“Touka … . at that time, your coldness was wonderful. But right now your no good. "Somehow” the light in your eyes was lit".

Shuu was definitely on to something. It seems like once she met Kaneki her rage and blood-thirst slowly but surely lessened. The minute he spoke those words I knew Kaneki’s presence was influencing Touka. I always felt that Touka and Anteiku as a whole saved Kaneki from his own lonliness and sorrow. But in reality it was the other way around. Kaneki’s heart and circumstances had an effect on touka, to the point that she began to fall for him. Even when he lost his memories, touka not only left him to live his life as Haise Sasaki but created a home for him if he were to ever return. That’s a different type of love and loyalty, she’s sacrificed and endured so much that she deserves to live out the rest of her days by the side of the man she loves. At first I thought she hated Kaneki, so to see where her feelings lie now. To see her not only become his wife but the mother of his child is beyond beautiful as hell. Especially since we’ve had a front row seat too all there suffering and tragedies they took together and apart from one another.

I will saver this beautiful ass moment because I have a feeling this won’t last long. In this world beautiful shit like that can and will be shot down in a heartbeat.

We all want someone that will hold us down the way Touka has held Kaneki down since day one and through all the bullshit.