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Author: @knockknocksoosthere as a part of the Bound series with @kpopfanfictrash 

Creative Content Contributor: @baebae-goodnight (her mood boards are amazing - like all the damn time)

Rating: M - explicit sex, cursing, drinking

Word Count: 6k

Summary:  Married by obligation, weighed down by circumstance. Except for those nights when you’re both drunk, falling into bed with one another and realizing you’re human. Occasionally this happens, occasionally you fuck. Until your life changes and you realize Namjoon, the very man you’re obligated to, might just be the very man that you crave.

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Cartomancy ABC Guide

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is divining with playing cards.  Each card has a meaning and are interpreted by the reader who organizes them into certain spreads.  Spreads are the way that the playing cards are set onto the table and I’ll be talking about them more later.  Some readers integrate their spirituality into their readings, calling upon deities or spirit guides or connecting with their higher self.  Others may use their beliefs to explain how cartomancy works.

Card Meanings


Regarding emotions and home

  • Ace: New friendship or romance
  • Two: Deepening attractions
  • Three: Joy in company, friendship, or celebration
  • Four: Turning inwards, apathy
  • Five: Despair, loss
  • Six: Childhood, nostalgia, good memories, old frienship
  • Seven: Daydreaming, wishful thinking, choices
  • Eight: Emotional detachment, leaving love behind, making a hard choice
  • Nine: Satisfaction, sensual pleasure, spiritual growth
  • Ten: Contentment, fulfillment, joy, family
  • Jack: Falls in love easily, romantic, talkative
  • Queen: Emotionally dependent, empathetic
  • King: Wise, tolerant, diplomatic, feeling, patient


Regarding work and out-of-house affairs

  • Ace: New projects, home, or success
  • Two: Juggling resources, waiting for results
  • Three: Teamwork, improving skills
  • Four: Possessiveness
  • Five: Loss of items, job, or money
  • Six: Giving or receiving money, a pay raise, obtaining resources
  • Seven: Reassessment, turning point, mild dissatisfaction
  • Eight: Paying attention to details, focus, practice
  • Nine: Independence, self-reliance, increasing wealth
  • Ten: Great wealth, family, property, or inheritance
  • Jack: Reliable, hard working, quiet, hidden depth
  • Queen: Practical, warm, dependent, motherhood
  • King: Self-made, business, encouraging


Regarding finances

  • Ace: New ideas, business action
  • Two: Planning, preparation
  • Three: Leadership, exploration
  • Four: A goal achieved, rest from action
  • Five: Competition, disagreement, irritation
  • Six: Victory, achievements, passing exams
  • Seven: Defense, conviction, strong belief
  • Eight: Organization, moving quickly, pregnancy
  • Nine: Continuing a balance, endurance
  • Ten: Carrying burdens, doubt
  • Jack: Unreliable, hot headed, risk taker, athletic
  • Queen: Energetic, career minded, untidy
  • King: Creative, forceful, hot-tempered


Regarding road blocks and difficulties

  • Ace: New insights, realizations
  • Two: Failure to communicate
  • Three: Miscommunication, misunderstanding
  • Four: Recuperation, recovery, contemplation
  • Five: Discord, dishonor, hollow victory
  • Six: Moving on, travel, mentally getting to a better place
  • Seven: Lying, deceit, theft, irresponsibility
  • Eight: Illusion of being trapped, powerlessness
  • Nine: Nightmares, problems, worry, guilt
  • Ten: Giving up, victim, martyrdom
  • Jack: Rebel, fights for a cause, intellectual, political
  • Queen: sharp intelligence, ruthless, insight, organization
  • King: Introspective, ethical, communication, stern

I use the joker to represent unlimited potential but I’ve seen various meanings.


Here’s an example of a cartomancy spread:

A reader places a card on every rectangle pictured above.  They would then apply the meaning of the card to the situation it stands for.  A spread sets up the situation you are looking to divine about.   Here is a spread focusing on a person’s whole life but a reader could lay out a spread that’s centered on a person’s love, job opportunities, or present struggles.  

