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Faces of war

#4 Roza Shanina

Roza Georgiyevna Shanina was born on 3 April 1924 in the Russian village of Yedma (Arkhangelsk Oblast) to Anna Alexeyevna Shanina, a kolkhoz milkmaid, and Georgiy (Yegor) Mikhailovich Shanin, a logger who had been disabled by a wound received during World War I.
Roza was reportedly named after the Marxist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg and had six siblings: one sister Yuliya and five brothers: Mikhail, Fyodor, Sergei, Pavel and Marat. The Shanins also raised three orphans.
After finishing four classes of elementary school in Yedma, Shanina continued her education in the village of Bereznik.
At the age of fourteen, Shanina, against her parents’ wishes, walked 200 kilometres across the taiga to the rail station and travelled to Arkhangelsk to study at the college there.
In 1938, Shanina became a member of the Soviet youth movement Komsomol. Shanina received little financial support from home and on 11 September 1941, she took a job in kindergarten No. 2 (lately known as Beryozka) in Arkhangelsk, with which she was offered a free apartment. She studied in the evenings and worked in the kindergarten during the daytime. Shanina graduated from college in the 1941–42 academic year, when the Soviet Union was in the grip of World War II.

Shanina’s two elder brothers had volunteered for the military. In December 1941, a death notification was received for her 19-year-old brother Mikhail, who had died during the Siege of Leningrad. In response, Shanina went to the military commissariat to ask for permission to serve.
On 22 June 1943, while still living in the dormitory, Shanina was accepted into the Vsevobuch program for universal military training.
After Shanina’s several applications, the military commissariat finally allowed her to enrol in the Central Female Sniper Academy, where she met Aleksandra “Sasha” Yekimova and Kaleriya “Kalya” Petrova, who became her closest friends.
On 2 April 1944 joined the 184th Rifle Division, where a separate female sniper platoon had been formed. Shanina was appointed a commander of that platoon. Three days later, southeast of Vitebsk, Shanina killed her first German soldier.
For her actions in the battle for the village of Kozyi Gory (Smolensk Oblast), Shanina was awarded her first military distinction, the Order of Glory 3rd Class on 17 April 1944.
By May 1944, her sniper tally increased to 17 confirmed enemy kills.
When Operation Bagration commenced in the Vitebsk region on 22 June 1944, it was decided that female snipers would be withdrawn. They voluntarily continued to support the advancing infantry anyway, and despite the Soviet policy of sparing snipers, Shanina asked to be sent to the front line. Although her request was refused, she went anyway. Shanina was later sanctioned for going to the front line without permission, but did not face a court martial.
Shanina and her sisters-in-arms took part in the struggle for Vilnius, which had been under German occupation since 24 June 1941.

During the fights in Eastern Prussia, Shanina was hit by a bullet in the shoulder on 12 December 1944.
On 27 January Shanina was severely injured while shielding a wounded artillery officer. She was found by two soldiers disemboweled, with her chest torn open by a shell fragment. Despite attempts to save her, Shanina died the following day.

Roza Shanina’s diary and several letters were published after her death. She was credited with fifty-nine confirmed kills, and recieved three different orders during her lifetime (Orders of Glory 3rd and 2nd Class, Medal for Courage) which makes her one of the most sucessful and most famous female snipers of World War Two.


Jiang Wen: Back in Action

I came across some fascinating and bizarre descriptions of Jiang Wen in the article “Back in Action” by Brian Bennett from Time Magazine (June 17, 2002), written while Green Tea was filming. I just had to share.

Even as a student at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, China’s Juilliard, Jiang showed signs of giving, not taking, direction. “Many teachers didn’t like him because he always questioned them,” recalls retired dean of dramatic arts Zhang Renli, who taught Jiang after the school reopened following the Cultural Revolution. “Jiang would always ask, ‘Why? Tell me why?’” says the 69-year-old, who has coached four generations of actors, including Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. “I’ve never since had a student like Jiang Wen.” Jiang’s stubbornness can make him a chore to work with. Especially now that he’s not directing but acting in other people’s films. “As an actor Jiang Wen is dangerous,” says award-winning author Wang. “The younger generation of directors cannot handle him.”

