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minseok is actually such a role model??? to introverts and just shy people in general??? we’re talking about a person who’s naturally just shy and a person who didnt utter one word during a whole hour long showtime episode and who probably thought it was hell doing an exomentary episode by himself and yet he constantly puts himself out there?? he creates a different persona on stage and gives his all in everything he does and doesnt complain about not being center stage or being labelled as anything and just supports everyone from the side lines while showing his love for all the members?? yet hes also so private in his personal life and values education and strives for personal growth and just generally does his own thing and idk where i was going with this but idk how minseok antis exist…..i just dont get it 

postscript; part one

rating: teen

word count: 2k

Richie’s life is weird. He’s navigating life as a trans kid, he just fought an inter-dimensional, child-eating monster, and now he has a crush on his best friend. Luckily he has an older cousin who’s already been through all three.


September 22nd, 1989

Dear Mike,

Eddie said I shouldn’t start this letter with “hope your tits are out” but I think it will make you laugh so I’m starting with it anyways. Do you remember Eddie? I think you met him when you and Aunt Karen and Uncle Ted were here for July 4th last summer. Anyways, a clown tried to eat me and my friends a few weeks ago. Seriously.

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sillyfudgemonkeys  asked:

Hey neni, I remembered you made a picture guide to the different planes in Persona (like the Dark Hour and TV world and Velvet Room etc). I can't seem to find the post tho. ;w; Could you link me to it? (and btw where would you put the Palace and Mementos on said plane?) THan you!

While I still have that graphic, I don’t entirely agree with how I drew it back then anymore, and feel a new version is in order! Here I go:

For everyone who doesn’t understand what this is, this is an updated version of the diagram I posted back in THIS POST. (Link)

It’s supposed to be a rough approximation of how the unconscious world in the Persona Series are structured, and how “deep in” all the sections we’ve seen of it so far I believe to be, based on educated guesses. 

A reminder; The P3 Club Book, which contains some information from the series bible, states that all deities are actually archetypes born from collective human thought and emotion as a means to keep the Collective Unconscious stable (tho they often lose that balance as of late), while Shadows are born of individual, personal emotions. This is why I have the entities closer to the surface mainly labeled as Shadows and the entities closer to the center mainly labeled as deities. 

However, considering that the Persona Universe is based on Jungian ideas and Jung proposed that the complexes of the human soul usually “channel” archetypes, connecting to them, it makes perfect sense that the Shadows in P5 look and act like demons and deities; the distortion of the Palaces and Mementos puts them under the influence of their archetype, and they thus act it out 100%, being avatars of the deities they are “assigned” to.

Anyway, as you can see, I peg Mementos as fairly extensive, spanning multiple layers of the unconscious realms, but not going quite to the core. The reason I think this is spoilery, so follow me under the cut

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(618): We had a One Night Stand 6 months ago but he just invited me to his wedding. Who the fuck does that.

Derek stares intently at the invitation in his hand. 

After a few minutes of contemplation, he pulls out his phone and texts Cora.

“Do you remember that Stiles guy?”

Cora responds immediately. “The one who left you alone in bed and had you crying into a tub of ice cream for the next 3 days? Yes.”

Derek huffs as he types, “It wasn’t 3 days.”

“You’re right. It was four.”

“Nevermind,” Derek sends exasperatedly.

Cora seems undeterred. “What about him?”

Derek glances back at the invitation before responding.

“We had a one night stand six months ago and he just invited me to his wedding. Who the fuck does that?”

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Survival of The Ticklish [bnha]

A/N: Based on this thing I made a while back omfg xD I literally made it a class 1-A vs Deku thing, sorry if I wasn’t able to involve your fav character. The fic itself was already overwhelming enough to write. RIP Deku though!

Summary: All Might has come with the craziest class activity ever, and thanks to a random Facebook survey it’s one with Deku in the center of it: labeled most ticklish person in class and ready to get wrecked!

Word Count: 2669

Deku entered the class on shaking legs. He wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he could literally feel the eyes on him the moment he made his appearance.

“Hey hey! Deku-kun! Morning!” Deku flinched when Uraraka happily patted his shoulder, and he nodded awkwardly.

“M-morning..” he said with a stiff smile, and just as Uraraka cocked her head in confusion, Deku noticed Bakugou who stepped into the room with the same terrifying vibe around him as always. His glaring eyes were piercing right through him, and he was walking his way.

