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Don’t play with the fire (Leonard Snart x Fem!Reader)

You were a part of Team Flash. You loved everyone and everyone loved you. And Barry. Barry was like a brother to you. You both had powers. He was the fastest man alive and you had fire powers. Which meant that you could create and manipulate the fire.
When you used it you felt the power as went through your bones, your veins. It was very good.
So Barry and you protected the city from everyone and everything. You kept running after bad guys, thieves and evil metahumans. Lifestyle, huh?

“ Good morning guys. ” You said as you stepped out of the elevator.
“ Hey, Y/N! ” Caitlin said.
“ You too, Fire Girl! ” Cisco said to you. Fire Girl. Oh, yes. Cisco and his nicknames.
You couldn’t say no to him when he gave that name to you. Nobody could say no to him.
“ How’s your arm? ” Caitlin asked.
Yesterday, when you and Barry ran after a metahuman you got hurt. He shot you.
You just nodded. “ Good. ”
Then you went to the training room where you found Barry.
“ Hey, bro! ” You waved and he waved back.
“ Guys, we have a problem. ” You heard Cisco and you sighed.
“ What? ” Barry asked.
“ A new metahuman at the police station. ”
“ Let’s go. ” You stood up but Barry stopped you.
“ No. ” He said. “ Just me. ”
You stared at him with ‘are you kidding me?’ face.
“ You need to rest, you stay here. ” He said firmly and then he ran away.
'I can’t believe it.’ You thought and you walked back to Cisco and Caitlin.
“ He wants to protect y- ” Caitlin started but then beeping noise coming from the computer.
You lifted your head up.
“ Captain Cold and Heatwave. Again. ” Cisco said under his breath.
You were ready to go.
“ Y/N, you need to stay here. ” They said.
“ Why? If we don’t do something they rob a bank. Again. I need to stop them. Look, I can protect myself. I don’t need Barry. ” You said angrily and ran out of the building and then flown away. Yes, you could fly.
You went to Central City Bank.
Leonard Snart and Mick Rory. They just came out of the bank when you touched down.
Only Snart knew that who was The Flash, and who were you.
“ Fiery. ” Snart always called you 'Fiery’. “ Where’s your friend? ” His voice was deep and slow, whenever you heard it gave you the creeps.
“ I’m alone. ” You said under your mask.
“ Cute. ” He said. “ And you don’t afraid? ”
“ Should I? ” You held out your hand and you felt the force in your veins.
Suddenly Mick pointed his fire gun at you.
“ Go home, baby. ” Mick said and you giggled. “ Last chance. ” He said but you didn’t move.
He pulled the trigger but you stopped the fire with your powers and shot them.
“ I have learned a thing or two. ” You said with smirk.
“ You can always surprise me, Fiery. ” Snart said. “ You should join us. ”
“ Only in your dreams. ” You started to create a fire ball. “ You should stop. ”
Snart laughed and suddenly his sister, Lisa, showed up and shot you and you fell down.
“ Sh*t! ” You groaned.
“ The Flash isn’t here to save you. ” Mick stood next to you.
It was the last thing you heard before you fainted.


