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Muder dad, I have a not so little brother who likes murder strut (and run after small jet-powered children) in 6" heels, but he will not teach me his secrets. 😢 I am a sad bean, because I fall flat on my face if I try anything that's over 3" that isn't a wedge. How did you learn not to face plant?

practice and nazi science, my friend. i don’t recommend the nazi science route though. bad call. 

when you walk in heels, it’s tempting to put your whole foot down at once like you do with flats–or like you would with wedges. there’s a bit of a gentle roll to it, and if you have a single continuous sole, that’s okay.  but actually with heels you want to hit heel first, then toe–you should hear that two-stage click sound as the front and back of your foot impact separately. also, you want to keep your weight really poised; your spine straight but not stiff, and your weight more on your toe than your heel; your heel is going to be wobblier. think of something pulling upwards from the top of your head and between your shoulderblades.  if you can, do heeled boots–weakness in the ankle is what gets people a lot of the time, and even short boots will be more stable. 

if you want that hip sway, walk on a line like you’re on a balance beam. lions do this–they place their paws all along the same axis. stepping into the same centerline will push your hips side to side as you walk. it is indeed very murder-strut-y. 

when you run in heels, you run on tiptoe–your actual heel pretty much never contacts the ground. same with walking on grass–it’s exhausting, but you literally balance on just the balls of your feet so your stiletto doesn’t puncture the ground.  when you kick in heels, you kick stiletto first–otherwise whats even the point of wearing knife shoes. 

beauty is pain. and pain is heels. 

source: drunken shenanigans. so many drunken shenanigans. tony got science involved, and pepper provided expertise. steve is weirdly good at the can-can in heels, just for the record. 

you can’t know this many badass ladies who fight in heels and not have drunken conversations on how exactly they pull it off. they are a source of wonder and mystery, and the drunkvengers are determined to someday discover the secrets of heelfighting.


A while back someone asked if I could do a tutorial on how I draw faces. I haven’t had time to do a video (I still plan on doing one when I DO have time), but here’s a quick step-by-step!

1. I start with a circle with a cross through it that shows the center of the face and the eye lines. Then I add the lower face shape (jawline), and lines for the nose and mouth placement.

2. Next I add the nose so I can be sure it’s centered. Then I do outlines for the eyes, making sure they are even (really important for a front-facing face).

3. Once I have those even, I add the lips starting with the mouth line and then drawing the lips above and below it. Then I add eyebrows, and the circles for the irises in the eyes.

4. At this point, I erase the centerline, cross line, and bottom of the circle that I began with–I don’t need them anymore, and I want to eliminate extra lines so I can have a good sense of how the face is shaping up. Then I like to add a hairline. Sometimes I end up not using the hairline in the hairstyle, like if I draw bangs. But having a hairline there to start with helps me have an idea of the head shape, and where the face is vs where the hair starts.

5. Now I’ll add ears, a neck, and the top of the hair. The top of the hair will be above the circle I initially drew for the face shape because the hair poofs up above the scalp, adding height to the head. Again, I don’t always end up using this line in the final drawing depending on the hairstyle, but having it there helps me keep the overall head shape in check.

6. Details details! I finish up the hairstyle, add details to the eyeballs, darken outlines, and add shading to lips. Et voila! All done!

This Is Us- Chapter 13

Thanks to @Tammywt a terrific sounding board and all around cheerleader!

I broke this chapter into two parts– it got too long! I’ll need to keep chapters consistent between AO3 and Tumblr so revamped future chapter list at the end of this post.

Catch up on earlier chapters here 12, 11, 10 or by toggling over to the Master Fanfiction List

The promised early morning rain was moving on just as Claire and Faith reached the outer fields being used for the Quarter Day festivities.  It had been a muddy walk over but the sun would soon dry out the paths. Not that such matters had dampened enthusiasm amongst the crowds. It was approaching mid-day and the place was packed.

Music could be heard coming from several different areas over the the fields.  A small demonstration of traditional highland games was in full swing as were the various activities for children from sack races to sheep wrangling. Faith tried her hand at winning a goldfish with a ping pong ball. Faith (luckily) had a terrible throwing arm.  

Every now and then, they would catch sight of someone they knew from Lallybroch in the crowd. Ian tended to draw the eye with his unusual gait and Jamie’s hair and height made him easier to see. They didn’t go out of their way to greet anyone, though. Mindful of Jamie’s observations, they remained two lost in the larger crowd.

Claire and Faith checked out the various strength challenges, impressed by the size of the competitors. She watched participants tossing around massive hammers, stones and logs. Not for the first time, Claire found herself thinking about the national psyche of the place.  

How the games had remained the same generation after generation, still more or less using implements that were used then. Gooseflesh ran down her arms, these men, in kilt and boot, could have walked straight out of a rift in time.

From the corner of her eye she saw Faith standing in front of a cluster of women just as awe-inspiring as they readied themselves for a go and smiled for  there was progress writ on today’s fields, too.