Cartomancy tips

  • If doing a face-to-face reading, it’s a good idea to ask the receiver to shuffle the cards.  This allows them to connect to the cards and engage in the reading.  
  • When you draw the cards, you can choose from the top of the deck or spread them out and choose whichever call to you. 
  • There is more to consider in cartomancy than the set card meanings.  A group of certain colored cards can be significant as can a group of court cards (kings, queens, jacks)
  • The more you know about the cards, the easier readings become.

anonymous asked:

harry isn't half assing anything wow

first solo contract? 80 MILLION! first acting role? A CHRISTOPHER NOLAN FILM THAT ALREADY HAS OSCAR BUZZ! first magazine? A FULL 60+ PAGE SPREAD CENTERED AROUND JUST HIM! first radio interview? 2 HOURS LONG WITH A CLOSE FRIEND! first live performance? A GAME CHANGING EP OF SNL! 

and there are still so many firsts left THIS IS JUST THE START 

I have to work today. Across the street from an alt right protest and counter BLM protest happening here in Seattle at westlake center. It starts around 4pm. Please stay safe today. I sat next to a trans woman on the bus to work so that was comforting. Now I’m safe at work. A friend will be accompanying me home tonight. I’ll keep you updated 💖💙

🃏My Tree of Life Tarot Spread🃏

🔮The center of the tree represents the path you’re currently walking - 🔮

But your path can change depending on what you’ve learned/come to understand. So don’t get discouraged if you draw some dark cards here–it just means right now you’re on a difficult path.

🔮Leaves represent the lessons we’ve learned and have yet to learn 🔮

If you draw similar cards in BOTH these positions it indicates you’re stuck and need to change, understand, or accept something to move forward. 

🔮Branches represent departing and arriving events.🔮

Hope you guys love this spread as much as I do! 

Best results are usually from the deck you’ve used the longest.


silent falls the winter snow || bill skarsgård

description: in which he does everything he can to heal the pain of loneliness

warnings: angst, smut, swearing, choking, roughness

notes: inspired by this ask. thank you to the darling @kasperikringle for breaking me out of my writer’s block with that :’) also, this is my first christmas work! took me long enough, i know

It was late afternoon. Thursday, to be exact. The air was cold and bitter, with winds blowing enough to chap any bit of exposed skin. Amongst it all, the snow and ice, a certain tall Swede was climbing out of his car. 

Despite the wicked cold that burned his lungs the moment he breathed in, there was a stupid grin on his handsome face, wide eyes flickering about to take in his surroundings.

A quaint front yard, covered in blankets of white. A wide, inviting front porch, and a modest, tasteful house right in the center. A familiar warmth spread through his chest at the mere sight of it all.

This was it. He was home.

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Heir to a Kingdom [2]

Lotor x Reader pt. 2

Well, here’s the long awaited Part Two! And the plot thickens…~

I dragged this on and rushed it at the same time, how do you do that?? I’m sorry if this is terrible, I’ll edit this as soon as I get back to America.

– Ryan

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

The Galran stronghold ran like clockwork; It wasn’t hard for him to command an entire fleet. What was frightening, though, was how smoothly he played the part, how he fit into place. Lotor barked orders for the next attack, and everyone followed along accordingly. His sound demands made no room for error, should anyone wish to lose their life. But everyone had their doubts, especially for an attack on Voltron.

“Station the units, I need no more than the fighters I requested.” The Galran officer gave a curt nod. Before he can leave, Lotor speaks without so much as a glance to him, “only the units I requested. Any more, and I will think you’ve sabotaged my plan.” Lotor turns with a look that finishes his threat, and the officer swallows.

“Understood.” He excuses himself, recounting the soldiers requested for the attack.

Lotor’s plan was elaborate and calculated. He smirks, watching as everything falls into place, just how he needs it.

“You always were the inferior strategist, Father. And that’s why I will have Voltron.”


Completely stumped, everyone stands around the center console of the control room in a sort of strategy meeting. It had been weeks since the incident with Zarkon, and there has been no activity from the other side. Without Shiro, the team couldn’t yet fight the Galran Empire. So any rescue missions and distress signals were reluctantly put off – but not ignored. It had pained you and the Paladins greatly to know you couldn’t do, well, anything.

“How about allies?” You suggest, breaking the solemnity hanging in the air, and all sets of eyes fall on you. You take a deep breath, and speak again to clarify. “How about recruiting allies? We already have the Blades of Marmora, not to mention the Balmerans and the Olkari. If we want to strengthen ourselves, we’re going to need help.”

You can see the mixed reactions on all the faces looking at you, and you sigh. You shared the exact sentiment. To drag innocents into a war? Innocents that you meant to protect? Had Shiro been in this situation, would he have made this decision?

How many times a day have you asked yourself this question? No, no more.

“It doesn’t mean soldiers.”

The group has pulled through the weeks with endless training and strategies for the next encounter with Zarkon, but there was no recon mission. No attempts to leave the castle and search.

“Anyone that believes in our cause, who’s not afraid to stand against the oppression of the Galran Empire. For resources, or intel.”

Not even for a clue.