You woke up in a small room. You were weak so you couldn’t use your power.
You didn’t know where you are. Will Barry come and save you? Primarily, does he know what happened?
“ Good morning. ” Snart said quietly.
“ Where am I? ” You asked.
“ You know, Y/N… ” He started, ignoring you. “ The idea, to kidnap you, wasn’t mine. I didn’t want it. So I’ll let you go. ”
“ And why would you do that? ”
“ Because I’m sure about that Barry doesn’t like me now. Now, you were kidnapped. But if I let you go then he owes me. ”
’ But what if I kill you when you let me go? “ You asked.
” You won’t. “ He answered with smirk. ” You can’t. “
And then he let you go. You stood in front of him, you felt his breath.
” I will say that you escaped. “ He stared at you.
” What? Want a thank you? “
” Who doesn’t like a thank you? “
” Leonard Snart, I can’t believe that there’s a good in you. “ You smiled.
” I’m not good. Now go. We will see each other. “
You ran outside and went to the S.T.A.R. Lab.
You didn’t know what say to them. To Barry. He surely mad at you.
While you were thinking you returned to the lab.
You entered the room and everyone looked at you.
” Y/N! “ Barry shouted and ran towards you.
” Bar, I’m so- “ You started but he suddenly hugged you. ” You’re not angry? “
” Of course I am, but I’m worried. How did you escape? “ He asked surprisingly.
” Well… I didn’t have to escape. I just walked out. “ You said.
” They became good guys? Wow. “ Caitlin looked at you.
You shrugged your shoulders.
” I’m glad you’re alright. “ Cisco smiled. ” Now, who wants coffee? “
Everyone said yes except you.
” You don’t want to come? “ Caitlin asked while she picked up her coat.
You shaked your head. You wanted to stay in the Lab, alone, with your thoughts and you wanted to rest.
When they left you sat down onto the couch and turned on your laptop to watch your favorite series.
You covered yourself with a blanket and started to watch F/S.
It’s dark outside.
You just finished the third episode when you heard a sound. Someone came in.
You stood up and held out your hand and created a little fire in your hand palm.
Someone stepped out of the shadow and you grabbed an arm.
” Ouch! “ He yelled. It was Snart. ” This is your thank you, or what? “
” Oh, sorry. “ You took your hand off of his arm. ” Why are you here? “
” I wanted to make sure about that you don’t have a plan to kill me. “ He said slowly.
” Well, I don’t, so you can go now. “ You pointed at the door. Wait. How did he get in? Okay, he’s Snart.
” Do you want me to leave? You are not that friendly. “
” Why, what do you want? “ You stared at him.
” Because I saved your life I think you should invite me for a drink. “ He rested his hand on your shoulder.
” You saved my life? What the hell are you talking about, Leonard Snart? “ You laughed.
” Just come. “ He grabbed your hand and you two walked out.


You were sitting at a table.
” And I’m here. “ Snart put down your drink in front of you.
” Thanks. “ You said. ” Cheers! “
” Cheers! “
You said and took a sip from the drink.
You made faces.
” Oh my god. “ You squeezed your eyes and he laughed.
” I thought that you are strong. “ He said to you.
” I am! “ You shouted and drank it. ” More! “
” Take it slow, Fiery. “ He giggled. ” One was enough. “
” I want more! “ You stood up but he caught you.
” Y/N, calm down. I don’t want you to get hurt or something. “ He held your hand.
” Leonard Snart, I didn’t know that you have a romantic side. “
” I don’t have, but I swear, if you say my whole name again- “
” What? Leonard Snart? How should I call you? Lenny? Leo? L-“
” Enough. “ He looked at you.
” Leonard Snart, Leonard Snart, Leonard Snart.“
” Y/N… I- “
” Leonard Snart. “ You continued. ” Leonard Snart, Leonard Sn-“ Suddenly he grabbed your chin and kissed you. With passion.
Snart pulled away and looked into your eyes.
Don’t play with the fire, Leonard Snart. “ You said to him.
” But I want. “ And he kissed you again. He ran his fingers through your hair to deepen the kiss.


So, this is my first fanfiction. I mean, FIRST.
And sorry for my grammar.:(
Hope you enjoy x


Imagine being another speedster on Team Flash and you, your sister Jesse, Wally, and Barry accidentally end up on Earth 4 (let’s call it the Young Justice Verse) and get stuck, so well the team and league are helping you guys get back home Bart and You become friends.
Stumbling out in Central City you, Jess, Bar, and Wally came face to face with two other speedsters who looked just as shock to see the four of you as you guys were to see them.
“Told you we should have let Cisco open a breach” you said as Barry shot you a look.
“How was I suppose to know this would happen” Barry asked. “We were just going to Earth two to help you and Jesse.”
“Sorry but who are the four of you” this earth’s flash asked.
“Uh I’m Barry Allen, the Flash” Barry said removing his mask as the other three followed. “This is Wally West, Kid Flash, Jesse Wells, Jesse Quick and (Y/N) Wells, Impulse”
“Barry here decided it was okay to travel between earth’s without a Breacher’s help” Jesse accused.
“Lily” Jesse shouted running into the room where you were talking to Bart. “It’s time to go”
“Okay Jess” you told your sister before hugging Bart. “See you around”

Aiden Part 2 - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Time Travel, villain, reader going against villain alone (kinda), lots of worry, bit of angst and fluff

Summary: Part 2 to Aiden. Aiden is back in his own time, but he takes his best friend back in time to change one of the worst moments in Team Flash history.

Word Count: 2739

The Flash danced, if you could call it dancing, a little victory dance. “Whoo! That was exhilarating!” The teenager removed his mask and high-fived his best friend. “Thanks, Kris. That was one hell of a save. Riptide almost got me.”

“Well,” the girl flipped her hair over her shoulder, “it’s all in a day’s work, Flash.” Kristen jumped out of her chair and checked her phone. “Oh, Mom’s saying we should go back home.”