“Ka-Kaha-Kacchan, p-please –” Deku wasn’t sure why he thought Bakugou was about to do something else since all that happened was that he got roughly pushed to the side as Bakugou snapped angrily: “Out of the way Deku!”  

Deku stumbled against Kirishima’s table and jumped when the table’s owner poked him in the side.

“Yo. You alright bro?” Deku made panicky noises, nodded frantically and jumped into his own seat as he continued nodding.

“Totally fine!” Phew. Seems as if everyone had forgotten about it. How. How could he have been so lucky. Yesterday, All Might had to share this random thing on Facebook. He was asking class 1-A who was most ticklish in this class? He had no idea why everyone - or well, most - felt the need to vote his name. 

Deku sighed. Yes he had been born unbearably ticklish and he didn’t actually mind since he enjoyed a good laugh. But it was embarrassing and frightening now that it was all over Facebook and everyone probably saw it. 

“Good morning class!” All Might finally made his entrance, and Deku froze right on the spot. Right… Why did he ask for such unnecessary information again? 

“Plus Ultra!” All Might made a pose in front of the blackboard that was just as unnecessary as asking everyone on Facebook who was the most ticklish person in class. He then grinned and blinded everyone with his charming smile.

“For today’s class I asked you guys something on Facebook yesterday,” All Might started, and Deku felt his stomach flip in shock. Shit. It was with a purpose after all. He already started to shrink in his chair before All Might even finished his story.

“Who..” All Might wiggled his eyebrows and then pointed at Deku.

“…Is the most ticklish? Most of you voted for young Midoriya.” This was unbelievable. All heads turned and Deku never wanted to sink in the floor this fast. 

“Because I don’t want to use violence, I am using this strategy. Midoriya, stand here boy!” Deku felt how his shaking legs took him to the front of the class where All Might was standing, and he trembled when his teacher grabbed both his shoulders and turned him back around to face the class. 

“Today we’re gonna use whatever is needed once you guys are active heroes in the working field,” All Might announced, and Deku spasmed a little when All Might’s big hands squeezed his shoulders with fingers ticklishly digging near his collarbones.

“Teamwork, strategy, strength –” with each word All Might added another squeeze, and Deku was fighting his giggles already. Owww this wasn’t looking good.

“Us all? Against Deku!?” Bakugou asked, expressing probably everyone’s confusion, and Deku wanted to cry so hard when All Might - consciously or unconsciously - tickled him again.

“That’s right. This guy’s your little villain. I’m gonna whisper a codeword in his ear, and you guys are gonna get it out of him. No violence, but you are allowed to use tickling,” All Might said, and Deku yelped when he pierced a thick finger in his side and wiggled it playfully.

“…As you can see this guy’s indeed quite ticklish,” All Might laughed, and Deku snorted helplessly.

“Fifteen minutes is all you’re gonna get. You guys get the codeword, you win. If you don’t, it’ll be the ticklish villain’s win. The prize you’re going after is worth a million.” The class lost their minds

“What! A million!” “That can’t be!” “But it’s so easy!?” 

Deku continued to giggle softly as All Might bent down and tickled his ear with whispers no one else could hear:

“Codeword’s ‘United States of Smash’. Now go!” He patted Deku’s butt who immediately knew he had to run, and he sprinted out of the class.

“The schoolground’s your battlefield, now catch him first! Get me that codeword!” Deku panicked when he heard his classmates fanatic roars as he dashed through the school building. A first year hero-stampede came after him, and Deku screeched when Iida used his quirk to immediately catch up with him.

“No! Nonono aaaahh!” Deku was about to tumble down the stairs he was running down from when Iida grabbed his collar and shoved him into the nearest wall. 

“Tell me, Midoriya. Tell me the cooode,” Iida said with teasy wiggling fingers at him, and Deku cringed and tried to wiggle away.

“Nooo!” he gasped, but before Iida could even touch him, he was launched into air back towards the top of the stairs, and Uraraka came into view.

“Deku-kun! Come here boy!” She jabbed his sides a few times and Deku squealed as he was pulled back into her grip.

“U-Urahahaka please nohaha!” Before the tickles could escalate he heard Uraraka let out a soft cry and the gentle fingers were replaced by one…two…three…four pairs of hands?!

