some swapverse concepts i really enjoy

- Sans is already a royal guard by the time you reach snowdin. He’s eccentric, accomplished, and popular with the locals. However, his priorities are very mixed up, and he has a habit of not taking things seriously. This leads him to toy with the human while they travel rather than taking direct initiative to kill or contain them. He’s definitely the older brother.

- Papyrus is still very much a kind-hearted and sensitive guy, but he’s a bit of an oddball outcast who spends most of his days with his nose in magazines or playing puzzle games on his phone (when he isn’t hanging around sans or undyne, that is).

- while the game hypes you up for a fight with sans, papyrus is the one to confront the human at the end of the snowdin area in an attempt to capture them.

- he does this for a few different reasons; Papyrus is lonely, and largely considers himself a failure because he isn’t like sans. The insecurity and need for validation motivates his decision to try and capture them, thinking it’ll make his brother proud, and himself less lonely. This is also combined with the fact that he considers the human one of his few friends at this point, and knows that sans would not hold back in a fight with them, so by placing himself in the confrontation, he believes he’s protecting their life.

- If papyrus is killed in a genocide run, sans expresses his regret of not having taken the situation seriously when he could’ve made a difference as he’s about to fight the protag. He’s let down his brother, and everyone else who depended on him. “This is what happens when people like me take it easy”.

- sans still plays the role of the judge at the end of the game no matter what type of playthrough.

- pap and undyne spend a lot of time chatting online. They’re very close

- The outfits of the brothers reflect their original universe counterparts. Sans is  outfitted in a fully covered battle body that hides his skeletal form. and while papyrus isn’t wearing a skimpy outfit, his khaki shorts barely reach his knees, and the sleeves of his hoodie are rolled up to his elbows. He wears a black tank top underneath it.


Sky’s the Limit

Currently on view at the Utzon Center in Denmark, “Sky’s the Limit: The Engineering of Architecture” explores SOM’s integrated structural and architectural design practice, presented through models, video, photography, drawings, sculpture, and interactive animations. The exhibition runs through January 15th, 2017. Learn more
Ken Balcomb to announce urgent SRKW news Oct 28
The Center for Whale Research will hold a press conference on Friday Oct 28 at 1 p.m. featuring founder and senior scientist Ken Balcomb to announce urgent news regarding the endangered Southern Resident killer whales.

Ngl this comes across as ominous to me. Hope I’m wrong. @_@