“Good luck, ladies!” She cheered them on as she reached her hand down to Faith and moved her a safer distance from the action.  

After a time, they meandered through the crafts area, exploring everything on offer:  gloves and socks made locally, candles, honey, fine metal, leather goods, cheeses and vegetables of all kinds.  Nibbling samples and touching the knitted items as they went.

“Ooh…What’s it?” Faith asked on a reverent sigh after stumbling on a soft blanket in her favorite purple hue.

“Och, darlin’ ‘tis made from the finest alpaca, no’ more than 10 kilometers from here.” The squat man with a pipe hanging off his mouth proudly declared.

Faith pleaded with her eyes. Claire wasn’t certain if bargaining was part of the expected entertainment but her Uncle Lamb hadn’t carted her from hither and yon without teaching her a thing or two. By the time they were done she’d parted with £70.00 (down from £100).  

She watched as Faith hugged the bag containing her new lovey to her chest, careful to keep it out of the damp path but she caught her surreptitiously rubbing her cheek against the soft corner that peeped out of the top. She smiled, knowing she’d gotten the best of the negotiation.

The afternoon sun was in their eyes as they made their way over to the bleachers set up for the shinty game. Though by the time they sat, the sun was behind them. A light breeze rising as the afternoon lengthened.

Faith had spotted Jamie right away, of course, and then noticed Jenny, Murtagh, Fergus. By that time, though, Claire had spread out the little picnic lunch she assembled from the various food stalls. A tempting array of snacks had kept Faith content and her mouth too busy for idle chatter.

It was a coed game, that much was clear but Claire wasn’t entirely sure about the teams or the rules. The players were wearing t-shirts of varying plaid designs in muted colors with Slainte prominently displayed. It looked as if  Jenny and Jamie were on opposite teams.

Jenny had a wicked hook and didn’t shy away from muscling anyone who crossed her path out of the way.  The game was physical. The smack of the ball against caman audible as were the grunts and calls of the players. 

Claire watched for a bit and then concluded that whichever team Fergus was on, his only goal was scoring with a pretty blonde woman flirting right back.  

The game looked like it might be winding down. Claire finished packing their food away then asked Faith if she wanted to visit the ponies. Just then, Jenny got in a particularly good shot.

Claire heard an appreciative cheer behind her, followed by young Jamie asking, “Did Mum score?”

She looked over to see Ian standing hand in hand with his son watching the field of play. She raised her hand as he smiled his hellos at them.

Faith called out “Uncan!” and pulled Claire up, urging them to Ian’s side where she promptly offered her lovey for inspection.

“Och, verra soft!” Uncan dutifully agreed.

Then Faith and wee Jamie began inspecting some bugs underneath the row of seats behind them.

Claire and Ian were chatting, eyes off the field when a sudden yell and the unmistakable sound of a collision rent the air. 

Claire knew without looking that she would be needed. Wide eyes met steady ones.

“Faith?” She asked, even as Ian reached his hand out to the lass.

“I’ve got her. It’s no’ Jenny, she’s fine, I can see her still standing. Dinna worry, Claire. I’ll get the bairns back to the house. We’ll meet you later.”  

Claire spun quickly and, running onto the field, reached into her bag for the kit she kept on her person at all times. There was a small crowd gathered around the centerline of the field.

With all of the efficiency of a master drill sergeant she split the crowd and was down on her knees next to the three people splayed out on the ground before she had even registered what she was looking at.

A woman, red cleats, long blonde hair, startlingly green eyes, another woman, short brown hair, shorter skirt- no, it was a skort– and glasses, not moving and a man, naturally, Jamie.

There was that kind of muted murmuring that happens at sporting events when players are injured. Claire caught Jenny’s eyes and with a minimum of mostly non-verbal communication was able to confirm that the first responders had already been called. They were housed under a special first aid tent set up between venues. They’d arrive momentarily.

She only hoped Ian had gotten Faith off the field and looking elsewhere. If she saw her parents, she’d want to come see them. No telling what might happen but there were too many people around to want to risk having to pass off anything Faith might say as accidental.

She eyeballed Jamie. His problem was obvious, though treatment for him could wait. He had a cut along his thigh. It would need stitches. 

Red cleats was moving around but in pain, the skort was still flat out.  Claire thought red had a dislocated shoulder, skort undetermined.

Skort then. Her skin was gray.  A, B, C the three part emergency assessment vital to such situations.

Struck out at A - airway was compromised. She wasn’t breathing. Jamie was about to start chest compressions when Claire shot her hand out and stopped him.

“No, that’s– “ rather than explain she pushed at his body, understanding he was in the way, Jamie quickly moved to the side.  

Claire dug her hands up and under skort’s back and hoisted her into a half sitting position, her body braced against Claire’s knees as Claire’s arms came around to the front of the woman’s chest. 

Claire made interlaced fists just under her rib cage and then heaved for all she was worth, once, twice and a wheezing sound from skort told her she was on the right track, on the fourth squeeze a piece of rubber came flying out of the woman’s mouth.

