center stage gifs

RTX 2015.  Sunday afternoon, Center Stage.  Joel and Adam are doing a live let’s play.  The topic: “How To: Slain”. Joel is drunk (as usual).

Joel: “I love how I can just say things on stage and then they just happen!   Hey guys!  Remeber that time Michael smeared pizza all over his face, then lost his pants?”
Michael: *Silently complies*


First Zoe Saldana Film: Center Stage

It’s odd, but it took me a while to realize that this is probably the first Zoe film I’d ever seen.  I actually saw this film on television years ago and it was a bit of a guilty pleasure (although, I have to confess, I always thought the main blonde actress’ dancing was rather unimpressive especially when I found out she’s a professional dancer).

It doesn’t seem as though it’s been 14 years since this film was released.  You certainly wouldn’t be able to tell from Zoe’s appearance, as she’s hardly aged a day.  Secret ringbearer?