, which it communicates through via lights, electrical signals, and radio waves?

just hear me out

what if the staryu line is actually the same species of crystalline life as Deoxys, but they’ve actually evolved to live and reproduce on Earth proper, while deoxys is a relative newcomer to the world?

I really can’t believe they ruined the show killing Neal and forcing H00k down our throats. Neal is exponentially more interesting and actually central to the core story & narrative. Everything would be so much better if you remove H00k and replace him with Neal. EVERYTHING. Neal trying to help Emma when she’s Dark Swan? Emma turning Neal into the DO? Neal going through what Rumple must have? Neal sacrificing himself to save everyone? And before that..Neal by Emma’s side when she goes to the past? Neal going after her when going back to NY came up also makes WAY MORE SENSE than freaking H00k, I could have gotten over it not being Regina. They also could have made H00k more decent - have him sacrifice himself to bring Rumple back for Bae and making the 2-person-1-body a consequence instead of Rumple’s choice. Neal helping Emma search for Regina and exchanging looks with Snow & Charming at Emma’s obvious & intense panic. NEAL BEING IN THE LIBRARY AS PART OF THE CHARMING SOFTBALL TEAM. NEAL BEING PART OF THE FAMILY. NEAL AND REGINA SNIPING AT EACH OTHER AND SLOWLY BECOMING ALLIES FRIENDS CO PARENTS AND FAMILY. Regina & Neal having a friendly rivalry over Emma, but Neal mostly just pushing her buttons because him & Emma are friends now. NEAL AND RUMPLE FUCKING WITH ALL OF THEM. Neal & Belle team up whenever Rumple fucks up, or is about to make a bad decision. Neal figuring out that Rumple didn’t give Belle the real dagger. Maybe Neal getting the real dagger. Just SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. Rumple would have better development. Rumple being dragged into the Charming’s issues by Neal rather than blackmail. Rumple helping save the town with them all the time. NEAL TALKING TO ARCHIE ABOUT DEALING WITH RUMPLE AND REGINA AND HENRY AND EMMA. Snow & Charming naming their baby Daniel after asking for Regina’s blessing. (Bc sorry but naming him Neal was really fucking weird.)

I swear I do this every month now. It’s just so ridiculous that we got stuck with H00k when Neal could make everything better.

The Nearest Globular: Messier 4 in Scorpius

Messier 4 is the nearest globular cluster, being 2.2kpc or about 7,175 light years away. It is very prominent with the slightest optical aid, and is located just 1.3 degrees west of Antares in Scorpius.

Messier 4 would be one of the most splendid globulars in the sky if it were not obscured by heavy clouds of dark interstellar matter. Interstellar absorption also reddens the color of the light from the cluster. However it displays an angular diameter of more than that of the Full Moon, which corresponds to a actual diameter of 75 light years.

It is also one of the least concentrated globular clusters. The central core is much less dense than in many other globulars, such as 47 Tucanae.

Credit: Rolf Olsen

Okay alright I finally figured out what really gets me about the “I wanna get home and see Amy! Don’t you want to see Kevin?” part of last night’s episode

Ray and Kevin are one of the central core couples in Jake’s life - I imagine Terry and Sharon are too, though we don’t get to hear about them as much unfortunately. Like look at how far Jake went last season to make sure Holt got a fair chance to get to Paris to see Kevin!! Look at how hard he worked to supplement the gift basket Kevin sent Holt that the rest of the squad accidentally tore into!! He’s got so much respect for their relationship and it’s so blatantly obvious in the acts of service he performed on their behalf last season

So the fact that he lumps himself and Amy into the mental compartment he has for Ray and Kevin in such an emotionally climactic moment is just…….

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m really glad b99 hasn’t gone down the “what if I become my father” self-sabotaging route that so many shows go down. Like rather than automatically classifying his relationship with Amy as being doomed to be like his parents’ relationship, like countless other protagonists have in the past, his standard for excellence is Ray and Kevin and his attitudes and actions regarding his relationship with Amy reflect that

I’m just really emotional

The Chakras

The whole Vedic system is very comprehensive. It begins with the sound current or word of God as the first emanation. This forms the central core and axis of the Universe and of the cerebrospinal nervous system of the human body, and distributes the energy impulses upon the central axis as the motive power of the finer energies in man, from within outward, as the Life flows. First it is the psychic wireless energy and then precipitates into the physical life energy and currents.

The body is understood as fields of resonance emanating from a central ultrasonic core. Dr. Stone writes: “The central core is the ultrasonic energy current of the Soul. It is the primary energy which builds and sustains all others. It flows through the sixth ventricle of the brain and spinal chord … ”This core (sushumna) is located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal cord and resonates with “The Eternal Sound Current,” the highest vibrational essence of Atman/Brahman, the unified field of cosmic intelligence. In Sanskrit the spine is called the Brahmadanda, the “stick of Brahma.” “The ultrasonic core is the central pathway of motion along which the five primary centers are created, located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal chord. Two intertwining currents of pranic energy (ida and pingala), each a polarized opposite of the other, pursue a double-helical pathway along this core.” Each point where the two intertwining currents intersect is a pulsating orb of force—a chakra (circle, whirl). Chakras are centrifugal and centripetal whirling vortices of force radiating from their ultrasonic core. The chakras are the primary centers of the pranas—the life currents- —that sustain the body.

The chakras are the step-down mechanism from the ultrasonic core into the lower vibratory fields of the body. Reporting on clairvoyant research, Theosophist Charles Leadbeater writes:

The chakras or force centers are points of connection at which energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another…they show themselves as saucer-like depressions or vortices…as small circles about two inches in diameter… in the ordinary man … when awakened … they are seen as blazing … whirlpools … resembling miniature suns. All these wheels are perpetually rotating, and into the hub or open mouth of each, a force from the higher world is flowing …

Each chakra is the nucleus of an elemental energy field. The five chakras are located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal chord: Ether in the center of the throat, Air behind the heart, Fire between the second and third lumbar vertebra, Water at the lumbosacral junction, and Earth at the sacrococcygeal junction.

Leadbeater shares his clairvoyant vision of the subtle body explaining:

Though the mouth of the flower-like bell of the chakra is on the surface of the etheric body, the stem of the trumpet like-blossom always springs from a center in the spinal chord…In each case an etheric stem, usually curving downwards, connects the spine with the external chakra. As the stems of all the chakras thus start from the spinal chord, this force naturally flows down these stems into the flower-bells, where it meets the incoming stream of divine life, and the pressure set up by that encounter causes the radiation of the mingled forces horizontally along the spokes of the chakra.