centaur cosplay

i ain't horsin around no more

hi i’ve kind of been shillyshallying with my cosplay progress im sorry

but its okay because im back on track =u=

yah i’ve kind of been putting off the centaur for a while simply because for the longest time i’ve been unable to figure out how to build it. my first attempt was a good one i think but there was way too much going on and it was really messy and flimsy. ive spent many sleepless nights [5 minutes before falling asleep] just trying to figure out the best way to build the damn horse butt and just pondering over many different methods. 

first of all, here’s my first attempt again:

there’s just tape and rigilene everywhere and it’s basically falling to pieces in my basement now. i’m going to get rid of it soon. it’s barely holding it’s own weight and i havent even added the insulation foam, decorations, back legs, and tail so that was a no go. there’s no space for my butt either

so from this failure, i figured out that i needed something hollow, strong, yet lightweight. the first thought i had was to build a huge papercraft sort of horse behind with like oaktag and stuff but then i realized how dreadful it would be if i had to walk through rainfall with that monstrosity. then i thought maybe i would build a sort of cagelike structure out of worbla or something but i’m a poor college student and worbla is so mean to wallets. suddenly i realized what the answer to all my problems was! 

a laundryy baskettt whooop whoop \(*u*)/

it’s lightweight, strong enough to hold it’s own weight and more, and has moree than enough space for my butt that’s getting whipped up by the squat challengee

so yah here’re sum progress pictures after like 888888 days of hiatus lol

maybe i can store snacks in there too when i go 2 a con

i glitzed up my bra too

and i got boobie enhancerss yaaaaay \o/ [im finally able to have cleavage now ;U; (mebe i will do a post on that soon)]

they feel so good

now that i finally know what i’m doing i think i will be able to churn out dis baby in no tiem



results of da 30 day squat challenge

squats r gr8

just kidding i spent like 10 hours squirting foam, waiting on foam, and carving foam yesterday my hands are still numb okay im not really pleased with how tubby my centaur belly looks either so today i made 2 incisions along the side of the laundry basket so i can perform a  tummy tuck later i still have to finish the legs, make the decorations, paper mache and prime the whole thing, paint, and accent and detangle the wig, and so much more T_T i really hope dis turns out okay otherwise i will cry

progress picture dump     

my room is trasheddd Big thanks to ma friend chinnay for soldiering thru the whole process with mee and sort of helping me lots =u=b