Below the cut, comments on Jiang Wen’s looks (I’ll confess I disagree with the “not handsome” part), virility, and vulnerability…

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Private Lives Chapter Ten

Title: Private Lives Chapter Ten

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2700

Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: None really for this one, lots of parenting moments. 

Catch Up HERE

A/N:  This has taken awhile. Honestly, my life is insane right now. I have so many things happening. I haven’t stopped writing, but it has been hard trying to find time to actually post my writings. Thanks to those who are sticking with me right now, I truly appreciate it. 

Character: Jensen Ackles


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“Thatcher Ackles!” You yelled. “If you don’t get down here, you’re gonna be late for school!”

“I’m here, I’m awake!” Thatcher jogged into the kitchen and grabbed a PopTart that was waiting for him.

“You are lucky today is my day off, Kiddo,” you said, glancing at him.

“I know, I know. Thank you, Y/N.”

Once you were in the car, Thatcher sat in the passenger seat quietly. He looked like he was thinking something over. You looked over while stopped at a red light and noticed a small frown on his face.

“What’s up, Thatch?” You asked curiously.

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The Central Academy of Drama that Winwin studies in, is the first academy of senior drama education, one of 3 most famous drama academies in China. The academy is generally recognized as the “cradle of top movie stars” which built several outstanding actors and actresses, such as Chen Daoming (Winwin’s favourite actor), Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Tang Wei.
The acting department is always the most popular field of study in the Central Academy of Drama. In 2015, there were 5419 youngsters (who) competed in this cut-throat exam while only 50 of them were finally admitted to be enrolled and Winwin was ranked the 10th among them.
Meanwhile, Winwin had also been admitted to other 2 renowned academies: the Beijing Dancing Academy which leads the dance in China, and he got the highest perfomance in the exam. The other was the Communication University of China which Winwin was No. 7 best performer admitted to the acting department

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Hai Bo, They Recorded for the Future (16 Women), 1999.


Hai Bo was born in Jilin province and learned printmaking before studying as a woodcarver at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, graduating in 1987.  He only began making photographs in 1999 when he produced his Them and They series in which he restaged group portraits of mostly family and friends.  Them #6 (or They Recorded “For the Future”) combines past and present-day studio portraits of the same group of sixteen women.  One portrait enlarges a studio photograph, dated 1973, that was produced during the Cultural Revolution and inscribed “For the future.”  This image confronts Hai Bo’s group portrait of the same women taken twenty-six years later, in 1999.  

KotOR - Stolen

Carth kept his head down as he strode through the Sith Academy. He’d been less than thrilled when Canderous had returned to the ship with a rattled Mission and informed the pilot that Revan needed him. He had an ever-growing list of things he disliked about Korriban and the Sith Academy ranked next to the Sith themselves. And, more awkwardly, he’d made a point of avoiding Revan’s company when he could.

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“Water” amazing hand-printed, water-based multi-plate woodcut by artist Chen Qi, one of the great masters of relief printmaking, in “Resurrecting the Phantom” main exhibition of the 2015 IMPACT at China Art Academy, organized by Kong Guoqiao and curated by Cai Feng, Li Zhenhua and Min Han. Chen Qi exhibited at the University of Michigan in 2011. In 2014, Stamps students studying in China visited Chen Qi’s studio in Beijing.

Jedi Academy AU's

Reylo stories that have Rey and Ben training at the Jedi Academy. xx They’re my favourite kind so I simply had to make a recommendation list - what can I say? I love making recommendation lists xx 

Like Young Gods

By: diasterisms


“What do you think?” Luke asks his nephew. “She has potential.”

“She bit me, Master,” is Ben’s stiff response. “Any opinion I give would be biased.”

