katydidnot  asked:

i was always super confused about your centipede blogging but it was recently explained to me that centipedes are the roaches of michigan

They are and they aren’t! I was just talking to Isabel about this. In other states (the south, southwest, and I guess in New York) having roaches is a normal urban home experience, but here I think it’s a little more weighted in terms of being seen as a dirty/shameful/poor person thing. Here centipedes are not attached to any stigma really, they’re just a thing you gotta deal with in city homes of a certain age and humidity, and they don’t travel in scary packs like roaches do, so they’re never really an infestation concern. However, they’re also not really necessarily all that ubiquitous, as I have mentioned, I had never even seen one IRL before I lived in this apartment. That’s probably why they are so scary to me, because they are still like a horror story kinda bug.

However, they are much like roaches in that they live in your walls (which, I know I know, everything lives in the walls and that’s cool, but on principle that’s the scariest fucking thing ever), and they jump out at you like they don’t even give a fuck. Also are nocturnal, which is horrific.

Anyway I grew up in the southwest too so I concede that centipedes aren’t half as traumatic as a southwestern roach, although the first time I went to Texas when I was like 10 we stayed at this motel and I s2g there was a roach the size of my forearm and tbh I thought it was kind of a badass.