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tangelo and the bau?

tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?

JJ: I’d like to imagine myself as a sort of phoenix. I went through hell and I came back stronger than I ever could have imagined. 

Penelope: Definitely a siren. I love luring unsuspecting men to their deaths. …You know, with our line of work, that sounded creepier than I meant it to be. It’d only be bad men. Just to clarify. 

Rossi: I’d be a Thunderbird. Dramatic enough to be interesting, simple enough for me to not think too much about it. 

Derek: Centaurs are cool. I’m not really a horse person but I think it’d be cool to.. be… a horse person. 

Emily: Is a vampire too on the nose? 

Derek: It think that’s the point.

Emily: Well just in case I want to be the Beast of Exmoor.

Penelope: It asked for mythological creatures, not cryptids.

Emily: Often one in the same, my dear. 

Spencer: I think I’d make a good Kitsune. They’re known for being tricksters and they’re very intelligent. 

Hotch: I’d be a golem. 

Rossi: That’s literally no fun. 

Derek: Yeah, what the fuck?

Emily: You don’t get to decide what you are. Reid?

Spencer: I think Hotch would be a Nemean Lion. Impenetrable and fierce, but still vulnerable and kind.