Along with some water and what looked to be some fruit from lunch.  An audible, grateful wheezing inhale told Claire that she had successfully cleared the blockage. Color was slowly returning to the woman’s face.

“You are alright.” Claire told her. “That’s it. Just shallow breaths, in and out. You’ll feel a lot better in a minute.”

Jamie was on the woman the second he saw she was out of immediate danger. He handed her a wet towel for her face and checked the rest of her out, even as Claire was doing the same.

“Lass, are ye ok? Anything else hurt?” She gave a grunt of negation to his question, still trying to get her breath back.

On a smaller wheeze Claire heard her breathe out, “Jaaaymee-EEE” in a rhythm that obviously had a hidden message.

Jamie chuckled in relief and responded with an answering grin, “Gen-EEEEVA. Tell me true, are ye ok?”

Claire smiled recognizing Wall-E calls – one of Faith’s favorite movies. By  this point Geneva had readjusted her glasses and could see a bit better.

“Yes, Jamie, honestly I am. I borrowed my niece’s mouth guard, I guess I should have just skipped it?”

Jamie hugged her to him.

“Ye scarrit the hell out of me, dinna do that again.”

“Oof, get off! You’re a bloody mess and I just bought this skort!” She declared.

“Well, if I’m bleeding it’s because of you and yer wicked handmaiden -determined to take me out ye were! Between the twa of you and Jenny, I stood no chance!” Jamie pretended to be affronted.

Jamie was bleeding more heavily now. Claire quickly wadded up some bandages from her kit and pressed them firmly into Jamie’s leg.

He gave a grunt of pain.

She slapped his hand over the cut instructing, “Press here, hard, don’t move around too much.”

Jamie nodded at her but then turned to the other woman.

“An’ speaking of which, Geillie, how’s yer shoulder?”

Geneva gave a soft cry and turned her head around to find Geillis hurt though she had managed to sit up. Her eyes were closed and it looked like she was trying not to throw up or pass out. The shoulder needed tending.

Jamie crab crawled over to the woman.

“Geillie?” he asked. “Are ye ok?”

The woman’s eyes opened. She was clearly in pain but heard him.

“No.” She responded.

“Geillie?” Claire said to get her attention.

Her eyes shifted to Claire’s.

“I’m Claire I’m going to help you. You have a dislocated shoulder. Have you had one before?”

Geillie shook her head no.

“I know it’s painful but in just a minute or two you’ll feel much better.”

Jamie made to reach over and help.  

Claire put her hands on his chest and pushed him backwards, repositioning his bandages.

“You stay right where you are. Damned stubborn Scot! Did you not hear me before? What do you think you’ll accomplish bleeding all over the place? Sit still, apply pressure. We need to stop the bleeding. Geillie will be fine, Jamie. I will take care of her, ok?” Claire reassured him holding his eyes. When she saw he understood she turned back to attend to Geillie.

With Jenny and Fergus’s help, she soon had Geillie in the right position. It took  bit of maneuvering and two tries to pop the shoulder back in and she was sweating considerably before it was done.

“Oh, that feels much better!” Geillie said.  

Claire gave her a quick rundown on aftercare just as the first responders came onto the field. They transported everyone off the field back to the first aid tent.

Jamie had declined the recommended visit to the Urgent Care clinic in favor of Claire stitching him up right where they were.

The ladies would be transported although Fergus had offered to drive them to save the ambulance fees.  Geneva sat next to Geillie a comforting arm resting on her leg, the only part of her that Geneva didn’t think was hurt just then and waited for Fergus to pull up.

Claire numbed Jamie’s leg. There wasn’t a whole lot to look at in the tent so they all watched Claire work.

Jamie saw a small neat row of stitches appearing. Her hands automatically making the movements.

“Sassenach?” he began.

Her eyes came up.

“I…what ye did for Geneva? I dinna think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

“I told you I was a doctor.” Claire downplayed but smiled when she said it. It had been nothing, every step drilled into her years ago.

“Aye, but there is a considerable difference between understanding something and knowing it. I wouldna figured it out in time. You saved Geneva’s life, Claire. I dinna ken how to thank ye for it but—”

Claire’s hands were still busy with the sutures so she contented herself with gently headbutting him and resting her forehead against his as she softly chided.

“Shh, you. That’s my job, it’s what I do.”

Jamie laughed as his hand reached behind her head and he pressed a lingering kiss of thanks and murmuring the same to her brow.

“Ladies? Shall we go, the car is just outside.”

Jamie glanced up, having forgotten that anyone else was with them. He watched as  Fergus ushered Geillie and Geneva to the car. His eyes locked on Geillie’s and she smiled sheepishly and waved as she left.


Claire gently closed the door to the Laird’s room after making sure Faith was sound asleep and straightened her emerald green wrap dress a little as she turned.