“We can’t just sit here and do nothing. It’s not like Shiro’s going to pop out of nowhere and land in our laps.” Lance speaks up after your words. Something had ignited in him, as well. Perhaps he was sick of feeling useless and vulnerable, too. “We can do with another resource run, but I think it’s about time we’ve spread our influence through the galaxy.” The Paladins all nod in agreement, and you smile, knowing you’ve made the right decision.

“If we go to Galran-occupied planets, it is possible they might contact Zarkon. Splitting up on top of that would spell for disaster. You can’t even form Voltron.” Allura says, her conviction clear in her words, though they came across as a scolding.

“They know how to fight. They won’t be alone, either.” Kolivan steps up, placing a hand on Allura’s shoulder. “With a sound plan, this ‘recruitment’ might just work. We need all the help we can get.” 

And the plan was set. Kolivan would take you, Lance, and Hunk to a planet just bordering Galran occupation. There, you would convince their leader to join forces with Voltron, and resist the Galran Empire.

Keith, Pidge, and Coran would make for an expedition of reclaiming resources, and requesting any information regarding the Galran Empire’s next course of action.

The plans have been checked and double checked, fool proofed, and backed up from A, B, all the way to numerals. Allura was reluctant to approve this, but Kolivan and the Paladins had reassured her that this was the only course of action.

Of course, it was a slight cover – that only Coran was aware of – to look for Shiro. But everyone had their missions in mind.

Allura only allowed this on the condition everyone brought their lions. Which was fine, but it was difficult to convince a neutral power that you meant no harm when you came practically fully loaded at their doorstep.

“No, your majesty. Though they act on their own as you see now, they will not attack you.” The lions move to sit, but despite playing the ‘threatened’ card, the King’s soldiers don’t waver.

“I can tell you’re strong, your majesty. Your army is trained well, and you’re respected by all, even the Nature on your planet.” You gesture to the lush vegetation, and the healthy wildlife you know that inhabits it. “We are not asking you to sit back, and let us protect your planet for you. We ask that you lend us your strength to fight for, and to protect, your freedom.” 

Amazed by your words, Lance and Hunk are left completely speechless, and the King seemed to contemplate your offer.

“Very well. Since we fight for the same interests, I do not see why we cannot aid in your cause.”

Over dinner, you discuss the finer details of the negotiation, and it all works out well. Without giving away too much, You, Lance, and Hunk tried to pick for information regarding Shiro’s whereabouts, but come up empty. It was discouraging, but you continue through the night without falter.

That is, until the comm link went off.

“Yes, Allura?” You excuse yourself from the table, and make your way to the hall.

“Those Lions, they look like they’d be hard to pilot..” The King’s daughter, who had joined you all for the feast, speaks up after your departure, trying to keep up the conversation.

Lance leans over the table, resting his chin in the palm of his hand, in one fluid motion. “Princess, I’ll have you know in my trainee days, I was known as the ‘Tailor’…” Hunk groans as he’s already heard this number quite a few times, and Kolivan coughs awkwardly at the attempt to flirt.

The one thing to save everyone from the torture was your alarming reappearance, your eyes blown wide and a look of terror on your face.

“The Galrans are attacking the castle.” 

That was all you needed to say to have the three bolt from the table and after you to the lions. 


What started as a chuckle now rings out as full-on laughter, and Lotor leans forward on the armrest of his father’s throne. How marvelous, they saved him the trouble of going to them, by coming to him.

It was almost like she was begging him to capture her.

She should be defenseless, and they’ve spread out their forces.

“How foolish.” He grins wickedly. With all the excitement, he almost forgot his plan.


Now, the girl. He thinks carefully; would she have gone on the front lines, with the Lion? Or would she take the liberty to evacuate the citizens?

Taking a look at the records of her previous encounters with the Galrans, she was never on the front lines. Sure, she fought alongside them, but she hadn’t the same strength the Lions had. And almost every single time she’d stay a line of defense behind, to protect the inhabitants.

It was almost laughable how predictable her position would be.

“Prepare my fighter.” He hands the holo-tablet to the guard on his right before standing, making his way to the exit of the command center. A wicked smirk spreads across his face, and he walks with purpose to the hangar.

“This’ll be over quick.”


An ambush. You chide yourself as you shout over your shoulder to the King and his daughter to find shelter. From there you urge Hunk and Lance to go to their lions, and begin fighting.

Hopefully Keith and Pidge can make it to the castle in time.

You look to Kolivan who gives a nod, seemingly reading your mind. You rush with him to the pods you’d descended from the Yellow Lion, and him the Blue Lion. Within them were the weapons you’d stored in case of times like this.

