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i think andrew hussie is a master class case study in author anonymity

like, who even gives a shit about death of the author when the author barely exists metatextually anyway? his public friends are all people associated with or who worked at one point on homestuck, his social media reveals nothing about him personally, and the only pieces of personal information he discloses are pieces of disjointed, unrelated, or “is he joking?” type material. i know he’s a sagittarius but i don’t know if he has parents. i know he has a giant blue horse dildo somewhere in his home, but i don’t know which state he lives in. 

nobody within the past 500-600 years of literature has managed to write something as big as homestuck and remain as secretive as he has. most authors are tempted by the fame offered to them via their work and immediately flood their audience with personal disclosure, try to make themselves celebrities. not hussie. hussie wrote one of the biggest pieces of internet literature in history and stayed completely off the map for all of it.


Much anticipated 12-member boy band VARSITY debuts with “U R MY ONLY ONE” MV!

Are you loving this new group with Korean, English, Chinese, French and Arabic speakers? [FULL MEMBER PROFILE HERE]
Trump budget casualty: After-school programs for 1.6 million kids. Most are poor.
Administration says the efforts are ineffective. Researchers say that isn’t true.

The program Trump is seeking to ax — known as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers — helps school districts, churches and nonprofit groups serve more than 1.6 million children nationwide.

The administration argues that there is no evidence the program has been effective. But Heather Weiss of the independent Global Family Research Project — who has studied after-school programs for nearly 20 years — said that’s not true.

“There is a lot of evidence,” she said. “Engaging kids in high-quality after-school programs, many of which are supported by 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants, results in kids doing better in school. They’re more likely to graduate and to excel in the labor market.”

This administration does not want the disadvantaged to excel. It wants them too tired, impoverished, and scared to care beyond the next paycheck.


Some designs for my South Park Vaccine: South Side AU B3

With his city in a panic over the recent outbreak of a deadly disease and his desperate father threatened with debt, Kyle finds himself, along with his younger brother, Ike, at the mercy of a group claiming to have the new cure for the virus. Discovering their dark secrets and cruel ways, the two boys escape with the company in pursuit. Separated from their family with no one else to turn to, they have no choice but to try to trust anyone who says they’re willing to help, earning their own path of friendships and distrusts along the way. The strife between children and adults is on.

Why, yes, it does take place in the same world as my other one x 

I haven’t shown much of it, but I love the world I built for it and I definitely wanted to make another story centered around the SP kids. More to come I need to actually work on these :U

it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY 

Unknown, New Artist - Varsity

Varsity debuted on the 3rd of January 2017 with their song U R the Only One. Their first debut single album is called Round One

It is a 12 member group formed by Korea’s Global K Center. The group consists of 7 Korean members and 5 Chinese membersKid, YunHo, Anthony, Bullet, Damon, Xin, XiWeol, DaWon, SeungBo, JaeBin, Manny, and RiHo. They were born between 1995 and 2001. 

Varsity was given its name to mean the elite representation team of global idols. And as a global group, its members can speak Korean, Chinese, English, Arab and French. 

Bullet - Leader, Vocalist, Rapper

XiWeol - Main Vocalist

Manny - Rapper, Maknae, Muslim

Kid, Xin, RiHo, Anthony - Vocalists

Damon and YunHo - Dancers

SeungBo - Moodmaker and Vocalist

 JaeBin,  DaWon - Unknown

I’m already a fan.

Imagine Volunteering at a Daycare with Connor

     “Those kids are going to love you.” She giggled looking at Connor who was rolling his eyes.
      “That is doubtful.” He murmured while turning and glancing out the car window.
      She glanced over at him puzzled, “why do you say that?” He shrugged and avoided her eyes. “Connor… You’re a big teddy bear.”
      Connor shook his head before stepping out of the car. For some odd reason he had this thought in his head that the kids would be terrified of him; whether it was because his size or perhaps he thought he looked mean. Either or was ridiculous and she had to stifle her laughs countless times just this morning due to his foolish thinking.
      “Hello! You must be Connor and Y/N!” Greeted a middle-aged woman. Her rosy cheeks and cheery voice brought a smile to both their faces. The sight of Connor finally smiling this morning gave her some hope that volunteering here wasn’t such a bad idea. “I’m Ms. Baker. It’s so great to meet you two! Please, come in! The children are so excited to see you.”
      Y/N elbowed Connor is the ribs after hearing that one but he still looked at her with a doubtful look.
      “Let me show you around!” She waved for them to follow. “Here’s the kitchen. The older kids like to help make snacks. If you make any today be sure to give everyone a chance to help. Especially if you’re baking something. I let everyone stir when we make brownies. Otherwise we get tantrums, and we don’t want none of that.”
      Turning around the corner she motioned inside another room, “here’s the playroom. Everything’s color-coded and labeled so clean up is easier. Be sure to have the kids help you, we don’t want them thinking that they’ll always be picked up after, you know?”
      “Ms. Baker!” Called a little girl as she ran up to meet them; wrapping her arms around the woman’s hips.
      “Yes?” She asked sweetly. “Introduce yourself dear.”
      She smiled excitedly up at them. “My name’s Cloe! Are these a two new helpers?”
      “They are! This is Y/N and this is her friend, Connor.”
      Cloe hugged Y/N, giving her a brief squeeze but stopped when she turned to Connor. “I can tell you don’t like to be hugged.” She mumbled. “Can I show you something instead?!”
      Connor glanced up at Y/N with a quirked eyebrow. Seeing him bent down and utterly confused made her laugh. Say ‘yes’ she mouthed to him.
      “Yes.” His voice was unsure.
      “Yay!” She clapped her hands while she bounced on her toes in excitement. “Let me show you!” Cloe grabbed Connor’s hand before hauling him off into the playroom.
      Y/N smiled happily seeing the kids jogging towards their new playmate.
      “Shall I show you the ‘Quiet Room’?” Ms. Baker asked.
      “Yeah, he’ll be fine in there.” She giggled.
      After they saw the ‘Quiet Room’ where the kids read together and took their naps she was shown the craft room and the large playground out back equipped with an in-ground pool. “You folks brought your bathing suits, right?” Ms. Baker chuckled. Little did she know they actually had.
      “Well, that’s the Primrose Daycare Center tour. We should probably go check on your friend.” She giggled before patting Y/N on the back.
      They found him still sitting in the playroom. Y/N stood in the doorway while she watched him as he sat surrounded by various stuffed animals, toy cars, and dolls. Cloe and a little boy stood behind him trying to braid the rest of his hair while he rolled around a large dump truck. The other little boy beside him rammed it with his t-rex and laughed hysterically when Connor looked genuinely surprised.
      She cleared her throat and Connor’s eyes snapped to meet hers. His cheeks almost immediately flushed and she had to purse her lips to hide her smile. “I told you so.”
      He hesitated a moment for nodding his head. She’d never let him live this down. If only she had remembered to bring her phone.

