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Throwing my theories onto the fire asto the science of mythical horse-butted babies. 

nO THIS WAS NOT an excuse to draw tiny chubbly-wubblum baby Clyde and lanky knobbly foal legs. NEVER.

FOR SCIENCE! Like gestating in the horse half would mostly remove the limitations of the human pelvis that restricts the size of a babies head so a foalby could be born mostly ready to go with just a small period of intensive care that human bebes require. Also adding unique behaviors while solving my personal problem with wtf centaurs do with their hands/arms when running. Obviously they wouldn’t do the tuck and run all the time but if you’re scared you don’t want extraneous limbs flapping about throwing your balance off if they weren’t necessary.

Baby centaurs???

So foals can run the very soon after they’re born, but human babies can’t even walk until they’re at least, what is it, one, one and a half?
My idea for this is that centaurs have their babies at least a month longer in their bellies, (10 months) and that the centaur foal is developed enough to at least hold their head up after a few days. Until then they are cradled by their parent.

It takes longer for them to walk (compared to regular foals), but after around a month they’re able to - very wobbly, but they manage, with some help.

So, the time in the belly they develop a lot, but once they’re out and and a few months after that, they slow down and get on with growing in human speed.
Of course, their horse part grows slower than usual that way (a 1 year old horse resembles an 10 year old centaur).

As opposed to Miia and Mero, Cerea’s genitals are on her animal half, as opposed to her Human half. Strangely, despite this revelation, when Cerea imagined herself pregnant, it’s clear the fetus is developing inside her Human half, which would be very inefficient, impractical and even very dangerous for both the mother and the child.

It’s also strange that earlier, Cerea mentioned Centaur babies are quite large, so it makes even less sense. Okayado most likely “translated” her thoughts so the audience would understand, as we would not recognize a pregnant “horse”.

(From the MonMusu wiki)

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Fantasy creature question! Do centaur babies reside in the human stomach or animal stomach? Also, how many months until a baby centaur is born?

Given that these are mammals and baby mammals need to pass through the vagina to enter the world, the uterus is likely to reside in the abdomen closest to that birth canal.

I would presume that’s the equine abdomen, given the relative size of the creature and that’s where there’s most room to fit a developing foetus, and the shortest distance for giving birth.

Otherwise if you put the uterus in the human abdomen, then you either need the whole, mature foetus to move the entire length of the equine body, which is insane, or you need to relocate the human genitals to in between the front legs, which is awkward for everything, including copulation.

I would expect centaur gestation to take between 9 and 11 months

Since I created Dr. Aisha Yesson, my Centauress, I wanted to share a few centaur headcanons I came up with.

-centaurs live in herds. not just because horse instincts, but because of how hard it is to groom their horse halves themselves.

-most communities of centaurs are still nomadic, preferring open plains with space to run.

-those who have settled down in permanent homes tend to form their own ‘herds’, and not everyone in their new herd is centaur, which irritates the traditionalists (lots of found families)

-centaur babies have a gestation time similar to horses, and the human half is more akin to a human toddler than a newborn

-centaurs weigh a lot. As in, more than a regular horse, which is already weighty. But it’s nearly always muscle, so they can lift, carry, and pull more than one would think at first glance.

-there are as many breeds of centaur as their are people and horses, perhaps even more. Including herds of zebra.

-Clothing depends on location and culture, just like with humans, but there is still a tendency to go towards flowing fabrics/jewelry for the horse half.

-Centaurs are touchy about being seen as animals. It’s been used against them before, to claim they are more animal than human thus it’s okay to do X or Y, so they are understandably prickly about the subject.

-Rides are only given to herd members or children or particularly close friends (generally people they’ve accepted into the herd). See the previous note for one major reason behind that.