The lines were done about two weeks ago. The color was added tonight, over the course of about three hours, maybe a touch less.

When it heals, I’m going to take more photos, since my leg bruised terribly (the green on the bottom right? It just fades out. All the red and purple down there is bruising and maybe a bit of blood). The colors will obviously pop a lot more and blend better when my skin heals properly.

Color ink is so much easier for me, man. Fine lines hurt like nothing else, but color just numbs.

Art from the alt cover of Sandman: Overture. Tattoo artist is Greg Fly.

oh god that update was literally perfect???

even tho Equius was being creepy (I still love him but gEEZ)

there was this

which is a throwback to one of my favorite exchanges in the whole comic

and then this

Karkat pls…

It’s been a while since I laughed like this at Homestuck gg Hussie

merryvrismas said: :( why have you been so worn out lately? just a lot of work in general or is there anything specific? :(((( also i

This weekly comic tends to sap my energy, though it doesn’t take more than a day to completely finish (but I stretch it into two because I’m lazy). I’ve been a little less than motivated to do anything else, except the other day when I redrew like 10 old characters I found on a ZIP drive. I don’t have the energy to color them, though.

Mostly though I just get really drained during the winter months, particularly around Christmas.

Also, my left eye has been bothering me, which kind of dampens my mood to do anything that requires having my eyes open, lmao.

Also you what????????