She looked up to find Jamie ambling down the long gallery hall wearing a kilt with a blazer and a black Slainte t-shirt. The cotton worn and faded, it likely would feel soft as Faith’s lovey, she thought.

“Is the lass asleep?”

“Yes, but I’m sure a last cuddle from you won’t keep her up, she’ll be out again  soon as her head hits the pillow. We had a big day.”

Claire watched him make his way toward her.

Jesus, the way he moved.  

“Y-your– leg not troubling you?” Babbling tongue tied idiot! Claire admonished herself. 

“Nah, I was in great hands and it’s no’ in a place that chaffs.” Jamie smiled, continuing to come towards her in slinky strides, as much big game cat as man. Something about the plaid changing his walk or his balance.

Perhaps it was just her, Claire thought. For whatever reason, she was especially aware of his body and how it moved within.

She normally tried to forget how freaking hot he was. He was her daughter’s father. Period, end, finito.

From the very first, she’d felt that pull, but normally she could pretend it came from the pit of her stomach and live with the white lie.

Oh, but not when he was wearing that yum, no.

Now, she couldn’t help but be aware that the clenching in her body originated far lower down.

Claire made a funny humming sound in her throat as he brushed past her, the faded wool of his plaid caressing her hand.  She shivered at the sound his  heel made on the hardwood.

That caused him to pull back from the door just as he was about to open it. He turned his astonished gaze to hers and she could not hide her blush.

“Something I can help ye with, Sassenach?”

Jamie deliberately stepped in closer to her, rubbing up against her the tiniest bit. Not so much it was obvious but in a way that made her feel…why that ruddy Scottish bastard, he knew! He knew damned well how good he looked in his kilt.

A walking inducement to anyone with a pulse.  

Too flustered to do anything about it she tried to soldier on.

“Uhm, no. I’ll just go down and —” Claire lost the train of her thoughts as his hand came up into her hair, light as a butterfly.

He was watching her closely. Pinned under that deep blue gaze,  she had nothing to bluff with. His head moved closer to hers, she tried to move a little away but his body mirrored hers and followed where she led.

Aware of his mouth thisclose to hers, the sound of the soft rumbling noises he made, the smell of his soap, sandalwood and cedar. She tried to take a steadying breath but found herself panting instead.

“Sassenach?” Softly intoned on a whisper.

“What–what are you doing?”  

She swallowed and looked up to find him watching her closely. His face so close she could feel the exhalations of his breath. If she moved a fraction of an inch he’d come straight into her.

Claire stared hard at his lips, tender and just a little sunkissed. He hadn’t shaved in long enough that the hair was just turning from prickly to malleable.

How would it feel against her tongue? She wet her lips. 

He made a little sound that caused her eyes to lift up. He was staring at her mouth with as much intensity as she was his. An aching need spread through her.

She moaned a tiny bit imagining him leaning in with his body, trapping her solidly into the wall. 

Unable to help herself, Claire pushed all the way back imagining how it would feel, the cool plaster behind her, the heat of Jamie in front, pressing inward until their bodies were joined. 

He moved with her, but not pressing against her. He kept the sliver of space between their bodies. Oh, please!

His fingers traced her hair once more.

She squeaked a little and her lips parted as she shifted her weight on her tiptoes unconsciously reaching up toward his  just as he spoke.

“Just getting this out of your hair, Sassenach.” 

He said matter of factly and  handed her a piece of crinkle paper from a box that Faith had been playing with earlier.

Claire looked at his hand rather stupidly. Then she understood what he had said.

“Oh, oh. Well, ah.” She couldn’t seem to form a coherent thought.

“I’ll see ye under the tent, shall I?” A raised brow of dismissal as he stole into the Laird’s room to kiss his daughter good night.

Chest heaving, Claire tried to slow her heartbeats down as she slumped against the wall and sighed too loudly to hear Jamie collapsing against the other side of the closed door trying to catch his breath as well.

Chapter Updates: Chapter 14: Into the Mystic/Kiss Me;  Chapter 15: Like on A Date, Chapter 16: The Date (I think You Will Love This One), Chapter 17: Operation Lard Head, Chapter 18: Three Ravens 


Blue Origin’s New Shepard relaunches for a second suborbital flight.

For the second time in as many months, Blue Origin successfully relaunched their New Shepard booster first flown in November.

The company posted a video to their website yesterday showing the successful January 22 flight, which reached an altitude of 63.2 miles, a mile higher than November’s flight. The flight profile remained the same, here the crew capsule boilerplate was released at apogee and parachuted to the ground.

It also marked the first time their booster has been reused for suborbital flight. Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin’s CEO, stated that refurbishment protocols were straight forward. The crew capsule’s parachutes were repacked, pyrotechnics were reloaded, and general avionics checks were performed on the booster. He also stated that the largest single change was in landing software used by the rocket.

Instead of targeting the direct center of the landing pad, the booster now takes into consideration its relative lateral movement. This way, the rocket isn’t fighting low-level winds or other circumstances that would push the booster off-course. Bezos compares it to a runway aiming for the centerline of a runway, but still landing even if it’s deviated a few feet from it.

