Glaciers around the world are retreating at unprecedented rates as temperatures rise due to anthropogenic climate change. The Blomstrandbreen glacier, located in the Svalbard Archipelago (595km north of Norway), is no different.

Blomstrandbreen glacier has retreated over two kilometres since 1928, the year in which this sepia coloured photo was taken. Since the 1960s, the rate of the retreat has accelerated to 35m/year and has increased even further in the last decade.

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i hope the two of you don’t mind i brought these two prompts together!! sorry it’s so late.

i’m always writing through mari’s pov so i tried adrien for a change, the lil sun bean. here’s for marichat and “actually…i just miss you.”

what is my obsession with writing angst lately i’m so sorry

Adrien nearly walks right into her that night. As in, turns-the-corner-to-her-front-door-and-finds-himself-two-centimetres-from-her walks right into her.

“Marinette!” he says, surprised. A grin breaks all too easily onto his face, as it always does around her, and he leans into the wall of her house.

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wlw  asked:


okay but imagine:

a magical forest. the trees, in every colour of the rainbow, sometimes all at once. the distant hum of a bee hive. flowers covering every centimetre of the ground. bumblebees lazily passing you on their way to their favourite flower. the air smelling warm and sweet. light shining through the tree crowns, creating constellations everywhere around you. a soft universe.

At first they’re closer in height, maybe a centimetre or two separating them (yeah, even with both of their poof hair). But as time goes on, Kirishima starts shooting up in height and Bakugou is PISSED.
Absolutely livid when he then learns that Kirishima’s whole family is all well over 6ft (one of his older brothers is even 2 meters/6.6ft) and they tend to grow until they’re like eighteen.
And here Bakugou is, both parents on the higher end of 5ft.

Between Peter and Carl, it’s really a love story. It’s very difficult to define their relationship. There is a lot of love, too much competition. When they were lined up  four to a picture, if Carl progressed a few centimetres, Pete did the same. They fought to have the total attention of others, but also of the other. They fought about who was the best songwriter, who was the smartest. This has given us great things artistically. But Carl felt that it was getting too intense. He needed to see other people. As in any relationship. When I started the film I had not realised how Peter had felt betrayed. I understood afterwards.
—  Rogert Sargent,  L'Express, 2012
When Another Guy Wolf Whistles At You

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of the GIFs that I have used. They belong to their rightful owners. I just found them on google.

You were walking in the streets with you boyfriend (EXO member) and you heard a wolf whistle as you passed by a group of guys.

You ignored it and continued to walk but your boyfriend stopped in his tracks and went up to the guy.

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Prince Albert builds water pipeline while oil flows down North Saskatchewan River
Prince Albert is constructing a line with 20-centimetre-diameter irrigation pipe along the ground to a spot on the South Saskatchewan River.
By Staff

Provincial officials in Saskatchewan say a riverside city whose water supply is threatened by an oil pipeline spill is building a hose, dozens of kilometres long, to draw water from another river.

Sam Ferris with Saskatchewan’s water security agency says Prince Albert is constructing a line with 20-centimetre-diameter irrigation pipe along the ground to a spot on the South Saskatchewan River near the Muskoday First Nation, between 20 and 30 kilometres away.

The city of more than 35,000 people has been preparing to shut its regular water intakes on the North Saskatchewan River following a spill upstream of between 200,000 and 250,000 litres of crude oil and other material at a Husky Energy pipeline near Maidstone, Sask.

Prince Albert has a few days worth of water stored in reservoirs and has also been preparing to treat water from its stormwater retention ponds while oil from Thursday’s  spill flows past.

Wes Kotyk with Saskatchewan’s environmental protection branch said officials don’t know how long that could take, since the plume of the spill has broken up and slicks can get hung up on bends and take time to move along the river.

North Battleford, which is further upstream on the river, shut off its water supply intakes on Friday and is now relying on a limited supply from wells.

“It might have to serve for some time. We don’t know how long the event will endure,” Ferris said during a media conference Sunday about the water pipeline Prince Albert is building.

“It won’t work in Saskatchewan in the winter time, I can guarantee you that.”

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If Sehun had a solo album what would it be called and what songs?

‘’maknae life’’
1. eleven minutes 
2. oh vivi 
3. the one that lu-eft me
4. no more hyungs (diss track) 
5. 49 centimetre


A magical beetle found only rarely in the wild, Scriverbugs are known for their ability to create writings (as yet untranslated, for the most part) as well as inking the skin of humans and animals when provided with a suitable food trail. Due to this it is suspected by some that they may be related in some way to the Little Makers of America, though this has not been proven. Scriverbugs are often used as key ingredients in some recipes for spell-checking ink, as the native magic of the Scriverbugs for various languages allows it to take to the enchantments worked into the ink extremely well.

Scriverbugs are, in general never more than an inch long and rarely more than a centimetre in length. Usually found in small hive-like structures, they have been known, when their groups get large enough, to take over termite mounds, inking the surface with their magic and creating surprisingly strong protections in this manner. Scriverbugs usually feed on carrion, but will feed on maggots, pupae and other insect larvae, and have indeed been known to cannibalise their own offspring when times are hard.

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