Rated: T

Link: (X)

To Kingdom Come

By: diasterisms


“I remember everything!” he snarls, loud enough to make her flinch. “How you move— the way you breathe—” His words hitch on a strangled half-sob; he stares at her like a man caught in a waking dream as he skims the line of her jaw with his knuckles, stopping to touch the pad of his thumb to her bottom lip. “How your eyes met mine in the starlight,” he continues through a broken, haunted rasp of a voice, “and I felt like the look on your face.”

Or: What is alive must heal. What cannot heal must endure.

Rated: M

Link: (X)

Sequal to Like Young Gods

You Were A Shock In The Dark

By: ofstarlight


“It would be a lot easier to avoid making you angry,” he pauses, leaning close so he’s speaking right into her ear, “If you didn’t go getting jealous every time I tried to teach someone I’m clearly uninterested in.” | —-reyben.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Together We’ll Be Legends

By: CFHamilton


The day Luke Skywalker brought home the small orphaned girl named Rey, Ben Solo couldn’t have cared less. Now though? Now he’d fight the entire galaxy just to keep her by his side.

Rated: G

Series: Broken Bridges

Link: (X)

Don’t Leave Me

By: YumKiwiDelicious


He knew he would be back for her. He knew he would make it up to her some day. He knew there would come a time when he was strong enough to protect her.

He just had to become more powerful first.

Based on an idea I read on tumblr where a teenage Ben/Kylo was the one to leave Rey on Jakku.

Series: Force Mates

Rated: G

Link: (X)

I’m Here For You

By: AgentofSassArwenPond221B


Ben gets bullied sometimes at the Jedi Temple, but little Rey doesn’t like bullies. She does, however, like piggyback rides.

Rated: G

Link: (X)

Controlling These Feelings

By: PastelandCakes


She had changed a lot these past few years. She was no longer a scavenger but a Jedi Master who wished to bring forth a new generation of Jedi’s that would stand for all that was part of the Light in the galaxy.

Yet, how can she even pretend to teach them when she couldn’t control emotions such as this!

(Jedi Masters AU based on this lovely picture by arbutus-blossoms)

Rated: G

Link: (X)

In My Ten Years

By: brittlelimbs


There’s a piece of Jedi mythology, passed down from ancient times, that tells of a peculiarly nasty phenomenon: one singular, intact soul split in two by the Force. It’s a story of a schism in the stars, a constellation cracked in half, a lifetime spent scouring the Universe in search of that elusive whole.
But the Force is cruel and kind in turns; it gave Ben only one piece of his soul, but left the other, swaddled, at his feet.

AKA my take on the “Ben and Rey grow up together!” trope with a soulmate/soulbond twist. Pretty much pure teeth-rotting fluff, lots of Ben being a lil mother hen etc. before they grow into a romantic relationship. Luke POV.

Rated: M

Link: (X)

What She’s Worth

By: g_girl143


The first time Ben Solo saw her was from behind his uncle, peering up from the hiding place that was Luke Skywalker’s cloak.

She was a tiny creature. Inconsequential really, with expressive brown eyes and dark brown hair that was tied in two buns at the base of a scrawny neck. The daughter of a friend left in his care, his uncle had said.

He had dismissed her as quickly as he had laid eyes on her. Just another student in Luke’s Jedi academy. The only youngling in a sea of fellow adolescents. Far too young to be worth any attention.

But there was…something.

After being sent to train under his uncle in the Jedi academy, Ben Solo meets a youngling girl who would change the course of his life. An alternative universe companion fic for Claudia Gray’s “Bloodline” novel. A scenario in which Ben Solo and Rey are fellow students of Luke’s Jedi Academy and the events that led to the birth of Kylo Ren.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

There are some other ones that have Rey and Kylo having previously known each other at Luke’s Jedi Acadmey, but listing them would be spoilers to their stories, and those stories- some of which are my favourite - don’t really take place at the academy, more so gloss over, mention or have flash backs of it, hence their being left out. xx If you would like to know them though drop me a wee message/ask and I’ll put it under a read more xx

If anyone can think of any other Jedi Academy central ones that I’ve missed please feel free to add them, or even give me a wee message or ask. xx As most of you know by know I’m constantly on the prowl for fanfics with my beloved otp. XD xx