The first test of New Shepard was in April, 2015. The flight and crew capsule reached an altitude of 58 miles, however, the booster lost pressure in its hydraulic system, and it crashed upon impact. November 23 saw a second test vehicle reach an altitude of 62.4 miles and successfully landed 11 minutes after launch.

This was the first time a rocket flew above the von Karman line, the internationally-defined boundary between the atmosphere and space, and returned successfully to the Earth. Blue Origin and SpaceX are both developing rockets that can be reused after flight. However, New Shepard is a suborbital rocket while the Falcon 9 is an orbital-class vehicle. Read more about the differences between the two systems here.

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Do you have an tips or tricks for 3/4 view? Ever time I draw it the eyes and nose come out wonky.

If youre having trouble you can always grid it out to see what isnt lining up! the nose should fall on the centerline and the eyes/mouth/etc should all be parallel. Unfortunately I dont have any wierd tricks or anything but here’s a quick thing ;; 


*Pynch Laundry Mat AU, Part 4

They’re nearly out of Henrietta before Ronan finally hints at where they’re going. He tosses his trash in the backseat and pops open the glove box. Adam startles as a mass of papers and random items comes cascading into his lap.

“Sorry, sorry,” Ronan mutters as he pulls up to the stop sign and starts digging into the pile. Adam’s face turns bright red as Ronan’s hand accidentally brushes against his crotch and it’s all he can do not to jump at every slight point of contact. “I’m trying to find…” Ronan trails off before grabbing a menu for Nino’s. “Found it!”

Adam can finally breathe again once Ronan settles back into his seat but his heart is still racing. He starts shoving the papers back into the glove box, his hands trembling, making the process clumsier than it should be.

“Okay, so let’s see,” Ronan eases the car through the intersection, half of his attention on the crayon text scrawled across the menu. His forehead is scrunched up, his eyes hidden behind his expensive and flashy aviators. “Fuck, I can’t read his handwriting for shit.” He shakes the paper and flips it upside down. The BMW swerves over the centerline before drifting back into the right hand lane. Adam bites his tongue to keep from swearing and clutches the door handle; he’s having flashbacks to all the horrific times he was a passenger while Blue learned to drive.

“Can I take a look?” Adam offers. His voice sounds a bit high so he clears his throat and tries again. “I’d really feel better if you have both eyes on the road.”

“Knock yourself out,” Ronan replies, handing him the paper. “Noah said he had written down a scavenger hunt for us to follow but I can’t even begin to figure out what that shit says.”

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So I have found your tutorials super helpful, would you mind doing one on how to balance the proportions of the back of the head/ear/jaw area?


Back of head follows the circle, jaw lines up with the centerline, and ear is in the bottom right quadrant in between the brow and nose

Whiskey and You - Chib's Telford

Warning: This is is pretty sad guys. There is an issue with death so please don’t read if this will bother you. 

Chib’s sat on the foot of the bed you two had shared for six years now, his head swimming with the scent of your favorite perfume. Your jewelry littered the dresser along with a framed picture from your wedding day. So much had happened since the day you two had said your vows. So much destruction and death carried out because of the reaper he wore on his back. He knew he had to push you away to protect you. Jax had just lost Tara to the Chinese, he would be damned if you were to be harmed because of him or his club. Knowing the only way to make you leave would be to betray the trust you had instilled in him, he got to his feet had sought out the one thing that would break your heart. 

“There’s a bottle on the dresser by your ring And it’s empty so right now I don’t feel a thing I’ll be hurting when I wake up on the floor But I’ll be over it by noon That’s the difference between whiskey and you”

You walked into the clubhouse looking for your old man. He hadn’t checked in today like he usually did, and you were worried sick. Passing the bar, Tig spotted you and jumped up from his seat, catching you by the arm. “He’s not back there beautiful”. You stared into the bright blue eyes of one of your best friends and knew instantly that he was lying. The familiar feeling of dread bloomed in your stomach. “You never were good at lying to me Tiggy.” You sighed as you laid your bag down on the bar. Sidestepping Tig you made your way to the last bedroom on the right. This had been Chib’s dorm before you two had bought a house together. Bracing yourself for what laid behind that door, you took a deep breath and turned the handle. Chibs laid in his bed, the blanket he was laying under covered him from the waist down. The dollar bill tattoo on his chest glistened with sweat. His dark brown eyes met your green ones as you spotted the red bra and thong laying at the foot of the bed. “You shouldn’t be here love” he stated as he lit a cigarette with the Zippo you had bought him for your three year anniversary. His bathroom door opened and Rachel, the one crow eater you hated with a passion stepped out in nothing but one of Filip’s shirts. “I didn’t know we were expecting company” she giggled, crawling back in bed with your old man. Chibs leaned up and placed a kiss on Rachel’s lips before looking back at you. Tears were leaving wet trails down your cheeks, and your heart felt as if the glue Chib’s had used to put it back together was cracking, revealing once again the holes you had there. Tig appeared in the doorway and gently tugged at your elbow. “Come on doll, you need to get out of here”. Before it registered what you were doing, you had slipped your engagement ring and wedding band off and flung them across the room. “Goodbye Filip”, your voice barely above a whisper. “I curse the day I fell in love with you”. 