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OneStep [Nathan Prescott x Reader]

Author’s Note: NATHAN PRESCOTT WOOOOOO. So glad I finally wrote something for Life is Strange. It has literally been months since I meant to but I never really had any ideas. And I mean I still don’t lol, but this is better than nothing, eh? Hope I did okay. I think my next LiS imagine will be Mark Jefferson but I’m not too sure at the moment. I’ve just kind of been bouncing around different ideas in general and deciding what characters they should be for (not strictly LiS). I never write any of it down but I probably should…

Word Count: 1,036

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In 2003, the local government in Kamikatsu, Japan decided to require that all residents comply with a new, rigorous recycling program - perhaps the most rigorous in the world.

Since then, the town composts, recycles, or reuses 80% of its garbage. It may not technically be 100% zero waste, as the remaining 20% goes into the landfill, but it’s a remarkable achievement for an entire community, in such a short amount of time. The impacts have been positive - cutting costs for the community drastically, as well as improving the conditions of the lush and beautiful environment that surrounds the town in Southeast Japan.

Residents must wash and sort virtually anything that is non-compostable in their household before bringing it to the recycling sorting center. Shampoo bottles, caps, cans, razors, styrofoam meat trays, water bottles…the list goes on and on (literally) into 34 categories. At the sorting center, labels on each bin indicate the recycling process for that specific item - how it will be recycled, what it will become, and how much that process can cost (or even earn). It’s an education process for the consumer.

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Campanurgy (Bell Magic): Capturing, Purifying, Amplifying, and Releasing Energy

(Please note that these bits of information are subject to updates as I research and learn new things, so checking the > Campanurgy Page < on my blog is always the best way to get the most recent version of these posts.

To capture a particular kind of energy within a bell, ring it when a moment permeated by that kind of energy happens. Ring it while focusing on your intent to capture the energy within the bell. Visualize the sound waves the chiming makes surrounding the affected area, gathering the energy from its target upon impact, and bringing it back into the bell. The mental image might look something like how sonar works.

A bell could also capture energy by being placed under the light of the moon while it’s in a phase that corresponds with the particular kind of energy you’re trying to have the bell take in. Of course, manually charging the bell would work as well.

To purify/distill the energy stored in a bell, clean and polish the bell, being careful to not use materials that could corrode the type of metal the bell is made from.

To amplify the energy stored in a bell, surround it with herbs, crystals, and/or things of certain colors (such as ribbons, a container, or colors drawn on a piece of paper) that correspond to the type of energy you’re trying to amplify.

A charging board could be used for any of these purposes, by placing the bell in the center with arrows labeled with the word “purify” (or appropriate synonyms) drawn on and pointed towards it. A two-object charging board could also be useful for purifying the energy, with arrows drawn back and forth between the bell and a piece of selenite. This would also work for amplifying the energy, as herbs, crystals, and/or things of certain colors could be used as the second object on the board, but with arrows drawn only from the materials towards the bell, and not arrows going back and forth.

To release the energy stored in a bell and use it on yourself, simply ring the bell with the intent of releasing the energy and visualize the sound waves reaching you as you hear them. To use the energy on another person, animal, place, or thing, ring the bell and visualize the sound waves reaching and permeating them/it. An incantation can always help, as well. For example: “As I walk, let the sound of this bell cast a protective and happy charm on all it touches.”
Arrow: The Top 10 Security Measures Protecting the Oft-Infiltrated Bunker
Black Siren busting into the Bunker in the Arrow Season 6 premiere got us thinking: Just how easy is it to infiltrate the emerald archer’s lair?
By Matt Webb Mitovich

10. “Green Arrow Bunker” is not (any longer) listed on the mailbox outside.

9. “Beware of Wild Dog” sign out front

8. The front door key is not hidden under the doormat bearing the Arrow emblem but on the top jamb — and on the left side.

7. Old-timey shopkeeper’s bell jingles when the front door is opened

6. A tape recording of a bo staff training session is played when the team is on a mission, so the place doesn’t sound empty.

5. Elevator access panel code alternates weekly between 1234 and 4321.

4. In the elevator, the bunker level is cryptically labeled FITNESS CENTER.

3. If you’ve made it out of the elevator, be prepared to duck a swinging paint can a la Home Alone (newly installed on Oct. 13).

2. Looking to hack the computer system? Good luck — the password is “Arr0w” (using a zero, not a letter O). And even if you crack that, guess what? You’ve actually accessed the S.T.A.R. Labs system.

1. Lenny at the 24-hour Big Belly Burger across the street has been asked to keep an eye on the place.

Let’s hope that under Diggle’s watch, they can at least add “icy front steps” to the mix in time for Christmas.