“Hurry..!” You curse to yourself as you fumble with the holster and belt of your weapons, and yank out the Naginata you’re so familiar fighting with. Kolivan had already taken a head start, but the sounds of battle were already settled as if the fight had started hours ago. You clench your fists around the spear, and you gauge your enemies.

The King’s army had already taken the lead in the fight, discharging fighters against Galran fighters, and targeting those that had landed on foot.

You were thrust, suddenly, by a strike from behind. Skidding across the ground only a meter or so, you bring a hand around to your shoulder to feel the tender wound. You grimace, and wipe the blood off your hand to gain a secure grip on your weapon. A Galran with a blaster stood over you, but before he could register what to do next, you had whisked the gun from his hands with your Naginata, and used the momentum to kick under his legs. Easily, you flip yourself up from the ground, and drive your blade’s head into his chest. You didn’t have the time to catch your breath, though, before the next wave of foot soldiers made their way over. Six, you count, and you look up to see the Lions dealing with their own wave of fighters.

“Kolivan!” You look for the Blade’s leader, knowing you can’t fight all on your own.

“[y/n]!” you turn as you hear your name, followed by a grunt and the sound of metal clashing. Kolivan seemed to have his hands full with his own fight, taking on three Galrans at once. You grit your teeth, and leave the wave coming at you, hopefully, in the hands of the army lending its strength.

Something isn’t right. The feeling churns in your stomach like a bad meal, and you can’t sit right. It’s almost as if the Galrans are tying to separate you from Kolivan. Like they had a plan. What was even more unsettling, they weren’t striking with the intent to kill.

Your shoulder was still sore from the earlier impact you took from that blaster’s ammunition, and it was weakening your blows from your Naginata.

You curse your shaking hands, knowing you won’t be able to be a straight shot with a blaster. You stick to your blade, and hold your stance as the circle of Galrans seem to close in on you.

As if to accentuate this climax, there’s a strong gust of wind as a Galran fighter swoops low to the ground. You shield your face from the gust of dirt that whips up, but through the cloud shrouding the pod, you can see a lithe figure jump from the cockpit. You bring your weapon before you, the blade pointed down to the ground, but facing out, ready to attack. The Galrans nearby fighting Kolivan seem to know who it is, and they all falter, which was their mistake as Kolivan skewers the one closest to him. But, he can’t help but share that feeling of dread. Something was off.

“You’re a lot smaller than you look in the records.” His voice rings out; a low baritone that reverberates through your chest. “I have to say I wasn’t expecting that.” Your eyes narrow at the figure, as it emerges from the cloud blocking your vision.

[y/n]!” Kolivan shouts, recognizing the figure, and the sound of a blade through flesh follows twice more as the man before you smirks. Your eyes widen, and your guard falters as you study him a bit more.

“You.. are you.. Altean?” You could swear he holds the characteristics of an Altean, from his body structure, and his ears. Kolivan continues to struggle behind you, calling out to you, but his voice is drowned out in the background. The barrier of Galrans surrounding you and this stranger tighten, and you’re faintly aware of the fight Kolivan is putting up with.

“Who are you?” You ask, again on the defensive as you tighten your grip on your Naginata with a stronger spirit. This only elicits a chuckle, and you’re left frustrated.

“You can call me Prince Lotor.” His voice is void of emotion, and his face is almost impossible to read. You can feel your skin crawl from the raw tension, and you ready your weapon. “But we’re not here for me, little ‘nova… we’re here for you.” As he speaks, he pulls back his sword, his hair flowing over his shoulder, then quickly, and gracefully, strikes. Luckily you had expected an attack, and you bring your Naginata up to guard the attack, parrying his move. You spin your Naginata over your arm, blade out, and he pulls back as if knowing what your next move was. You click your tongue, and shout as you charge another attack.

The both of you continue in a waltz accompanied by the sound of metal on metal, and dirt shifting beneath your feet. Your stamina has almost completely depleted, and your wound’s pain is starting to spread throughout your body. It takes just one moment of carelessness on your part, and Lotor has your Naginata’s blade cut from the staff. With one swift, fluid motion, he takes the hilt of his blade, and strikes you in the back, knocking you to the ground.

“What do you.. want?” You look up at him, griping the remainder of your trusty weapon, and he just sneers.

“So many questions,” Lotor circles you, bringing the back of his blade across your torso as he does so, “I’ve had enough of this toying around.” Eying your bloodied shoulder, he sheaths his sword. His action had confused you, that is until there was a searing pain that shoots all the way down your spine. You scream from the pain, and the sound has Lotor smirking wide.

