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Once upon a time…..there was a law firm in Alabama that was against racism, hate and extremism. They started a group to label hate groups, as hate and sue said groups for their behavior, pushing many into bankruptcy.

They were responsible for bringing down many Neo-Nazi groups through lawsuits, suing the people who commit hate crimes leaving them broke and standing for equality.

Then….well….then social justice warriors happened. Safe spaces, bigotry and racism went mainstream, being backed by powerful people who love ignoring facts. Powerful people pandering to ignorance.

Now, after a few years, of this insanity, this one group who use to do so much good in the world, has officially become an example of what happens when you choose to ignore brutality, hate, murder, rape, subjugation of women, female genital mutilation, child marriages, etc…out of fear of wrongly being labeled a “bigot”.

We now see the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling the good people, Muslim reformers, ex-Muslim atheists, advocates for the voiceless in Islam, peace seeking individuals, as “anti-Islamic extremists”.

All while refusing to label the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, etc….as the hate groups they are. Groups that burn people alive, that saw the heads off children on camera, that rape young girls and sell them like cattle, that blow up the World Trade Center, strap suicide vests to their chests and blow up airports, bomb hospitals in war torn countries, turn wedding parties to blood baths….and they are LESS dangerous than people who are trying to change the mindset that allows for those events to be carried out.

This is 2016. This will have consequences for the people labeled as “extremists” from the terrorist they refuse to label as actual terrorists. This needs to be shared. Read about this. Be a voice against this mind set. Be against naming peaceful people as hateful one’s.


In 2003, the local government in Kamikatsu, Japan decided to require that all residents comply with a new, rigorous recycling program - perhaps the most rigorous in the world.

Since then, the town composts, recycles, or reuses 80% of its garbage. It may not technically be 100% zero waste, as the remaining 20% goes into the landfill, but it’s a remarkable achievement for an entire community, in such a short amount of time. The impacts have been positive - cutting costs for the community drastically, as well as improving the conditions of the lush and beautiful environment that surrounds the town in Southeast Japan.

Residents must wash and sort virtually anything that is non-compostable in their household before bringing it to the recycling sorting center. Shampoo bottles, caps, cans, razors, styrofoam meat trays, water bottles…the list goes on and on (literally) into 34 categories. At the sorting center, labels on each bin indicate the recycling process for that specific item - how it will be recycled, what it will become, and how much that process can cost (or even earn). It’s an education process for the consumer.

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Reiya's Guide to Pendulums

How to Make a Pendulum and Board:

-Find a weight of some sort that can be tied to the end of a string or fastened to a chain. Just stick the weight on the end and voilà! You got yourself a pendulum. It would be best if you feel connected to the weight so that a bond can more easily be formed. That being said, if there is a necklace or ring you like, use that! Simple! My first pendulum was a ring on a chain.

-For a board just get a piece of paper and draw a vertical and horizontal line, connecting at the center to form a +. Label one line with “Yes” and the other with “No”.

-If you’d like more answer choices like “maybe” and “do not wish to answer” draw diagonal lines that intercept the vertex of the + (or put an x over the +). Done.

For Divination:

-Formulate the question you would like to ask. Be sure that this question can be answered with ONE yes or no. That means questions like “Will I be a teacher in Iceland?” Should be broken down to “Will I be a teacher?” And “Will I be in Iceland?” For a more accurate answer.

-Hold your pendulum by the end of the chain or string in your dominant hand over the center of a pendulum board and focus on your question. You can speak it aloud or in your mind, either way the pendulum will hear it and swing accordingly.

-Wait for it to swing and take note of the answer it gives. Repeat about two more times just to be sure and you have your answer!

For Finding Lost Things:

-Ask if the thing is in the room.

-No? Is the thing in the other room?

-Yes? Is the thing under the bed?

-Just ask stuff like that and eventually you’ll get the right spot. It’s a lot less time consuming than running around looking for the thing.

Alright! That’s all I really have to say about pendulums. They’re super easy to use and can be real,y useful, so I recommend you all try it out!



Kittyinva: 1925 c. Gorgeous gold and silver brocade evening shoes featuring t-straps and Louis heels. They close at the ankle with rhinestone-centered buttons. Label on the inside reads “Arthur Wallace/477 Washington St./Boston”. From Vintage Textile.


From Dusk Till Dawn: Music From The Motion Picture

Brookvale Records, 2016

20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition, limited to 5500 numbered, foil-stamped units. (No. 1348) Clear vinyl with blood spatter. Difficult to get a photo, but side D (pictured) is etched with the center label image.

Cover art by Matt Ryan

hello, you beautiful souls !! i’m julie and under the cut is some info ab this gal. since i’m trash i’ll probably be taking up another charrie soon but for now i’d love to plot things or even just chat ily all already can’t wait !!

tw: violence, theft

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<><><>Announcing the March VMP Featured Album<><><>

J Dilla​ - ‘Donuts’ (Stones Throw Records)

VMP edition features:

- 180g clear vinyl
- Custom donut center labels
- Deluxe gatefold jacket
- 33 1/3 series excerpt
- 12"x12" original art print by ready2rumbl
- Custom cocktail pairing recipe
- foil-numbering

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don’t u luv it when ppl can ID as agender or bigender or whatever to “defy gender roles and break the binary!” and define these labels as centering around this, and then when dysphoric nonbinary people come along, these same people get to go “ummm sweetie.. how can u have agender dysphoria… haha stupid that doesn’t make sense : ) and wanting sex characteristics of men and women? that sounds like fetishizing haha my definition is the right one (don’t scrutinize my nondysphoric ass IDing as this though that’s transphobia)”

So I think I’m going to be renaming this place simply “Animation Center” soon and labeling it as formerly DYKA for the first few weeks/months so people dont get confused.

Content will not be changing. Like, at all. The only reason I’m rebranding is so this place can get its own sense of identity and not just be a did you know gaming knockoff. I’ve been going in this direction for a while and I hope you guys won’t mind me doing this. I truly love getting to explore my love of cartoons in a way that I feel isnt so fenced in.

Videos will continue as usual, and will probably even expand into other topics to reflect the more generalized feel of this place. I haven’t given the channel a personalized url for this exact purpose, because I knew this was coming sooner or later. It’s probably gonna get renamed. I’m doing this early on rather than later when more people will get confused. 

The blog icon/front page is going to change if only because I can’t have the same logo everywhere if I’m changing the name.

I seriously thank you guys for your patience and hope you can bear with me while I make these ultimately superficial changes. I like running an animation blog and doing things besides trivia a lot (though I still enjoy sharing trivia and run to the fact template as soon as I find out something interesting to share with you guys), and I want to expand what I can share. I hope you guys are happy with the changes and that I can continue to post stuff you enjoy. I also hope you don’t mind the changes too much!

Thanks for all your support