“Come tomorrow, I can walk in any store It ain’t a problem, they’ll always sell me more But your forgiveness Well, that’s something I can’t buy There ain’t a thing that I can do That’s the difference between whiskey and you One’s the devil, one keeps driving me insane At times I wonder if they ain’t both the same But one’s a liar that helps to hide me from my pain And one’s the long gone bitter truth That’s the difference between whiskey and you.”

 Weeks went by without a word from her. The constant ache of missing her was heavy in Chib’s chest. Needing to fill that hole, Chib’s began to drink more whiskey than the clubhouse could stock. Weeks turned into months, and a month turned into three. Bottle after bottle Chib’s covered the pain of missing you. He knew you were better off without him, how could you not be? He had filed for divorce weeks ago with no response from you. Finally one day, Lowen caught up with him at the clubhouse, a brown envelope hugged tightly to her chest. “You need to sit down Filip”. She told him, pulling a chair out from the closest table. Dread instantly filled his heart. “I’ve got a problem but it ain’t like what you think I drink because I’m lonesome and I’m lonesome ‘cause I drink But if I don’t break down and bring it on myself It’ll hit out of the blue That’s the difference between whiskey and you.” Chib’s sat down in front of a black polished rock. Her name engraved underneath an image of a rose. The tears and anguish he had been desperately trying to hold back were now falling freely down his scarred cheeks. A drunk driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, headed eastbound on the 580, crossed the centerline and hit his one and only head on. She had passed without pain, quicker than the death that awaited the man who had killed you. “I’m so sorry love”. Chib’s cried to the headstone, wishing he could the events of the past year back. “I promise I’ll find you again darlin’” he whispered as his fingers traced the letters of your name. 

“One’s the devil, one keeps driving me insane. At times I wonder, oh if they ain’t both the same. But one’s a liar that helps to hide me from my pain. And one’s the long gone bitter truth.That’s the difference between whiskey and you. Ah, that’s the difference between whiskey and you.” 

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Yo hi I just wanted to say I adore ur art it's gorgeous but like, do you have any tips when it comes to keeping characters looking consistant? Like doing references and profiles, my characters always look different in each picture and Idk how to fix it but yours is stunning?

Thank you! Glad you enjoy my stuff.

I’m gonna admit it right now, I’m really not the best as consistency or angles or teaching, but I made some images to illustrate some tips I have, mostly because I’m a very visual person and find it easier to explain this way. I feel like it’s important to include both how I go about keeping my characters looking the same on each draw AND keeping them looking the same from different angles because let’s face it, you won’t just be drawing ¾ views of your character forever.

This is my Gin design for my Ginga fan project. I picked him because he seems like he’d be easiest to illustrate and I’m familiar with his design.
Basically, Gin’s head is a very simple conglomeration of basic shapes when you get down to it: the base is a sphere, the muzzle is somewhat cubic, like a square styrofoam cup, he has a solid dent in his head for his browline, his ears are triangular, and his eyes are beeeg balls in his head. Notice how I refer to his body parts as things like “spheres” and “cubes” and not “circles” and “squares”. That’s because when constructing a 2D character in a 3D space, you should make an effort to understand them in 3D terms. It takes some practice, but you should be envisioning them as essentially a 3D model on the page.
This is essentially how I draw Gin’s head, regardless of angle. His head is a squashed sphere, so I turn it like a sphere depending on where he’s looking (like forward, for instance.) His blocky muzzle also gets turned to a different angle if necessary. The key here is that he’s made up of solid shapes to start with, not just lines. If you’re in the habit of composing characters of purely lines while you draw and you’re having trouble with consistency, try breaking them down into basic shapes instead.

Another tip that helped me when I was younger (and occasionally does now) is laying down extra lines on my references, even if those references are just the original character drawing, to communicate proportions. You’ll probably notice the line running down the center of Gin’s face in the first image, which is typically all I need, but it might be useful to someone else to draw him with three lines running down the center of his face to understand where to put his eyes.
This grid-looking Gin can be helpful. The three lines in the middle of his face, fore example, run through both his eyes and his nose. The line extending from his browline runs to the edge of his ear. He has a line immediately over his eyes and one immediately under them. That can help you align some of his features. The paranoid looking Gin was draw freehanded, not traced, and though it’s not perfectly exact, it’s fairly accurate to the original’s proportions.
Something I didn’t illustrate here is how I quickly “measure” different body parts while drawing them. Ever seen a characiture of an artist holding up a paintbrush? That’s a real technique used to see how something in the reference image measures up to something on the page. I typically do this in my head by approximating, like “Hmm, if I say the eyeball is 1, then the ear is 2 eyeballs long” or something similar.
Don’t be embarrassed of using a lot of guidelines if you’re getting into the swing of things. Nobody will need to see your sketch anyway, especially with digital lineart, or you can erase away the mess later if you need to. All that matters is understanding your subject.

