Arabian Spirits

“Get after ‘em boys! We got him where we want ‘em! Don’t let him get into the trees!”

The two riders were running after a wild centaur they spotted days ago. He’s been elusive, constantly vanishing or disappearing once he entered the forest. This time they called the Stable Master to help track him.

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The centaur in question is an exotic breed, rarely ever caught & even harder to tame, an Arabic stallion.

“Shit call Ian! He’s getting away again!”

Anubis picked up speed, leaving dust in his wake as he sprinted, jumping high over a deep ditch & sliding down a steep incline, leaves kicked up & snapping branches on his way down. He didn’t stop moving, picking his way up another hill to find his younger sister.

Rushing through brambles & bushes, he finds her playing near a pond, she looks up with wide eyes. Such a pretty little filly, they’d take her from him & breed her when she came of age. Anubis doesn’t want that. Hurriedly he pulled her to her feet. Taking her by the hand & running deeper into the terrain. He stops when he hears more riders. Searching for a spot to hide her. Seeing a downed tree & a hole under it. Anubis pushes her in, grabbing herbs from his small bag & rubbing them all over her. It’ll keep her from being found when the hounds pass. Their barking echoing in the distance.

“Stay here habib. Whatever you here do not come out. Just like we practiced yes?”

Minerva nodded, scared & clutching a straw doll. Long black her covering her face as she retreated under the tree. Anubis dumped leaves over the whole & twigs to make it look untouched. Taking off into cover. Just because there’s hounds doesn’t guarantee he’ll be caught. The centaur dashed down a dirt path.

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“I was supposed to protect you..." (Jojo~)

Centaur!verse: Frontier/western au

Anubis remembers speeding off after the group that fled off across the field. He’d only half listened to what Sheriff Dredd was saying, taking off at a canter before stretching out into a full gallop.

If they get to the tree line they’ll lose them! He didn’t hear Dredd yelling at him to wait. With Dredd on him its extra weight and they need to move fast!

Sweating as he races right into the forest. He can see them getting away. Taking the dangerous & lesser known paths. Unlike horses who lack depth perception, Anubis is just find. Leaping over logs & splashing through rivers.

He kept up with them, deep breathing & the rhythm of his hooves thudding the ground, the beating of his feet seemed to scare them. Good.

The centaur doesn’t expect them to be armed. Dodging gun shots & keeping his footing isn’t easy as the perps begin to climb up hills. Anubis navigates them with ease. Leaping up steep inclines over the other side. He manages to shoot one through her thigh, running down another & cuffing them over the head with a hoof to keep them down.

The remaining 3 manage to graze his hindquarter, another shot hitting his arm. Anubis doesn’t stop, not until his leg lands in a bear trap.

The scream he lets out is bone chilling. Immediately he tumbles down, throwing Dredd from his back, struggling to get back up when he’s been essentially crippled.

They come back & beat him, using sticks, fists, kicks, & the empty pistol they hold like a club. Anubis fights as much as he can, barely able to kick out & injure one with a strike to his knee. The audible snap meaning the centaur either shattered his knee or merely broke it to one side. 2 are left of the group.

Everything else became a blur. His screams echoing when the leg in the bear trap is kicked & stepped on.

Anubis startled awake. A cry of pain when he attempts to put weight on his leg.

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Centaurs & Warriors

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Anubis paces, tail flicking as he watched from the sidelines. The matriarch of his tribe, Minerva, had gathered the children as they traveled towards a military like area.

Weeks before, discussions between the adults were held. The elders & parents of said Centaurian children gathered to speak amongst themselves about the proposal a human came to give. None could come to a choice outright, so it was brought to Minerva.

Minerva is his sister. That would make Anubis the technical heir as leader of their Egyptian tribe. They’d traveled quite far during the Gathering of Nomads. Of course he’d found out from bits & pieces Minerva slipped that the Greeks & Romans were squabbling; one of their kin was involved & so the various united tribes were pulled into the drama.

Anubis stood apart from the excited colts & foals. They’d stayed for awhile. Minerva hadn’t spoken directly to the Chief yet, she’s quite intimidating when need be. Sighing in boredom, he wouldn’t be participating. Anubis saw no reason to pair up or befriend any human. Much less these obnoxious idiots.

Minerva cantered towards the Chiefs barracks. Slowing down with her body guards. She is poised & calm, regal & queenly gaze at the man.

“Volt. I have come as you have beckoned me so.”

((I participated in draw a centaur day and drew Centaur!verse Gage.

I like this well enough to share, plus I want to actually post something on time for once.>.> But this is totally a piece I would like to redraw in the future - fix the anatomy a bit and save this poor boy from some of those mangled limbs. The next version will probably be digital so the details will actually show up.

All and all, I don’t think this is too bad, considering I only took about an hour or less. I actually really like the coloring on the horse half.))