Poor Plastic Pot

Watching the breeze push clustered leaves,
Behind solid glass.

It’s easy to lose trace of real feelings,
Behind bi-centennial brick.

Artificial sentiments,
Yellow light, yellow light
They flash through window pane.

I’m forever yielding
To the unrelenting.

How does a plant
Born into a plastic pot
Ever feel rooted in truth?

Time to molt this shell
And find my new form.

Ace & Ish

I’m starting a new series tagged Centennial Bricks. One of my favorite things about Northeastern is walking through Centennial quad because there are names, sayings, and advice written on the bricks.

I’m going to start off with my favorite - ACE & ISH. Every time I see it at a glance, I like to think of it as a sad love story. Ace and Ish, two star-crossed lovers that can never be together, save for this one brick in Boston dedicated to them.

I’m sure it’s just two organizations that someone really appreciated at Northeastern, but it’s sweet to think of it with a bit of a romance behind it.