centaur baby

Throwing my theories onto the fire asto the science of mythical horse-butted babies. 

nO THIS WAS NOT an excuse to draw tiny chubbly-wubblum baby Clyde and lanky knobbly foal legs. NEVER.

FOR SCIENCE! Like gestating in the horse half would mostly remove the limitations of the human pelvis that restricts the size of a babies head so a foalby could be born mostly ready to go with just a small period of intensive care that human bebes require. Also adding unique behaviors while solving my personal problem with wtf centaurs do with their hands/arms when running. Obviously they wouldn’t do the tuck and run all the time but if you’re scared you don’t want extraneous limbs flapping about throwing your balance off if they weren’t necessary.

Baby centaurs???

So foals can run the very soon after they’re born, but human babies can’t even walk until they’re at least, what is it, one, one and a half?
My idea for this is that centaurs have their babies at least a month longer in their bellies, (10 months) and that the centaur foal is developed enough to at least hold their head up after a few days. Until then they are cradled by their parent.

It takes longer for them to walk (compared to regular foals), but after around a month they’re able to - very wobbly, but they manage, with some help.

So, the time in the belly they develop a lot, but once they’re out and and a few months after that, they slow down and get on with growing in human speed.
Of course, their horse part grows slower than usual that way (a 1 year old horse resembles an 10 year old centaur).

Daddy wont save you!

Sunny as a wee colt with his family, getting kisses from his momma while colliding with dad. Who i amused but also trying to keep from accidentally stabbing anyone with his whittling knife. 

Sunny does have an older sister (probably lagging behind the wagon reading) and later gets a pair of twin younger siblings towards the time of the story.