“Can I come?” the superhero asked.

Kristen raised her eyebrow. “Aiden, you know my mom’s the best reporter in Central City. She knows if one certain speedster perfected his time machine and went back into the past.”

Aiden averted his gaze and pursed his lips. “Well…”

“You weren’t supposed to tell them anything.”

“I know! But, you should’ve seen it, Kris! It’s an experience. Everyone was so young and so happy. It was perfect,” he swooned. Aiden gasped. He spun around and smiled. “You wanna go back to the past?”


“Time travel with me. It would be fun! We could do whatever time you want. When Dad got his powers. When your mom got her first cover story. Maybe the big reunion party! Wanna go to a bar?”

“No!” Kristen laughed. “No, if we’re going back in time, we have to make a difference. You know, make something better.”

“Like saving a life?”

“No, too drastic. Plus, something will make it worse. Don’t forget those stories your dad told us.”

“Oh, come on, he’s just trying to scare us.”

Kristen rolled her eyes. “Sure, Aiden Allen. No, I mean, like, lightening Team Flash’s burdens somehow.”

Aiden tensed. He bit his lip and scratched the back of his neck.

“What are you thinking of?” his friend asked him.

The superhero gulped. “Remember those weeks… the Flash disappeared.”

Kristen’s muscles stiffened. “Yeah. Mom says those were to worst weeks for everyone.”

“Worst on Mom.” Aiden shook his head. “She can’t even tell the story without tears in her eyes.”

Kristen pursed her lips. “What might we change? Isn’t it… risky?”

Aiden quickly changed into more casual wear and stopped in front of Kristen with two helmets in his hands. “It’ll be worth it.” He handed the girl a helmet. “Wanna make a better future?”

In another time, you were pacing the cortex. Your hands were shaking. Your muscles were tensing, and your stomach was dropping with every passing moment. A new meta had arrived, and he had powers no one could scientifically explain at the moment. Somehow, the man could control shadows, and, plus, he kept on teasing the entire city about an unrevealed power.

Barry’s communications have been cut off for twelve seconds precisely. Each second was eternity.


You raced to the microphone. “Barry?”


“Barry!” you shouted.


You closed your eyes and gripped the device. You screamed, “Barry Allen, answer me!” You sighed, tears pricking your eyes. “Please. Please, say something.”

Iris rubbed your back. “It probably just short-circuited.”

“Yeah.” Cisco gulped.

You threw your head back in frustration. Their lies were not reassuring.

Cisco typed a little. “Maybe there’s something wrong with the comms.”

The speakers buzzed to life. “I wouldn’t say that.”

You gasped. Then, you narrowed your eyes. Your body grew hot as one thought frantically pounded against your skull. That was not Barry.

You sneered, “Where is the Flash?”

“Here. Breathing. If that’s what you wanted.”

“If you dare hurt him, I’ll-”

“What? Please, do try to threaten me.”

You froze. What could you do? You weren’t a meta. What could you possibly provide?

Joe snatched the mic away from you and dared, “Hurt the Flash, and the entire CCPD will not hesitate to put you down.”


Joe cursed and threw the device on the desk.

Your lungs shrunk in size, and it was difficult to breathe. It felt like a crowd of people was standing on you. Where was he? Was he ok? Why couldn’t he run? Why couldn’t he escape? Who was this man who dared to go against Team Flash? What could you do? Could you do anything?

You gulped. Barry needed you. Someone was out there, someone you loved was out there. And he needed all the help he could get. “Guys,” you cleared your throat, “Barry needs us. Cisco, can you try locating him?”

“Already on it.”

Joe contacted all of the CCPD. Iris was scouting all the news and recent sightings of odd behavior. Caitlin was studying samples of the meta’s victims. You were going the man’s profile and trying to piece together what he wanted.

No one was getting anywhere. Voodoo, as Cisco named him, was never spotted anywhere. No weird shadow activity. No cure for any of the demons. No records.

Voodoo left smoke in his wake in more ways than one.

Everyone was in the cortex, working tirelessly.

Suddenly, light engulfed the room and blinded everyone in its wake. By the time you opened your eyes, an odd machine was in the middle of the room, and two teenagers holding helmets were with it.

Narrowing your eyes, you stalked up to them. “Who the hell do you-”

“Woah, (Y/n).” Caitlin stopped you. “It’s ok. We’ve worked with these kids before. At least,” she turned around with a small smile, “with Aiden before. (Y/n), they’re from the future.”

