My Type - Tony

Summary - Girl’s night quickly turns into Natasha playing matchmaker with you as her victim. She’s been trying to hook you up with someone for a while, will she succeed when she starts suggesting the Avengers?

Word Count - 395

A/N - Y'all can blame @bovaria for getting me started with the drab series situation. Each part will feature a different guy until we get to “the one”

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“Well, that was a very solid ‘no’ for Tony,” Nat sighed, plopping down beside you on your bed. She took a chance and stole a piece of the brownie you were eating before you could stop her.

“Pepper just left not that long ago!” You squeaked out an excuse.

“There is more than that. Don’t hold back, Y/N.” Wanda commented, adding another layer of red nail polish with a slight smirk pulling at her lips.

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do NOT cross the streams.....

I keep thinking, what if George Kirk was just a name that a certain Asgardian God of Thunder chose after he once more falls in love with a Midgardian woman…

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And because Asgardians are notoriously hard to kill, what if “George” just went into his own version of “Odin-sleep” (well, Thor-sleep) for the past couple decades or so that it took for James T. Kirk to grow up and because Grandpa Odin’s Dad Skills are pretty much in the shitter, he never went over to Winona Kirk to let her know, “Hey, your husband’s just in a healing coma, but to be honest with you, it’s gonna take an AWFUL long time for him to wake up and by the time he does, you might be dead, because you’re just a Midgardian?”

But science fiction shenanigans happen and wouldn’t you know it, Captain James T. Kirk and the merry crew of the Enterprise end up finding Asgard and finally meeting George Kirk a.k.a. Thor Odinson…. 

(Also, maybe Captain Kirk gets to meet a certain pair of super soldiers, who are among Thor’s bestest of best friends, and who are incidentally immortal because super soldier serum….)