Using a T-shirt to Make Patterns

Using a standard unisex T-shirt that is about one-two sized larger than your size can be used as a base for another way to drape darts or move the excess fabric into different styles. This is a method that can be done using a model form or on your own body!! (I do recommend if you are wearing the t-shirt to have the undergarment on that you will be wearing with the cosplay.) Helps to get a more accurate fit! First I will start by showing how to make standard double-ended darts using a T-shirt. Using this same technique you can make many types of darts.


Standard unisex shirt in a size one-two sizes larger, sewing pins/safety pins, marker/tailors chalk, large piece of paper, scissors, pencil, ruler

^ 1. You want to work both sides at the same time. taking in a little on each side as you go. Don’t make it too tight, the excess fabric around the waist will be used to make darts (or seams).

^ 2. Taking the excess fabric, pinch equally at the placement of your darts/seams.

^ 3. Front darts are meant to tighten the excess fabric, there are many ways to utilize them.  They end about 1/4”- 1/2” down from the bust point (unless you want Madonna points). Darts leading down past the waist end at the hip, typically about 3”-4” past the waistline.

^ 4. Repeat process for back. Back darts work similar to front, top ends point to the largest part of the chest, and the bottom ends are about 3-4” from the waist

^ 5. Once all pins are in place, use tailors chalk or a marker to draw over the newly made sections, marking each side of the darts, and at each side of your new side seams.  Make notes for all markers like waist line along the sides and at each side of your dart, bust point, ends of darts top and bottom.

^ 6. While wearing the t-shirt, draw your neckline and armholes.  Be sure to mark for matching up front and back at shoulder seams and at the side seams.

^ 7. Now you are ready to transfer to paper! Carefully take the garment off, trying to keep all pins attached, it is okay if you lose some in the process. I like to go through and re mark on front and back with a sharpie the: bust point, dart points, waist at front and back sides as well as at each side of your dart, where the front and back pieces at the shoulder and under the arm. You only need half of the front and half of the back to complete the pattern.

Now you are ready to remove the pins, SEE second picture. Once pins have been removed, make a long line down the center front and center back. Label which side is front and which is back.

^ 8. Cut the shirt apart at the side seams following the lines you drew, and at the shoulders along the t-shirt’s seam line. Trace around the pieces, transfer all your marks and notes. After you have the outer edges, transfer the four dart points you marked: top, bottom, and at the waist on each side of the excess of the fabric. This will create your dart.

^ 9. Create your sewing guide lines, connecting the four points of the dart.  This will make a diamond shape.

^ 10. Finishing touches!!  Add seam allowance to all of your edges.  For this example, the front is on a fold a center front, which doesn’t need any seam allowance.  Back will have a zipper, which needs a larger amount of seam allowance. I highly suggest making a mock up with your new pattern pieces to test fit for any adjustments.

Whoo!!  This turned out longer than I thought it would, hope it makes sense and helps out. Happy Patterning and Sewing!!!

Pants worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Black velour knit with elastic straps at the bottom for fitting the pants inside boots. There is a wide soft band at the waistline and diagonal asymmetrical front opening with closure by six flat white plastic buttons and buttonholes. Sides of each leg, from knee to foot, are gathered up with inner casings and elastic. Eight matching buttons are widely spaced down the outer side of each leg. A white “PRINCE” is machine embroidered on black grosgrain ribbon as an inner label in center back.

Not for sale 

Once upon a time…..there was a law firm in Alabama that was against racism, hate and extremism. They started a group to label hate groups, as hate and sue said groups for their behavior, pushing many into bankruptcy.

They were responsible for bringing down many Neo-Nazi groups through lawsuits, suing the people who commit hate crimes leaving them broke and standing for equality.

Then….well….then social justice warriors happened. Safe spaces, bigotry and racism went mainstream, being backed by powerful people who love ignoring facts. Powerful people pandering to ignorance.

Now, after a few years, of this insanity, this one group who use to do so much good in the world, has officially become an example of what happens when you choose to ignore brutality, hate, murder, rape, subjugation of women, female genital mutilation, child marriages, etc…out of fear of wrongly being labeled a “bigot”.

We now see the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling the good people, Muslim reformers, ex-Muslim atheists, advocates for the voiceless in Islam, peace seeking individuals, as “anti-Islamic extremists”.

All while refusing to label the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, etc….as the hate groups they are. Groups that burn people alive, that saw the heads off children on camera, that rape young girls and sell them like cattle, that blow up the World Trade Center, strap suicide vests to their chests and blow up airports, bomb hospitals in war torn countries, turn wedding parties to blood baths….and they are LESS dangerous than people who are trying to change the mindset that allows for those events to be carried out.