“That’s it.. succumb to the pain.” As your consciousness slips, you can feel Lotor’s arm hook under you, lifting you against his body.

It’s warm.. Your last coherent thought rings through you mind as you fall to oblivion.


“[y/n]?!” Kolivan continues to ram against the barricade the Galran droids have made. He breaches through a shield, and dismembers the mechanical soldier, before he’s met with the scene before him. Lotor has your limp, bloodstained body cradled to his own. “Lotor. You won’t get away with this.” Amused, Lotor simply turns around, and makes his way to the pod he arrived in.

“We’ve gotten what we came for. No need to overstay our welcome.” He speaks simply, and in one gesture, calls the droids to action. “Activate the cloaking shield.” He orders, directing Haggar from his position on the planet. The droids attack Kolivan, all stalling for time as Lotor boards the carrier with you in hold.

Occupied with the attack dealt to him, Kolivan couldn’t make a breakthrough to get to you in time. Lotor proceeds to do as he planned, and activates his own cloaking shield in the pod before firing it up. All Kolivan is left with is the sight of the aircraft leaving the atmosphere. The droids retreat on their own, escaping into any fighter they can get close enough to, but not before Kolivan takes out a handful of them from anger alone.


Hero: Chapter 1 (M)

Song for this chapter: The Answer - UNKLE + Trentemøller

Genre: Vampire!Chanyeol AU; suspense; thriller; eventual smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating: M 

Warnings (this chapter): Graphic violence; blood; guns; kidnapping; blood/drug trafficking 

Word Count: 3,486

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11a | 11 b

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Grimoire Organization!

So here’s a post about organizing your grimoire in preparation for the 2018 Grimoire challenge if you’re doing it or just need a little starting place!

As for the challenge, we’re coming very close to the start date! I hope all of you are ready! I know some of you are really wondering what exactly the grimoire challenge is, so let me break it down a little bit.

The Grimoire Challenge is, put simply, a way to fill up your Grimoire! If you’re worried about filling up an expensive journal with stuff you end up not liking, feel free to use a cheap notebook or even go digital as a rough draft! As for a more in-depth explanation, it’s a way for new witches or witches that don’t delve much into the craft to explore new parts of the craft! We’ll focus on many types of divination, spells, crystals, herbs, astrology, and much more! Each day of 2018 will have at least one prompt! (most days will have 2). I hope everyone’s excited and ready to go into a journey of witchcraft with me!

Also! Note, this will be edited in the future, so please keep referring back to this as it grows and you need more help!

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It Gets Better: 5 Videos From August You Need To See

Each month, It Gets Better assembles the most inspiring IGB videos from around the globe. From actresses to members of parliament, these words of encouragement bring hope to the places that need it most. Check out our August picks below: 

1. Aisha Dee & Nikohl Boosheri Share The It Gets Better Message

Freeform’s new show, The Bold Type, tackles a variety of issues facing young people today, including coming to terms with one’s sexuality. Actresses Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri created an It Gets Better video to discuss why it’s so important for the younger generation to see LGBTQ representation on TV.

Click here to visit It Gets Better’s Youtube page.

2.  Alessia Injoque Shares Her Story With Todo Mejora

Alessia, a trans woman, shared her story of strength and self-confidence. Looking back she realized that, little by little, things got better.

Click here to visit Todo Mejora’s website.

3. Colombian Actress Vanessa Londoño Shares A Message Of Love

Actress and psychologist, Vanessa Londoño, shared her message with It Gets Better, sending words of love and hope for the LGBTQ population of Colombia.

Click here to visit It Gets Better Colombia’s Facebook page.

4. It Gets Better Went Atomic 

We asked the people of Los Angeles what makes them atomic in honor of the new queertastic movie, Atomic Blonde. Their answers, and dance moves, were unsurprisingly amazing. Watch as they proudly proclaim self-confidence. 

Click here to visit the It Gets Better Facebook page.

5. Austrian Parliament Member Inspires Young People With Her IGBP Video

Nurten Yilmaz, a member of the Austrian Parliament, partnered with Es Wird Besser Österreich to inspire young people with her amazing words.

Click here to visit the Es Wird Besser Österreich Facebook page.

From Chile to Austria, It Gets Better affiliates were out and about in August, spreading the IGBP message. Here’s what they were up to:

Todo Mejora was front and center to watch President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, sign a bill that would legalize marriage equality and same-sex adoption.

It Gets Better Mexico marched in the 13th annual Pride Toluca along with over 70 other associations and groups.

It Gets Better Paraguay formed an alliance with the local community center to help spread bullying prevention education.