This is sort of a combination of the above two things. I erased a lot of the more distracting construction lines, but you can typically still see the lines running down the middle of Gin’s face and maybe the lines of the sphere forming it as well. I primarily tried to illustrate that the centerline of his face (the eyeline) and the browline curve and follow the angle of his head, which shows me where to place his eyes. This could be expanded out to help place other features of his too.
When using guidelines like this to keep consistency, think of the angle the subject is being viewed from. e.g. when his head is turned up and back, the centerline is also curved in a way that shows his head sphere is turned up and back. If his head is pointing downwards, the lines curve in a downwards slope.
Despite the curve of each line, I tried to keep each line approximately the same length, even if it wraps around an unseen part of the head.
Another thing is that when his head is angled back, his eyeline and browline are placed further up on his head, and when it’s angled down it’s the same thing in reverse. This is also something to remember when constructing a character from different angles - you can’t have everything in the same place it is from a neutral position and expect it to look right.

It’s also much easier to tell if you’re keeping everything in check with references. Just because a reference is realistic doesn’t mean it can’t show you how your stylized character might look from a different angle - not only will you pick up on the subtle details that you might not have included before, but it will be easier to fit your character’s relative proportions to match. e.g. Riki’s mouth in the bottom ref is smaller then it usually appears since he’s at a downward angle, so i can take Gin’s already fairly small chin and make it smaller and it looks fine (though I probably could’ve stood to make his upper jaw a little longer… whoops!.)

Another thing that often works: try something new, and slow down. The sketch of my design of John on the left took me maybe 5 minutes, and it shows, even with references. I wanted him to have his head at an upward angle, showing his prideful attitude, but it wasn’t working. So I angled him a little differently, slowed down, and corrected myself as I went along, and he started looking more on model. He also began looking more like himself, as in he showed more of his personality, which also makes a character seem more “accurate”. It took more time, at least half an hour, but I was satisfied with the results. You can see I erased a lot more guidelines in the second one from all the left over pixely mess, which is fine given nobody has ever seen this sketch… til now!
You’ll notice similarities between the two, but in the end they ended up looking very different despite being constructed in a pretty similar way.


  1. Build a character’s design out of shapes. Remember those shapes and practice drawing them.
  2. Use as many guidelines as necessary to keep yourself in check.
  3. Wrap those guidelines around a character’s form to keep consistency at different angles.
  4. References are a godsend.
  5. Be willing to spend time trying a new approach if you don’t get it right the first time.

General tips -

  1. Learn to draw basic 3D shapes. Use them as often as you can.
  2. Become familiar with your subject - I’ve been drawing dogs for years so it was easier for me to adjust then someone who hasn’t.
  3. Actively look for the shapes that could potentially make up a character’s form.
  4. Practice with simple designs with easy to see construction shapes and forms first.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight.

Some (more eloquent and pretty) tutorials on construction:

'Halos' discovered on Mars widen time frame for potential life

Lighter-toned bedrock that surrounds fractures and comprises high concentrations of silica – called “halos” – has been found in Gale crater on Mars, indicating that the planet had liquid water much longer than previously believed. The new finding is reported in a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

“The concentration of silica is very high at the centerlines of these halos,” said Jens Frydenvang, a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Copenhagen and lead author of the paper. “What we’re seeing is that silica appears to have migrated between very old sedimentary bedrock and into younger overlying rocks. The goal of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission has been to find out if Mars was ever habitable, and it has been very successful in showing that Gale crater once held a lake with water that we would even have been able to drink, but we still don’t know how long this habitable environment endured. What this finding tells us is that, even when the lake eventually evaporated, substantial amounts of groundwater were present for much longer than we previously thought – thus further expanding the window for when life might have existed on Mars.”

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Favorite tumblr blogs (equine or otherwise)?

i am very lucky to know and adore some truly incredible people. here are some of my favourite humans that one direction brought to me; people i am privileged to call my friends - @harrysgaytour, @pinkislouder, @reinventlou, @florelikeaflower, @soulmatesandfate, @loveloveolivia, @iamnotbeingsarcastic, @eachothershappyending, @floralfeast, @kingsbesideyou, @bunboyfriend, @rogueandeskimo, @intenselouis, @studyinpink, @disneyprincestyles / @prettiestperrie, @wereamanbandnow, @wellingtontat, @ziall, @wildwomanofthewoods, @coffeelouis, @querkyharry, @littlelouies, @happilylouie, @teamnouis, @unintentionalarry, @alarrylarrie, @ohboytheyareinlove, @bothquitecontent, @fuckinghatekissingyou, @tobeakingbesideyousomehow, @throughthedark…i’m sure i am forgetting urls and i am SO sorry! there are so many people who i love and so many amazing blogs that i follow.