People cannot handle the fact that huge investments have been made into a show that is centered around black and latinx kids and history. The Get Down is honestly a breath of fresh air from all these shows with white leads. The Get Down is visually stunning, with an immensely talented cast, and great plot. The Get Down deserves way more praise and recognition.

are you impatient for voltron season two? do you want more kids fighting evil, space gays, or kids in space?

well, maybe you should check out: the legion of superheroes!

the legion of superheroes is a cartoon that ran from 2006-2008, two seasons and 26 episodes. it’s set in the 31st century, centering around a team of kid superheroes called the ‘legion of superheroes’. inspired by superman’s example in the past, kids with powers from dozens of different planets have come together to form a team, fight evil, and protect the galaxy.

unfortunately, their most powerful enemy, the fatal five, has broken out of prison while the legion is stretched thin. they need help… and who better to get it from than the person who started it all? time to go to the past and retrieve young superman to help them!

it’s a very cute show, with a wide variety of characters, and lots of girls, to boot! triplicate girl, phantom girl, saturn girl, shrinking violet, dream girl…  which is a nice change from voltron. the plot and all the characters are really well-done, and the show tackles the fact that there’s a ton of characters very well - not every single character appears in every episode!

one of the characters, bouncing boy, is chubby like hunk, and he has WAYYY less fat jokes than him, which is really nice to see. really, the one place that the legion falls short in regards to voltron is racial diversity - there’s a lot more white characters in legion than voltron. it’s not entirely white: star boy, karate kid, triplicate girl are some, but it falls majorly short in regards to voltron.

however, one thing that it WINS at is gay characters. yes, you heard that right, CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT STRAIGHT APPEAR IN THIS SHOW. i don’t mean like “this character is canon [insert sexuality] in the comics”, though that does happen.

shrinking violet is my favorite bi lady right here, man.

but no, we’re talking actual gay content in the show. brainiac 5 is one of the main characters, and he’s canonically interested in multiple genders in the comics, which is expressed in the show. this kid has the BIGGEST god damn crush on superman in the WORLD.

if the show had continued into the third season, there was going to be a “love triangle” between superman, brainiac 5, and supergirl. while they’re still very much referred to as “friends”, and there was a Shrug of God in regards to brainy’s feelings towards superman, like… it’s canon, guys. just watch it.

legion of superheroes is a show filled with beautiful crafted, unique characters (one of the main character’s superpower is to TURN INTO A BOUNCING BALL. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.) rife with cheesy superhero code names, ladies, plots that will make you both LAUGH and cry (seriously, get your tissues ready, i weep folks), and a really gay robot who is my absolute favorite. if you want another show, you should definitely check it out. the characters are all super fantastic, and the show is extremely underrated. 

long live the legion!

If I could a get a business loan, one of my ideas would be to make a resource center for creative kids that don’t have the money or resources to do what they want or express their creativity wether it’s an art studio space, computers with software, photo lab, recording studio etc. maybe even have venues and showcases some times. Just a place where ppl could learn things and dream big with out worrying about money.

the real question is why is everyone so eager to ship off yurio to the point of which y’all are shipping a 15 year old child with people over 18 

If you read my blog a few months ago, you would know that I was going to the Total Package Tour in DC with seats in section 414.

My sister decided to get closer seats once her taxes came in, so we are now sitting in section 202! Yay for being a bit closer to the guys…. and yay for being out of the steep incline. *Whew*

And now I just have to sell the other tickets, and continue to learn the words to One More Night lol.

I hope you’re all able to make the tour and/or cruise, and I hope you all have a blast! :)