With your eyes still in the shape of slits, you stared at the kids. The girl had dark skin and curly hair. Her eyes were coffee brown and her smile, though small, lit up the room. The boy she was with was painful to look at. He looked too much like the man you were trying to save.

You sighed. “I don’t need kids from the future right now. I need to find Barry.”

“We know where he is,” the girl claimed.

You scoffed. “Really? How?”


The boy cut her off, “We’re big fans! Um, in the future, where we came from, we, everyone admires the Flash, you see. We all, well, know what happened here, and… and we want to help.” Aiden gulped.

You raised an eyebrow at the kids. “Then, tell me where he is.”

The girl spoke up, “He’s in an unfinished stadium outside of Central City. Voodoo’s keeping him hostage.”

“And his powers.”

“Shadow manipulation.”

Aiden added, “The ability to control shadows, make them tangible, and transform them.”

“What do you mean transform?” Joe asked.

Aiden bit his lip. “Well, shadow manipulation is an interesting power. The ability to transform the shadow itself only allows the figure to take on the appearance of its host.”

The girl translated, “In English, the shadow Voodoo controls can look like the person who owns that shadow.”

“We’re gonna have a Barry look-alike,” muttered Cisco.

“Then, we have no time to lose.” You sat back down and got to work.

While everyone was working tirelessly through the night, Kristen pulled Aiden to the side. “Aren’t you going to tell her?”

Aiden motioned to Iris. “Aren’t you going to tell her?”

“Everyone here knows who you are, except your own mom. And don’t think I haven’t noticed. You’re not using your speed.”

Aiden shuffled his feet. “Kris, look at her. She’s devastated. Dad’s not here, and she’s not sure if he’ll come back. Telling her I’m her son, that will make it worse.”

“I don’t know, Aiden,” Kristen shrugged. “I think it would help her.”

Aiden sighed. “Let’s just save my dad.”

Hours later, the plan was formed. You were to go in and distract Voodoo. Surely, Barry’s identity was revealed, and Voodoo would have knowledge of you and Barry’s other friends all through simple research. The only thing Voodoo wouldn’t see coming were two kids from the future. In order to use that, Team Flash agreed to leave the children to their own devices to save Barry with their advanced technology. Team Flash would track and find Voodoo’s weaknesses.

All you had to do was keep him busy.

“Hey, Voodoo!” you yelled. You gulped and kept your eyes open for anything suspicious. “I got the money. Now let him go!” You turned around, making sure nothing was in sight. Your hand gripped the duffel bag full of money. “Come on out, you coward!”

Suddenly, the lights turned on with an annoying buzz. Your shadows formed around you. One of them detached itself from you and slithered in front of you. It held its hand out.

You clutched the duffle to your chest. “I need to see him first.”

Through the lights, you spotted another figure approaching you. You shifted your weight and position, holding the duffle bag in one hand. Your other hand lay on the tranquilizer on your belt.

Cisco whispered, “Aiden and Kristen are near Barry. Just keep Voodoo occupied.”

You gulped, your eyes trained on the figure in the distance.

You gasped, “Barry?” He looked so real. He had bruises, his torn suit, his sad and relieved smile. He even seemed to speed up at the sight of you.

You knew it wasn’t real. Voodoo’s secret power was transforming shadows to look like the person he stole them from. This Barry wasn’t real. And yet, it looked too real.

The next thing you knew, another one of your shadows sprung up and held the Barry you saw away from you.

“No!” you screamed, reaching out to him. You whipped back to your shadow. “Let him go.”

My shadow shook its head. “No money,” it rasped out.

Shock punched your gut. “W-what? What could you possibly want?”


You tilted your head. “Sorry, I need you to repeat that. You want the sun?”

It shook its head. Then, it pointed at Barry. “His son.”

The air was sucked out of your lungs. “His son? Barry doesn’t have a son.”

Cisco cursed in your ear. “(Y/n), get out of there. Barry’s safe. You can run.”

You couldn’t. You knew that. Barry had a son. It must be true. Cisco wouldn’t have encouraged you to get out if Barry didn’t. Barry was too young to have a son. Even if he did, the son would be a baby, a toddler. What would a villain want with a young child? Unless the child was older. Unless the child was nearby. Unless the child was from the future.

You gasped.

Aiden was his son. Barry knew his son. And if Barry had a son, then that means the son had a mother. A mother that Barry knew of. That Barry never told you about. Barry’s future was written, and it was written beautifully. With a child and a wife.

