Here’s some other stuff too.  A couple of sketches from the last few days and (extremely slow) progress on this postcard thing.  I don’t know how often I’ll be able to work on this one, since I’ve got other commission orders coming in and those should probably take top priority, but I guess it’ll be done when it’s done.

A CENTAUR’S LIFE, volume 6

Story & art by: Kei Murayama
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: July 7, 2015


Hime and her friends meet an amphibian figure from the world of business. Meanwhile, they try to solve the mystery of a paranormal peeper! False gods interrupt a festival ceremony. Later, a shared dream only leads to more questions.

This is A Centaur’s Life!


-Water (1)
-Can of Food (1)
-Bandage (1)

Part 5

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Read on for how it works/ how to suggest.

This is how it works:

You can suggest one of two kinds of things (through asks), something Venus does or an event that happens. Example:

!Venus: Go look around.
!Event: A random mole rat appeared!

The outcome of Venus’ responses will be calculated by her stats, which can be found here: Stats

If you want your OC in the story, just tell me an send me a ref for a chance to get randomly entered. ;D You have no say in where you get put, so realize if you enter your character, you could be absolutely anything, like a centaur.

anonymous asked:

why is extra pair of arms such a popular thing with fusions?

In-universe, I’m guessing it’s because of that theory saying that extra arms happen when two gems don’t usually agree on methods of dealing with a situation. Artistically, it’s a strong visual clue to their nature that doesn’t take away from a cool, harmonous design. Probably. I really wanna see a fusion with extra legs though. They’d look like a centaur!

anonymous asked:

Stanford as a centaur? or Fiddleford as a water nymph? (if fidds is a water nymph the gobblewonker is his pet)


*I trot slowly through an uncharted part of the forest, holding my spear close to me. I can’t believe I got lost again. After about five minutes or so I come by a stream, and decide to follow that. Maybe I’ll find my brother around here. Im looking  up at a small bird when a splashing noise brings me back to earth with a start. I turn around hastily, gripping onto the spear*

Who goes there?!

Meet Adaan. 
If you’re like “where have I seen that name before?” fear not!
I will tell you.

Adaan was once a familiar (that little centaur down there) to Elijah, my head scout. He protected him, kept him out of trouble, and was completely in love with him. So in love and devoted to keeping him safe that he ended up dying to save him.
Luckily, the Lightweaver decided that he was good enough to stay on Sornieth and sent him back, having him reincarnated as a dragon.

And somehow, he finds his way back to Elijah.

(This is why I like FR lore. I can make things up how I see fit.)

gayishimaru asked:

ok so what i know about animorphs: there are a bunch of kids who gain the power to shapeshift ? into animals bc of some dying blue space centaur. they meet this other one named ax who turns to a person and they hang out and he laughs really strangely and eventually they fight ??? someone namemd? visser 3? and they are a team and bad things happen and death and violence. and marco and ax are in love?