Hello guys, about that thing I’ve been working on! I made a multimuse blog for the toxic cleansing plot, and for my general use! So even if you aren’t in the plot, it’ll be hella if you still wanna interact. It’s here at mememuses if you wanna take a look. Unfortunately, none of the links are working for some weird reason. 

So I’ll fix it later, I’ve been at it for hours and I’m kinda fed up with it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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maplepancakes7-no  asked:

okay but for mbf-- if wirt lives in mass could u imagine greg bringing him a giant house centipede like "wIRT LOOK AT MY NEW FRIEND" and wirt flips his shit n has to go get dipper b4 it bites greg---- but also- it was in their house so guess who cant sleep now (hint: its wirt)

Wirt would not be the only one unable to sleep, omg, he and I would die. I cannot even conceive of doing that to Wirt because karma would arise from the California dirt outside my home and bring with it a massive centipede and set it loose upon the floor of my room and there would be no escape.

But yeah, Wirt would die a little and definitely go get Dipper to deal with it if he was around. Mabel would probably end up being the one to capture it though, Dipper would be too busy trying to come up with a complex way to get it away from Greg without it hurting him and Mabel just comes along with a jar and plucks it up and sticks it inside with her bare hands and takes it outside to be free. Dipper and Wirt just stare in horrified awe. And Wirt does not sleep that night. And probably keeps Dipper up along with him because every little sound is: “Is that the centipede? I think it’s the centipede. Wait, no… False alarm, it’s not the centipede.”

If Dipper and Mabel aren’t there, then Wirt calls them and puts them on speaker phone and they have to try and talk him and Greg through this dire situation without seeing anything and relying on the two most unreliable narrators ever to provide them information.

“It’s not even that big of a centipede-”
“I’ve seen bigger.”
“No. No, you haven’t. This is at least a seven foot centipede. Maybe eight!”
“Pretty sure it’s one hundred feet, Wirt.”
*Greg cackles, very amused with himself*

Nick Thoughts

“Does Dump Truck just think we’re big helpless chinchillas with no hairs?”

“Do you think Dump Truck would eat a centipede?” 

“Do you think Dump Truck thinks the whole world is our cage?”