Es Wird Besser Österreich celebrated their 4 year anniversary!

Todo Mejora started an academy for leadership and activism.

Craving more?! Go to, or keep scrolling to learn more about the cool things It Gets Better and its affiliates are doing around the world.

Kitchen Floor

Summary: You’re teaching Chanyeol how to make pancakes meanwhile he’s teaching you how to make love on the kitchen floor.

Members: Chanyeol x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 1,248

-Admin R

Originally posted by incrediyeol

“Jagi-ah, hurry! I’m hungry!” Chanyeol whines as he wraps his arms around you from behind, resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Chan, you’re the one who is supposed to be cooking here… not me!” you whine back at him. He kisses the top of your head before stepping to the side of you, playfully nudging you with his arm.

“Okay, okay, Y/N. I’m ready to make pancakes!” He says cheerfully, flashing you a smile brighter than the early morning rays gleaming through your shared apartment windows. Your stomach does tiny somersaults looking at Chanyeol’s soft skin glowing under the morning light, and his bed hair tousled so perfectly you’d think the hairstyle was intentional.

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Lose or Win

A/N: An anon request for a smutty Spencer x Reader where they play a little game of “let’s start masturbating and whoever touches the other person first loses.” Are they losing though? @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @sweetg

Warnings: Smut


“I would absolutely win,” you said that morning as both you and your husband stood by the coffee machine.

Spencer poured his sugar into his own beverage, nearly drowning out the liquid with the sweetness and retorted confidently. “No way in hell you win. Do you not remember our wedding night?”

“Fair enough point,” you replied. That night had been full of needy, desperateness - especially on your part, but since then you had developed the ability to hold back and tease him a little bit. “But I still hold firm that I could get you to touch me before the opposite would happen.”

Morgan walked up to the both of you, sleep still keeping his eyelids half closed, which definitely didn’t fill you with confidence considering he drove here. “What’s up this morning? Did I walk in on a heated debate?”

“Heated debate,” Garcia exclaimed. “What about?”

Was this really the type of thing you were going to discuss with your co-workers and friends? Ah, who the fuck were you kidding? You all overshared here. “Spence and I were just discussing that in a competition, I would absolutely get him to touch me before he teased me enough to touch him.”

Morgan barely batted an eye as he walked away, muttering under his breath. “I do not need this first thing in the morning. Also my money’s on Y/N for the win.”

Pumping your fist, you smiled at your husband as Garcia seemed deep in thought. “Morgan, you are supposed to be on my side!” Spencer called toward his friend’s desk. “Some friend you are.”

“Look at your wife!” He yelled back. “I’d lose too. Believe me, you’re not losing.”

Spencer laughed and gave you a kiss before heading off to the bathroom. “This is true.”

As he walked away, Garcia finally spoke. “I think I’d have to put my money on you too, but there is an easy way to settle this argument. Tonight, get going.”

Garcia teetered away toward her office, leaving you standing there in thought and Morgan smirking at his desk. “You have to let us know who wins,” he laughed.


“For the last time,” Spencer smiled, walking into the apartment and closing the door behind you. “I would win. No contest.”

Honestly, you’d been thinking about a challenge all day. One, you were horny. Two, you were horny. And three, you were always down for a challenge - and horny. “Oh wow, so now it’s not only that you would win, but you would win handily.”

“Yes,” he said, pressing his lips to yours and smiling. “Up for a challenge?”

Bringing your hands up to his hair, you started to comb your hands through his locks and pulled at the roots, eliciting a groan from deep within him; he always had a weakness for having his hair pulled. “Always, baby. How about we go inside and start touching ourselves, and whoever touches the other one first loses?”

“What is the “punishment” for the loser?” he asked with a grin. 

You put your hand to your chin and giggled, deep in thought over an adequate punishment. “How about whoever wins gets to send the other dirty text messages at work all week long? And there are to be no quickies at work.”

Quickly, he nodded and grabbed your hand, walking you both into your bedroom and kissing your neck as you both disrobed. You bit down on your lip as you discarded the last of your clothes and sat on the bed, watching as Spencer lowered himself into the comfy chair across your bed. Neither one took your eyes off the other. Spencer was already half hard, but you were also decently wet already, so you were even. “Remember,” he said. “You touch me first, you lose. I can’t wait to text you all week long.”

“You cocky bastard.” You leaned back and spread your legs, your slit glistening. The smile immediately fell from his face and his eyes darkened. As you brought two fingers up your center, spreading yourself apart for his amusement, you closed your eyes and lay your head on the pillow, getting nice and comfortable. “Not so cocky anymore, are you?”