This is 2016. This will have consequences for the people labeled as “extremists” from the terrorist they refuse to label as actual terrorists. This needs to be shared. Read about this. Be a voice against this mind set. Be against naming peaceful people as hateful one’s.


From Dusk Till Dawn: Music From The Motion Picture

Brookvale Records, 2016

20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition, limited to 5500 numbered, foil-stamped units. (No. 1348) Clear vinyl with blood spatter. Difficult to get a photo, but side D (pictured) is etched with the center label image.

Cover art by Matt Ryan

# 1,539

Boyd Rice The Black Album (1977)

Landmark industrial and noise-art release. One of the very first records to demonstrate automatic loops through human assembly and / or machine, made here by careful tape-splicing specific sounds, vocal samples, and noises that would repeat themselves by re-assembly.

Before this release, Rice had already taken very specific instances (Leslie Gore’s “cry” lyric) within a song and re-created them with those instances totaled, all for personal pleasure. It was only a matter of time before he’d elongate them as totally different beings for minutes at a time, creating a new life and existence of their own. In 1975, Lou Reed would release Metal Machine Music, a one-hour endurance test of layered guitars, feedback, and amplifier noise that auto-generated itself to become an accidental noise record ahead of its time. With Rice’s sounds recorded in December 1975 to January 1976, he had a different albeit hand-crafted approach in making music that would rather annoy.

Demonstrated here, Rice would bastardize the tape format into something dreamy or nightmarish, pleasant or violent. As soon as the it begins, you are treated to either a triumphant huge birth of his recording career or an involuntary beating and kicking before it switches abruptly into a cozy hypnotic dreamworld. Through The Black Album, quick meddling tinny noises erratically run all over the place. Somber gentle windfalls swing back and forth. Piano keys race up and down the spiral stone stairs under the high-frequency stars above. Constant shrills and twills, twangs, crescendos, and the haunting ephemera of big band, folk, and bubblegum pop of the Fifties to Seventies were all made possible because of Rice’s eccentric editing techniques that reduced anything to an almost total unknown. There is no memory or consistency connecting these nine untitled tracks other than Rice’s micro-edits that hold themselves together. Constant repetition within any of these nine would evoke new imaginary sounds and patterns not found on record, a concept Brian Eno would later claim during this very time when his ambient records were released.

His pre-recorded tape edits as music-onto-vinyl record would show the nature of overall sound clarity; from loud and clear to muffled quality from all wear and tear by Rice’s editing hands. Tape machines during the recording process would sometimes show slowing down to rush right up again. Repeated playback on the final vinyl format of The Black Album would deteriorate the already off-quality of his production, further subtracting from the noise on physical surface. Even the center labels suggest that The Black Album can be played at any speed your turntable was built with: 16, 33, 45, and 78 r.p.m.’s for four times the value or listening displeasure. This makes the album double as a study of the physical medium if it’s not about the dissonant sound structures in a pre-Merzbow or Susan Lawly world.

But Rice wouldn’t stop there as he would expand on many more recording techniques from The Black Album. For 1981’s Pagan Muzak, Rice housed a 7” record in a 12” sleeve which incorporates locked grooves with multiple axis holes drilled off-center along with all available playable speeds for maximum effect. Or, he would shatter records and piece them together again for new ways of creating sound. Forty years later, Boyd Rice’s The Black Album stands as the genesis and most obvious example of what the musical groundhog day is.

Hypothermia - Chapter 8

Mike x Reader

First Chapter - Previous Chapter - Next Chapter

It was Mike.

He was covered in dirt and bruises and dried blood and he was wearing some green jacket that you knew for a fact he didn’t own.

But it was Mike.

You didn’t waste any time before running straight to him, though it was more of a hobble in your weakened state, barreling into his open and waiting arms. Suddenly, everything was okay. You weren’t going to die alone on this mountain, you weren’t going to be stuck here forever, you weren’t going to have to regret that your last words to him were so trivial. Mike was in your arms and everything was going to be okay.

When you finally pulled your face out of the crook of his neck where you had buried it and looked at his face, it blew you away. He was looking at you like it was the first time he’d seen sunlight after days of darkness. He was shaking beneath you, though you were pretty sure you were too, and you could see the wear and tear the night had had on him, but if there was ever a time when he had been more beautiful, you couldn’t recall it.

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