Not with you.

Suddenly, something zoomed right in front of you. “Looking for me?”

Aiden. Aiden stood in front of you.

The teenager grit his teeth. “How did you know about me?” He turned to the Barry in front of you. “I know you’re not real. Drop the act.”

The shadow of Barry smirked and was let down by one of your shadows. “Well, Aiden, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

It sounded so much like him. It was the same soft voice that told you “I love you” every day.

“(Y/n), get out of here.”


Suddenly, you were swept away by a red blur. Barry set you down. “Stay safe.”


“Stay here. Ok? I love you.” He kissed your forehead and sped away.

You were left in shock and frustration and worry. Your fingers shook like leaves in a tornado. Your brain spun around in a whirlwind, trying to piece everything together in a sensible way. However, none of the pieces seemed to fit the complex puzzle you wanted to understand.

Barry was a father. Going to be a father. He was going to marry a beautiful woman. In order to pursue a great relationship that somehow made the lovely child that is Aiden Allen, he would have to break his relationship with you. You’d be left in the dust.

You shook your head. Of course, Barry’s future was bright. You didn’t expect anything less of him. He’d be happy. He’d be ok. He’d have his wife and Aiden. It sounded so wonderful. You should have been happy for him.

Then, there was the storm inside you, tormenting and taunting you. Barry would be happy with someone else. Not you.

“(Y/n)! Hey!” Caitlin called. The woman rubbed your shoulders and led you to the car.

Later, Voodoo was defeated and locked up. His boss, a man named Riptide, was tied up and ready to time travel back to the future. However, before Kristen and Aiden left, everyone celebrated.

Kristen was beaming as she announced, “Iris, would you be mad if I told you my mom was standing in front of me now.”

Iris’s eyes widened. She pulled the teenager into a tight embrace. “You are so brave,” she gasped with tears in her eyes.

Aiden smiled at the two of them before searching for you. You were with Barry. In another room.

“Are you ok?” you asked him.

Barry smiled. “Always am. Are you?”

You nodded, stealing a glance at Barry’s son.

Barry cradled your cheek. “Hey,” he turned you to face him, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just…” You gulped. “I want to know if you want to say anything. Just that.”

Barry blinked. His eyes crinkled, trying to figure out what got you so shaken up. Then, he smiled. “I love you. I wish you didn’t risk your life, trying to distract Voodoo. I promise to protect you al-”

“Barry, you have a son.” You felt the tears growing in your eyes. How could he say that he loved you? How could he care for you so much? How could he be so in love with you when he was destined to love someone else?

You licked your lips and gasped for air. The inevitable was coming.

Barry blinked. Then, he nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, Aiden’s a great kid.”

“With a great mom, I bet.” You shuddered. “Barry, if you’re destined to be with someone, you should go for them.” You inhaled then exhaled. “If you don’t love me. Then don’t-”

“Woah, (Y/n), slow down. I do love you. A lot. A lot a lot. And…if you’re so worried about destiny, then screw it.” He laughed. “If fate, future, or whatever dares to come at us, I will change it.”

You shook your head. “Barry, you deserve a good future.” You looked at Aiden. “It looks like you already have one.”

Barry stared at Aiden. Then, it all clicked. He smiled. “(Y/n), what color eyes does Aiden have?”

You blinked. “I don’t know. I’m going to guess he has your eyes.” You smiled a little.

“Look closely. What’s their color?”

You scoffed. “I don’t know.” You narrowed your eyes. “I guess… Maybe (y/e/c). Maybe.” You shrugged.

Barry nodded. “And your eye color is…”

“(Y/e/c).” You gasped. “Barry, you don’t mean…”

Barry sighed. “A year ago, Aiden arrived in a time traveling ship. However, the landing created some problems, and he needed help. In exchange for our help, he agreed to bring us to his mom.” Barry beamed. He shrugged. “He brought us to a nearby bar.”

Your hands flew to your mouth, covering the smile that appeared. You laughed. Suddenly, the storm inside you was gone, swept away by sun and happiness. You beamed and jumped into Barry’s arms. Relief washed over you, and you shook with giddiness. Your happiness challenged a kid’s smile in a theme park.

Just then, Aiden walked over and fiddled with his fingers. “Um, hi. I just…. First, are you ok? M-Miss… (Y/n)?”

You pulled away from Barry and embraced Aiden. You smiled and pulled Aiden closer to you. “I know, Aiden. You don’t have to call me Miss, by the way.” You sighed and rubbed his shoulder.