Spencer leaned back into the chair, his eyes permanently glued to your sex - his mouth watering and his tongue hanging just slightly out his mouth. When he heard you speak, his gaze darted back up to your eyes. “I am going to win,” he said as he wrapped his hand around his length. God, even the small image of him holding himself was getting you hot right now. What the hell was wrong with you? He hadn’t even done anything yet. “And you know how I know?” He brought his hand up and down his member as he spoke. “Because you, my dear wife, are a week before your period, when you are at your horniest.” You hadn’t thought of that. Spencer must’ve seen the look in your eyes, because he laughed and picked up the pace of his movements, groaning at the firm touch he gave himself. You could tell he wished it was your mouth though.

In an attempt to regain control, you placed your index finger on your clit and massaged it slowly while your other hand reached down to rake your fingernails over the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. “You may be right,” you said, “But I don’t think you’re going to be able to resist the fact that all of this is because of you.” Your breathing hitched in your throat as your arousal began to coat your fingers. Spencer was staring, but he was so determined to win; you could see it in his eyes. Although you could easily bring yourself to the brink with your own touch, you really wanted Spencer’s touch. Actually right now you wanted his cock in your mouth but you weren’t going to let him know that. Continuing your movements and keeping your gaze fixed, you tried to focus on anything but the way the head of Spencer’s cock glistened for you. The clock at your bedside blinked slowly, but out of the corner of your eye, you could still see Spencer’s head rolling back into the chair and his mouth dropping open in pleasure.

“Can’t distract yourself, can you?” he asked with a groan. You could see he was close; he wanted to come, but he wanted to make you surrender first. Unbeknownst to you, your index finger had been massaging your clit with even more insistent pressure, to the point where you were panting and desperate. Spencer was rock hard and ready to burst, his hand rapidly pulling up and down on his member. “You’re not going to last much longer.”

Oh my god, you were going to lose. Nothing was distracting enough. Not the feel of the comforter, not counting the number of bumps on the paint in the ceiling, literally nothing worked. Nearly ready to burst yourself, you stopped and propped yourself up on the pillows, watching as Spencer lost control of himself and moved his hand even more rapidly. Now you were feeling even more dirty; you wanted to come on your knees with him in your mouth. “Fine, I lose,” you breathed, jumping off the bed and into his lap. His rumbling laugh almost made you regret giving in, but as you rubbed your clit against his leg and felt a shock roll through you, you decided it was all worth it. “Hands off. This is mine now.”

You dropped to the floor in front of him and reached between your legs, rubbing yourself as you wrapped your lips around his cock and sucked. “Keep my hair out of the way,” you said when you pulled off him. “I want to see your face.” Before returning to his cock, he pulled you in for a kiss, his hands clasping onto bunches of hair at the sides of your head. You moaned at the taste of him when you wrapped your lips around him again and took as much of him as you could.  As you bobbed up and down on his length, your hand worked at your center. In your mouth, you felt him surge and finally, he came, clutching onto your head as you finished yourself off and quickly swallowed. “I know I lost,” you said, cleaning the remnants of his come from your mouth. “But I can’t help but feel like I won.”

Spencer’s smiled widened as he brought you in for another kiss and gathered you into his lap. “We’ll see how you feel during work this week,” he said cockily. “Also, you get to tell Garcia and Morgan that you lost miserably.”



Summary: The one where Cheryl interrupts B&V in a bathroom stall

Word Count: 1,078

Rating: PG-13 (smutty but nothing extremely explicit…)

A/N: anon request! changed it up a bit though.


The door to the bathroom crashed open. Veronica’s head popped in and within seconds, Betty was being pulled into the bathroom along with her. “Betty shut the door.” Veronica asked, and without so much as a sound Betty did as she was instructed. “Do you seriously think we have time before first period?” Betty muttered while Veronica checked under the stalls. “We’ll make time.” The pair had practically claimed the Riverdale bathrooms as theirs. Whenever people saw them disappear into one together they knew to stay clear. This one in particular smelled faintly of cinnamon rolls and hand sanitizer. Both girls didn’t mind, just glad it didn’t smell like pee. If they had the choice they would have used the handicapped stall, simply because it gave them more room to work with. The hand rails were an added bonus. A big white sign was plastered over the handicapped stall door, ‘out of order.’ Betty huffed, “Figures we pick the bathroom with the out of order stall.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

