centennial plaza

Seeing from Above

My map is drawn from the above and is in a south to north direction. The boundaries of my map is from the middle of the grass on the left to the middle of the grass to the right side, with the road on the south to where the plaza hangs off as a cliff over Feather River. In drawn in the trees, mushroom in the grass and the bushes at the edges of the sidewalk. My piece mainly focuses on the circle, where the rocks and fishes are at, wrapped with the garden beds. 

Centennial Plaza Post 2
Maly Vang

Centennial Plaza: Hearing Yourself

When I went to Centennial Plaza, I noticed that it is very quiet, and I could only hear my own movements. My loud footsteps quietly echoed on the grass when I walked to the center of the plaza. I could hear the winds rustle through the leaves and vines as I sat and observed the area. As I listen more carefully, I can hear the metal clinking from the auto shop down the road, and the cars roaming Highway 70 to the east. Even though there are distinct noises happening at the same time, the noises were so soft that it didn’t distract me from hearing my own breathing. I never took the time to listen to my surroundings before, and I found this experience to be very therapeutic and calming.