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hey tumblr!! help a cool gal out!!

hey all! due to my job breaking their contract with me and laying me off with two days notice, i now have to come back to canada (from the UK) sooner than expected. luckily i had enough savings to buy my ticket home and tie up any loose ends here in London, but I will need some small financial help to seal the deal! i’m planning on cashing in some early birthday presents too, but here’s what i don’t have:

1. train ticket from central london to gatwick airport (about $30.00 USD)

2. transportation from toronto airport to my town (about $20.00 USD)

3. food & transport money to get me through this week (about $30.00 USD)

i can’t offer much, but i can write you a small poem/short story as a thank you for anyone who donates. My paypal is enelson554@gmail.com for CAD/USD, and rosey.n.92@gmail.com for GBP. i really wanna eat this week so any help is greatly appreciated. pls signal boost if ya can too!!


Backpacker Survival Guide: Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Central Germany

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Photo by Raphael Piret/MSF

Families displaced by violence in Bangui, Central African Republic, are living under the wings of an abandoned plane in a camp where around 100,000 people have taken refuge. Fighting continues in Bangui - already more than half a million people have been driven from their homes. MSF is providing medical care and vaccinations at several sites in Bangui. 

Photo by Yann Libessart/MSF

A girl plays in the mud by the Mpoko displaced persons camp at Bangui International Airport, Central African Republic (CAR). MSF has been providing humanitarian aid in CAR since 1997, and has expanded its activities in recent years in response to widespread conflict. Though violence has subsided in some parts of the country, the situation remains volatile and needs remain dire. Read more about MSF’s work in CAR: http://bit.ly/1x0L1cp 

Words. Fate. & Accidents (Part 2) - One Day
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Here you guys go~ <3



PART 1 ~ One Word

(Josephine’s POV)

Taehyung and I took a train from the airport to central Paris. It was a half an hour ride and as we sat opposite each other, I took the chance to bring up the question I’ve been dying to ask him the moment I said yes. 

“So, what exactly are we going to do?”

Taehyung shrugged and I tried not to face palm myself. Was he clueless about everything?

Probably seeing my expression, he chuckled. “I’m kidding, Joey.” He pursed his lips as he leaned forward on his elbows. “Well, I wanted to show you around.”

I nodded, “How long have you been here?”

“A few days? Maybe more?” He shrugged. 

“And you want to show me around?” I smirked. 

“Who says you have to be a resident to be able to show people around here?” He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile too. That’s how contagious it was. “I’m a natural tour guide,” he boasted.  “So don’t worry.”

“O-kay.” I rolled my eyes amusedly. 

“Just go with the flow.” He said with an encouraging smile. I was never one to go with the flow and preferred everything to be planned out beforehand. So hearing those words come out of his mouth made me a little nervous but at the same time excited. It even made me feel rebellious, like one of those badass chicks I’ve read in my novels.

"Can I ask you something?” He mumbled and I raised my eyebrow, telling him to go on.

“Why’d you say yes?”

I opened my mouth to answer then closed it when I realized that I don’t really have an answer for that. “I—I don’t know.”

Taehyung gave me a look; his gaze somewhere in between amazement and fascination.


He looked out the window as he licked his lower lip, smiling to himself. “Nothing.” He said as he stared at the fields the train was passing by. “It wasn’t the answer I was expecting from you." 

"What were you expecting?”

“Something sure.”

I looked at him as he stared out the window, thinking how I was expecting the same answer as well. Why did I say yes? Was it because I wanted to have an adventure? An escape? Something new? No matter how many things I list down, nothing seems to fit. I just really don’t know. “Well, can I ask you something?” I nudged his foot and he returned it with a shrug, keeping his eyes glued to the window.

“Why’d you ask me to spend the day with you?” Being quite accustomed to his ways, I expected him to shrug or say something like: “I had nothing to do”, or “I didn’t want to wait at the airport."—

"Because I wanted to.” He said simply and as he looked at me with that deep stare of his, I wondered if he could see the thoughts running through my head. When it lasted for a few seconds longer than it should, I looked away and cleared my throat; trying to cover up the growing blush on my cheeks. “It’s a little hot in here, no?”

“It’s still autumn, Joey.” I took another glance at him and saw him suppressing a smile. I bit my lip and looked out the window as well, sighing as I leaned back on my seat, unable to forget what I saw in his gaze a while ago when he answered my question.

He seemed—


He was sure. 

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What we know so far about the shooting in Munich
  • About 6pm there was a shooting in a shopping mall in the Northern part of Munich.
  • Six Nine Ten people are dead and about 21 wounded
  • The citizens of Munich are told to not leave their homes and avoid public places
  • According to the police three so far unknown people with rifles are on the run. There is an unconfirmed rumor that a fourth person was found dead According to latest reports it seems to have been only one person. The shooter is reported to have committed suicide
  • Munich’s central station was evacuated
  • The airport is still open and flights are still going
  • The public transport system is down is working again
  • There is no confirmation about other shootings in Munich. “Only” one shooting is confirmed - the one in the shopping mall.
    So it seems all other reports are false alarms
  • Police announced that this was most likely an act of terror