the same deal pretty much applies to my equestrian friends, though many of the people i met when i first joined up are no longer on here and i’m not as involved in the happenings anymore. here are some of my pony loving loves - @highsynberg, @gotothebank / @wobbling-down-centerline, @dressagekitten, @spurbroke, @winterstormathena, @milessperhourr, @bridle, @horsegirlproblems, shelby, @eq-uitation, @equine-ess, @poniesandsquats, @eventingarab, @eventing-dreams, @bridles-and-boots, @sanitybecauseofhorses…god, i am SO TERRIBLE at urls! i am an embarrassment.

if you are a friend of mine and i didn’t mention you for some unknown reason, please reblog or reply to this so people can find you, too. i am genuinely so sorry for my memory. it’s shit.

“…and there among the dust did the blood, bones, and sinews of another brave crew join that dust. For an instant their fate was as another small star in the heavens, visible to few upon the Earth and of unclear import to those who noticed.” -EF Samson, writing for the Praxis upon the loss of the HMS Meurglys

The Hauteclaire class was a series of stopgap small vessels that used a boosted-chamber 16″ gun firing along the centerline. By opposing the recoil forces with the direct output of the gravity drive, it was made possible to fit a weapon of this size to such a small (some would say fragile) hull. These were to be used as pickets operating from a larger vessel or installation. While a hit from this weapon had a good chance of disabling all but the largest vessels, the reload rate made them only truly effective in packs. On their own, a miss with the initial shot left the vessel nearly motionless and defenseless but for her 5″ battery and smaller guns.

Depicted here is the loss of the HMS Meurglys to the German cruiser Gessler, the German operating in a commerce raiding role near one of the Mars trojans. The small asteroids and their associated debris served to shield vessels from being detected on the radioheliograph.

Another illustration for Spacecraft of the First World War.

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By Court Jones

The first thing I do for the gesture portion of this drawing is to indicate the size of the head, followed by the movement of the pose as shown by that long centerline. Even though he’s just standing in place, there is still movement to his pose. The angle of the shoulders and the hips contradict each other, similar to Michelangelo’s David.

To exaggerate his body type, I elongate the torso, as well as widen the body at the hips. The effect of corpulence is heightened also by a smaller head. I want to make him appear like a mountain of a man, almost of an epic stature. I actually saw him in person once at a frozen custard shop in St. Louis. And he was a very tall and imposing presence. If you’re able to meet your subjects in person, celebrity or not, be observant. Take mental notes on your impressions of their physicality, because there’s no better teacher than direct observation from life.

My main goal here is to get a likeness in the body. I want to stress the power of the shape and proportions of the body to help capture a subject’s likeness. If you think for a moment about how you are able to recognize a friend or family member in a crowd from a great distance, from behind, it’s the body that you see first. Not the face. When you think about that, it becomes clear how important the body shape and posture of someone is. So it’s really worth it to invest more time on the bodies in your drawing.


The Punch Comes From The Heart

There are many misconceptions as to what this truly means in Wing Chun. Some may refer to it as the punch coming directly from the centerline (where the fist moves in to the center of body and extends out). Personally I do not find this motion to be natural at all, it defeats the purpose of your natural guard, triangle structure and natural path that a punch will follow, imo, this is most likely due to a misunderstanding of translation. There is also the understanding of devleopment vs application which is vital to progress through any system, we punch extended in the air to stretch ligaments, tendons, muscles and release power, when punching an object, the object stops the motion but the power can continue it’s path and be released. When the topic came up once with my Sifu he gave a simple answer, “it means the punch comes from the “mind”, not the position of physical heart located in the human anatomy”. The mind leads the body. The punch comes from our idea, our “heart”.

Over time, I understand this more and more, yet even after all these years have only scratched the surface, as one layer is understood, there is always another layer underneath, the fun and exciting treasure hunt of understanding, as we become more receptive to learning.

“The Punch Comes From The Heart” in Wing Chun for me, means many things, but those many things are all within one simple thing - Sil Lum Tao (small idea). I now see the entire system of Wing Chun as (Sil Lum Tao -small idea). So to say the punch comes from the heart, to me means the punch (my motion, my energy, my dedication, my progress, my mistakes, my learning and my understanding all come from the heart. It comes from the “small idea” that is my Sil Lum Tao, my seed in my mind that I planted to grow from nothing to something through my training.

The Punch Comes From The Heart, can mean many things to different people, but for me, it comes from my passion, my will, my intent, my “small idea” that I dedicate my life to refining and exploring the depths of such a simple, yet complex, yet simple thing. Finding the most natural structure, position, distance, timing and power, will allow the motion to move free, smooth and become “natural”.

In these examples I used clips of a “punch”, however the punch, does not have to be a “punch”.

Train well and train safe