By making victimization the main story line of a struggle in which strikers actually inflicted more deaths than they suffered, historians have treated men, women, and children who demonstrated tremendous capacity for action as having been almost entirely acted upon.

Such interpretations seem to underscore a key premise of [mainstream] 20th century politics: that working people can best achieve equality, fairness, and justice not through collective uprisings from below, but rather through the intervention of the Democratic Party and the Federal Government.

Rather than a massacre, Ludlow was the result of half a century of contentious interactions between workers, capitalists, and nature. This set the stage for ten days of class warfare that brought southern Colorado to the brink of revolution.

—  Thomas Andrews, on why we shouldn’t just remember Ludlow as a massacre, in Killing for Coal: America’s Deadliest Labor War 

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the decision by Congress to declare war on Germany. The U.S. Navy played a pivotal role to make the world “Safe for Democracy.” This quote comes from future NHF President Captain Dudley Knox’s work on WWI.
Image: USS Cassin (DD-43) Painting by Charles B. Falls (Naval History & Heritage Command Image # NH 458-KN)

Sonnet to a Sigma

I read somewhere that a man of Phi Beta Sigma was not only inadequate but incapable. He was saw to be less than an Alpha whose only claim to fame is being first when that’s far from what’s real. Just as far as the pretended bond of a “first fam” when in all actuality there pretentious bond to Alpha Kappa Alpha is no bond at all. The Sigma man was saw as being less macho than the ranting Omega whose only separating distinction is making much noise and whose bond with the Deltas reflects the stolen use of the dog when we all know the Sigma became a wolf first. The Sigma man was saw as being not as smooth as the Kappa whose only claim to fame is a mirror which they often times hold up to the AKA’s because they forget that the SGRHO’s need them for relevancy. We all know that the Sigma man has the only bragging rights to a Soror. The Zeta lady derived from the rib of a Sigma as Eve derived from Adam, forming a bond that is divine rather than by association. The Sigma man was stereotyped and stigmatized but his character rises through criticism. He is the originator of the cane so Kappas can step aside. He is the wolf that mellows out the bark of an Omega’s cry. He is first to be fearless, accepting diversity rather than reducing his brotherhood to clones of the same man. He is a father, a preacher, a speaker, a teacher. He is Terrence Howard scrumptious and Blair Underwood divine. Carver great so respect the peanut. Don’t try and box him in with mean words or crooked side eyes because for a 100 years the dream of 3 men have refused to die and the purpose of a Sigma man continues to rise.


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Hymn at Howard University for the groundbreaking of the Phi Beta Sigma monument to celebrate 100 years of service. Look for me at :22. 


Clint Eastwood leading the Carmel Centennial Parade October 29, 2016

To celebrate the 100th birthday of his hometown, Clint wore the original poncho from the “Dollars Trilogy”, his boots from “Rawhide”, the hat from “Unforgiven” (and the grey shirt from “High Plains Drifter”, i guess) :)))