The blonde was caught off guard when she was pulled into the stall next to it and pressed up against the, now closed, door. “Whoa there tiger.” Betty purred when she felt Veronica’s lips against her neck. Soft plump lips searched for any piece of exposed skin on her body. Veronica knew just the places to kiss her to make her knees weak. Veronica’s fingers ran through Betty’s hair seamlessly, loosening her ponytail as she pressed her lips against hers. Betty made a mental note to readjust her ponytail after this, she was not too keen on the idea of getting weird looks from her teachers. Her ponytail was always pristine, just how the blonde wanted it, a reflection of herself. All those thoughts of perfection flew right out of the window whenever Veronica and her were alone. Veronica always tasted slightly of mint, such a familiar taste by now. Betty kissed her deeper. Now it was Veronica nearly falling into the toilet, Betty all over her. “Goddamn it Elizabeth Cooper” the girl cursed. Fuck you Betty, she thought to herself. Fuck you for looking like that, for touching me like this. Veronica bit down hard on her lip to stifle a moan, but it slipped out anyways. Her moan only served to boost Betty’s confidence. Veronica liked to be on top, she wasn’t the submissive type, but she let Betty take control in this very heated moment.

The height difference was more obvious each time they found themselves in these high school bathrooms. Betty kissed over the exposed bit of Veronica’s neck, just as Veronica had done to her only moments before. Betty earned another moan from Veronica, louder than the previous. The blonde’s soft lips traveled over Veronica’s neck, tilting it to the side so she could gain even more access. Take control of me, Veronica thought to herself. Betty dominating her was sexier than she ever thought it could be. Maybe, just maybe, Veronica would be the submissive more often.  Betty’s hands palmed Veronica’s breasts through her checkered J. Crew dress. No doubt there would be a hand print on this dress that no amount of dry cleaning and pressing would be able to get rid of. Betty was just so…aggressive…sometimes. Veronica shrugged off the thought, the dress wasn’t all that important. If it had somehow ended up on the disgusting bathroom floor, she wouldn’t mind much at all. Everything Betty did was flowing right through her bones like pure ecstasy. When Veronica felt her lace panties pushed to the side and two of Betty’s slender fingers enter her, the feeling of ecstasy shot through the roof. Veronica’s breath hitched, “Betty…” she huffed, another loud moan filling the silent air around them. Veronica kissed over Betty’s face, trying to show her some sort of gratitude. Betty was awfully quiet, and Veronica was the one being so damn loud. “V, quiet.” Betty mumbled against the girls’ desperate red tainted lips, her lipstick partially worn off from kissing Betty’s face. Betty kissed Veronica, to shut her up. As much as she loved the moaning, desperate, wet, submissive Veronica, Betty wasn’t too fond of getting caught in this bathroom fingering her girlfriend.

“Who knew you were so loud, V.” Betty laughed. Veronica attempted to challenge Betty but failed horribly when another one of Betty’s fingers slipped into her. “Fuc-” Veronica nearly shouted, being cut off once again by Betty’s lips. The damn handle to flush the toilet was digging into Veronica’s back even more so than before. She struggled to relieve the stabbing feeling in her back. The pain was relieved by Betty, who pulled her off the handle only to push her harder against the wall. Veronica laughed, “Just when I thought you might let up.” Betty shook her head, “When have you ever known me to let up when I’m three fingers deep in you?” A raised eyebrow countered Veronica.

A loud slam came from outside the stall, “Fuck.” Betty whispered, her fingers leaving Veronica feeling empty once again. A soft whimper followed. Soon came a knock on the stall door, Cheryl’s usual bitchy tone broke the silence, “What the hell are you sluts doing in there?!” Betty rolled her eyes, sensing that Veronica did too. Just like Cheryl to come and ruin their fun. Veronica grabbed Betty’s wrist, giving her the usual eyes she gave the blonde whenever she was going to take care of things. Betty, astonishingly, shook Veronica’s hand off and slammed the stall door open, coming face to face with a shocked Cheryl. Betty’s face was covered in red lipstick, her body standing dead center between Veronica’s spread legs. Veronica was surprised at Betty’s behavior, a soft blush appearing on her face when Cheryl looked at her.

“Care to join?” The usually shy, non-confrontational Betty snapped at Cheryl. Cheryl looked her up and down, eyes still wide, grabbing the stall door and closing it behind her. “I’ll leave you two alone…” Her voice was shaky. She certainly hadn’t expected to encounter that. Everyone had suspected that Betty and Veronica were fucking in the school bathrooms, among other places, but no one had ever caught them in the act. As soon as Cheryl left the bathroom, the girls burst out in a fit of laughter. “Think she was turned on by us?” Betty asked, helping Veronica up off of the toilet. Veronica nodded her head fervently, “Who wouldn’t be? We’re hot.”


Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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