central academy of fine arts beijing


Hai Bo, They Recorded for the Future (16 Women), 1999.


Hai Bo was born in Jilin province and learned printmaking before studying as a woodcarver at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, graduating in 1987.  He only began making photographs in 1999 when he produced his Them and They series in which he restaged group portraits of mostly family and friends.  Them #6 (or They Recorded “For the Future”) combines past and present-day studio portraits of the same group of sixteen women.  One portrait enlarges a studio photograph, dated 1973, that was produced during the Cultural Revolution and inscribed “For the future.”  This image confronts Hai Bo’s group portrait of the same women taken twenty-six years later, in 1999.  


“Water” amazing hand-printed, water-based multi-plate woodcut by artist Chen Qi, one of the great masters of relief printmaking, in “Resurrecting the Phantom” main exhibition of the 2015 IMPACT at China Art Academy, organized by Kong Guoqiao and curated by Cai Feng, Li Zhenhua and Min Han. Chen Qi exhibited at the University of Michigan in 2011. In 2014, Stamps students studying in China visited Chen Qi’s studio in Beijing.


This week of December 17, 2012, I have been a visiting artist at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.  My friend, artist Chen Qi, whom I have exhibited with in several survey exhibitions in China and Europe, invited me to visit his studio.  Chen Qi’s work in printmaking is the most fascinating I have seen in China, and I would say, anywhere. Using large, custom made sheets of hand-made paper, Chen prints by rubbing ukiyo-e style using water based inks without printing press. Each print presented here was produced applying over 100 individual woodblocks.  He pulled out many of his prints and blocks.  It was just wonderful to see this great work in person.


Beautifully crafted pieces by a graduate student from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, a presentation we saw in the CAFA 2014 Annual Student Exhibition. The work was carefully constructed using ceramic sculpture and fabric to create puppets for the live performance, which were later turned into a film.