Aiden relaxed and pulled you closer. “Mom,” he sighed.

You pulled away and patted his back. “You are so much like your father.”

He shrugged with a little laugh. “My eyes are from you. My strategic mind, too.”

“Strategic mind?” You giggled. “Really?”

“Well, I can think easily on the field. If I was like Dad, well…”

“Hey!” Barry interjected, draping his arm around your shoulder.

In that moment, when you, Barry, and Aiden were smiling and laughing, you saw everything you wanted in one snapshot. You saw your future, and you couldn’t wait.

That was looonnnggg!!! Hehe, sorry. I just love Aiden so much. It is one of my ultimate favorite imagines, and I hope I did its sequel justice. If I didn’t, please, tell me so and advise me to make this imagine better. 

I hope everyone has hope and something to hold on to this summer! Especially in these rough times, it’s important to know that there are so many good people out there. And good people outnumber the bad. Hold on to those happy thoughts! I love you all!

Ten Words

So, I wrote this in response to a prompt from fortheloveofgodsandjaymz who wanted something angsty where Iris keeps being oblivious to Barry’s feelings until Barry finally gets fed up and they fight. This is…not that exactly, but I hope, my friend, it’s close to what you wanted. 

Summary: An explanation from Iris’ POV for why she didn’t see Barry’s feelings for her, and her reactions to his confession. 

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My Favorite Barrison Moment

Originally posted by mysterious8976

I didn’t really start shipping Barrison until I found the Tom Cav fandom on Tumblr. Naive I was, thinking that I was the only “weird one” that found Mr. Tom Cavanagh to be a fine specimen. So, after I realized that, hey, a lot of people ship this Barrison thing, I watched the finale. And holy shit did I see something electric. The confrontation scene between Barry and Eobard is my favorite Barrison moment. It’s not sweet or sexy or romantic. Hell, it was a ship killer for a lot of people. But watching that scene, I saw the essence of what Barrison means to me. A fuckload of guilty emotions. 

Eobard Thawne came to Central City years ago to kill the Flash. He was unsuccessful in killing him but left the little boy that would one day become the flash completely broken. And then, when he realized he couldn’t get home without the flash, he had to swallow years of hatred to turn that boy into the flash. He had a goal, a mindset. He did not have to and probably should not have developed feelings of love towards Barry. But he did. That’s what you see in that scene. He loves Barry. You can view it paternally or romantically but he genuinely cares for Barry. He really shouldn’t have seeing as if he had trusted Barry’s fine (or not so fine to him) judgement a little less, he might have actually been able to return home. But he does. And yeah, he has killed people. But he doesn’t do it for sport. So clearly he must have some semblance of morality. I choose to believe that he does feel a teeny tiny bit bad about killing Barry’s mom. Yeah he has justified it in a very twisted way but in his mind, if he didn’t “have” to do it, he might have tried to fix it somehow. Or, at least, he feels slightly apologetic towards this boy he has grown to love. I mean he says that he loves him in this scene. Explicitly states it. I can’t not view this as a Barrison scene!

 And Barry is so heartbroken and betrayed. You can’t be betrayed by someone you never trusted wholeheartedly. You can’t have expectations from someone you didn’t respect. You cannot be heartbroken by someone you never loved, even a little. To me, that was one of the most painful scenes of the season apart from Barry’s scenes with his father(s). I mean, Barry never knew the real Harrison. All the feelings he developed towards Harribard were legitimate on his end. So when he learns this horrible truth about him, he denies it. Profusely. And in this confrontation scene, even after he has accepted it, he isn’t beating the shit out of Eo for ruining his life, he isn’t ignoring him or trying to get him to admit to the murder of his mother. No, he is asking him why. As some last attempt to find some sort of sane reason and justification for his actions. And he doesn’t get it. There is no logical, justifiable reason. And that is what drives Barry over the edge. Because you can see just how much Barry does not want to hate Eo. He really doesn’t. And it’s not like the whole time Eo was torturous and maniacal towards Barry. They had some genuinely positive moments and it’s so hard for Barry to have to face all these conflicting emotions surrounding their relationship. It fucks him up. Like I said, fuckload of guilty emotions. Their relationship is not healthy AT ALL. At this point it’s barely plausible. But there is just something so interesting to me about how complex their relationship is that makes me ship it. I am not shipping it in the sense that I want them frolicking in meadows next season. I just like examining their relationship. Maybe I’m sadistic and insane. But I am a sucker for dynamic relationships and this is the definition of dynamic relationships.